Shoe falling off

Sister naked in my dream

Seeing falling boulder in dream


Seeing ex president and having favours from him


Seeing cashew nut tree with ripe friut

Sitting under tree in water

Spitting on my car

Sister drawning in water


Skipping school with my best friend

Showing jewelry

Saving from suicide

Snake on neck

Seeing a xhosa makoti in a dream meaning

Seeing slices jackfruit in my dream

Seeing jackfruit slices in my dream

Sperm spatters on floor

Someone gave me maggi in the dream

Smelly clothes


Slaughtering goat

Selling of crab and crayfish

Sloughtering a goat

Seeing husband ،s wife eating three roti or chapati

Seeing a city

Socks d

Seeing married to unknown woman

Seeing a freind in the church

Seeing a freind in the cruch


Someone pounding yam

Smelling bad

Snake bite in genital organ in your dreams

Spiders nest dead animals

Scifi alien birth runaway

Spiky tail

Stop looking at the search history


Shatter windo

Spit on vigina

Scary grandma

Searching for pots

Stealing my purse

Seeing my boyfriend’s penis

Sea monster eating family

Sea monster eating famil

Sel roti

Selling feed corn

Seeing flowers in a dargah islamic interpretation

Store going out of busimsss

Someióne is diying


Skin inflammation

Sale grasscutter

Some one give me stone in my dream

Selroti eating

Speaking in tongues in the dream meaning



Sorrel planting

Sea she’ll

Sign of married woman

Seeing flying objects in a dream


Stranded bird

Sister is insane

Snake sleeping on my washing machine

Seeing dead mum and brother in a dream


Someone asking me to go to sr. santo niño

Saying the name of someone you just met

Silver