Salvation army

Signit rings


Snake coming out my mouth

Somebody pranking on me

Shawl being draped around me

Slippery ice


Seeing bottle guard in dream

Spitting teeth

Spitting out teethin your hand

Serial killer dream

Selling sugar cane in dream

Six stars and one moon

Sucking my mother pussy

Someone pulled my grey hair out

Sim card meaning

Sucking tamarind dream

Someone wear my sari

Stealing contents in safety deposit box

Soapy warm water

Seeing temple without god statue

Somebody has gifted me red saree in dreams what that means

Somebody giving new saree

Sai baba idol cut

Saw mangalyam in my dream

Starving hansel and gretel

Stairs to church

Seeing turmeric in dream


Someone masterbating

Someone braiding her hair by a stylist

Stuck in locker

Shoe shine

Someone holding palm nut soup


Save my youngers sister lifes by riding scooty meaning

Sister-in-law kneading dough

Seeing black jack fruit in dreams


Snake shredding skin

Sick skinny husband

Sow mango seed

Swimming calm water

Seeing your wife nake in dream with another m

Seeing naked girls

Spiders sexual symbols

Snow on the house

Spider tickle

Someone attracted to me

Someone likes me

Seeing hijra in a dream

Strangling husband

Swimsuit distress

Snake purple

Someone slapping your butt

Spiritual warfare

Spritiual warefare

Spouse who died in real life, is alive with scarlet red skin in dream

Scarlet red skin color

Sitting on top of a wall

Snake at the cemetery

Sexy women

Seeing a dead loved one


Snuff spilled on floor


Someone sucking my boob

Successful food shack

Shutting a door

Someones frying fish in dreams

Stopwatch counting down

Shoes in dream

Salt flats

Sick loin in a dream

Star fair


Someone cursing at me

Storm/missing person

Straighten cross

Someone sweeping

Swimmin in water with poop

Stealing from someone

Stealing from a friend

Seeing mopane worms in a dream means

Stairs that keep going


Seeing stretch mark on butt

Spider with red eyes

Someone being arrested by the police

Someone being asrested

Seed mouth

Seed in mouth

Sex tiger

Someone using drugs in the dark

Staircase to heaven

Six eyes dream meaning

Saw someone selling fufu

Stick bugs

Spraying bugs on gnats

Sympatht cards

Sex at school


Seeing gray hair of your husband in dream means

Sex shemale

Sr. san roque

Spitting broken glasses out of my mouth

Someone who died looking at herself in the mirror

Student leader

Seeing my son fall inside shit waste water

Snake plant dream

Sheaves of green wheat

Standing in front of a grave that someone is dipping

Shrinking man in dream

Sitting on edge of rock looking at steep fall

Sitting on edge of rock with barbed wire behind me

Sea flods fish dead

Swallowing emeralds

Someone throwing a bouganiveria branch

Someone recover

Sugar cane

Seeing my partner had dirty teeth

Seeing dead person sit up in their casket

Seeing and picking black beans

Seeing andvpuckibg black beans

Sto. niño helping you in the forest

Sex with a midget

Solar flare dream

Someone spitting me in my eye

Seeing yourself picking cardamom from the floor


Scorpion falling from ceiling

Sharing groundnuts to people

Sacrificial moon

Selling mangoes

Surah ahazab


Stove catch fire

Snake around waiste

Snake running away

Sewing up vagine

Sexually attracted to someone


Soghum beer

Stealing a dog in my dream

Sidewalk too steep to walk

Seeing white sky

Seeing mopani worms in a dream


Son dying

Synthetic fabric

Shadow of a tall man

Sudsy bath

Spraying perfume on someone else

Seeing partner pleasured by others

Someone driving up and pulling a gun on me

Someone driving up and pulling a gun in me

Someone was obessed with me

Seeing your mother after her death

Stagnant water inside a house

Some draws my ear in the dream and is paining me in real

Sand and rain arguing in your dream

Snake sucking my breast symbolises

Shoot by gun

Slaughter human beings

Spouse eating ants


Scratching someone hair

Sun dry

Sewing buttons

Searching closet

Somebody shaving my hair



Super man


Seeing blue eye bracelet in the dream

Snake dream meaning




Sex group

Spare parts of goats like liver kidney

School bus

Spider human


Seeing shopping in a mall

Seasons changing

Seeing eunuchs in my dream means

Star apple

Snakes in your mouth

Someone else being abused

Shea butter in dream

Seeing a long truck in a dream

Seeing a dead dying

Someone dig hole in my front yard

Stuck on a stopped train

Seeing black jamun

See your dead father wearing your shoes

Someone sleeping on top of you

Someone asking for cold water

Singing dead cousin

Skunks trying to eat my pet kittens

Skunks trying to eat my baby kittens

Skims trying to eat my baby kittens

Singing,praise, to god, dancing in the dream

Small truck tires

Seeing my sister naked in my dream

School blowing up

Snakes coming out of your belly button

Step father

Step parent


Split out body lotion

Swan sculpture

Seeing money in your pocket dream meaning


Sucking boobs of female friend

Sweet grass

Sewing cloth

Stiching cloth

Shooting someone with a gun

Spider crawling on my back

Spider crawling on me


Sleeping with a tiger

Seeing ripe plantain in my dream





Someone wear a green jacket

Someone standing under a blue blanket in my dead grandfathers house

Someone sacrificing

Someone sacrificing themselves for me


Someone throwing pee over me

Seeing someone in ice

Someone attacting me

Snakes in sand

Snkes in sand

Shot with gun

Searchin for sex

Seeing cowries in the dream

Seeing a brahmin in hindu temple in dream

Stitches on butt

Someone paint face black

Snakes in trees

Severed thumb

Small room red light comes on when door is closed

Separated from husband in dream


Separated from group

Someone i know chase me and kiss me

Seeing a cow with blood spilling from its back

Salted codfish

Stomping on dirt

Split toenail

Saw sr santo nino mydream

Skinny jeans and body on man

Seeing sr.sto niño in the sky

Someone oiling your hair in the dream


Spouse being intimate with my mother

Sunnyside eggs

Stolen underwear

Searching for a scarf

Selling cassava flour in dream to someone

Selling cassava flour to someone

Soccer goalie in a dream

Skin rash on legs

Sex with late mother meaning

Screaming when getting stolen but no on can hear me

Six boys

Six sons

Silver paper

Seeing dead relatives in dream

Saw dustbin in you dream

Sitting in a hot springs with a long penis

Stab by knife

Son buying a suit

Seeing fishes in clear water

Seeing animals in the water while sitting on it

Sister in law pregnant in a dream

Slippery rocks

Speaking a foreign language

Slaughtering sheep for other person in a dream

Sucking on sweet mango

Somebody puts red tika and give money in dreams indicate

Slapping a bully in your dream

Seeing former president in your country in a dream

Slaloming a bully in your dreams

Somebody puts red tika in dreams indicate

Secret panel

Sinking in bed

Seeing drum stick tree with full of flowers

Shifting down a gear car

Seeing a group of cultists in dream


Solider ant in the dream

Seeing palm wine in white gallons

Stealing silver in dreams

Seeing worms

Seeing worms coming out of your cup




Skinning a white and black dot on the neck


Skiing a white ram from right undone left

Smell of nutmeg

Sticky foot steps

Selfish man

Seeing kajal in dreams what the dream means

Seeing kamal in dreams what the dream means


Seeing your husband naked and doing running in the dream

Seeing kolam

Skydiving but did not go

Smiling snake

Son dressed as a female

Spiritual meaning of killing uncle

Seing a past on love one

Someone chading you

Someone smiling at you in a dream

Stolen bible

Submerged body in mud but.face up


Social security benefits

Social sec9

Saving my brother falling in apitlatrine

Swimming on the bottom of water with tall seaweed

Sitti g

Showing restraint

Star wars

Snake bitting crotch

Seeing a love one eating popcorn


Saving frozen bird

Standing on top dusbin in the dream


Someone with stretch marks

Spirit writing


Sex with a mad woman

Sex with a mad woman in dreams

Sleeping on top of a grave

Six fingers

Sister that has passed away in the dark

Strange person turns from alive to dead and smiles

Sleeping with a anime character

Strange dead person needing help with legal paperwork

Sleeping in a car in a dream

Seeing kinner in dream

Seeing white people

Stage fright

Sister getting divorce

Smelling virginia

Severed thumb wound on hand

Sleeping in a cow shade

Seeing temple tower and afraiding of it

Snake eating lizard

Someone throwing a round object at you

Seeing 1 star closer to the moon

Sucking on tits

Someone saying that someone did something that they did not

Soul suck

Soul suck out of you

Solar energy

Silver candle holder

Squeezing hands

Sno cone

Spanner’s as hair

Snakes plants


Stitches on your back in an x

Someone falling to their death

Some wall plaster falling away of the house

Some plaster of the wall falling away of the house

Someone you know touch raw meat

Sto. niño everywhere

Stealing my wedding ring in the dream

Studing philosophy


Separated in a crowd

Santa clause suit

Stoping over a high rise building

Sex neighbor

Someone put muthi in my shoes dream

Sacrifice cow in dream

Self in casqueete

Some one give me four packet of maggis


Some one give unto me a breadfruit bi an round ana sid= of chip off

Sprouting seedlings

Seeing mud dauber nest at home wall in dream

Stepping in sewer water

Seeing myself buying paraffin

Skyscraper on fire

Swing god

Son dead on a chain

Someone to b inside a river

Seeing kolam in dream

Silver jewellery


Somebody want to hurt me and in order to escape from him i started flying in the sky without wing

Spider web



Someone slaughtering a goat

Standing in prayer with a shadow over our head

Snake in boiling water

Silver toe ring on my left toe


Stitches in someones neck

Sun rising in west in dream what indicatea

Seeing cocoyam in the dream

Single white candle in darkness


Something is holding me down

Slept stepson

Sons-in-law coming to home then will marrie sister

Scattered dream

Seeing you spouse with a nose bleed in bed

Seeing a tamarind tree in dreem


Strange looking animal

Snake coming out of a pimple

Someone holding me and my head

Snacking coming out of a pimple

Seeing cowries in dream

Saving a frightened dog

Selling a house

Seeing physical energy

Spiritual meaning of a person demanding chilli from you in a dream

Someone paying dowry for me

Spiritual meaning of pounding fufu in the dream

Spider-man costume

Stealing corpses

Siblings back

Stolen jewlrey

Stolen braclet

Someone gave you fresh groundnuts

Seed from neck

Skeleton bird


Snakes coming from under your finger nail

Snake coming from under your finger nail

Seeing she male in dream

Seeing she make in dream

Someone got killed by a bus


Selling water in the dream

Selling sugarcane in a dream

Smell of fresh cut wood

Sugar cane meaning in a dream

Sister gave sapodilla fruit in dream

Skin fungus

Stuck in video game

Son having sezuire dreams

Seeing dead person with three cowries

Small pig

Semi stuck in snow

Strangers running away no shoes

Someone tearing my cloths secretly physical or spiritually

Sex with a female devil in dream

Seeing my late father giving me bread to eat

Saving someone from falling off a balcony

Someone walking on side of highway

Scratching hair out


Slapping my father in the face

Sexually touching self


Soil erosion

Sex ghost

Setting my clothes under fire


Snakes blood

Semi crashing into a school bus

Sharing cow in dream

Small mobile home

School and wor

Snuff dreaming


Spilling a pill bottle


Straight hair

Seeing a well dressed eunuch in dream meaning

Sharing and eating akara i dream

Someone trying akara i dream


Shaving private hair

Seeing a shemale in a dream

Seen police not wear uniform

Somebody gave me a dead goat in the dream, what does it mean

Somebody gave me a dead goat in the dream, what does it mean

Sitting and talking to a deputy president

Seeing a laptop in a dream

Soul stolen

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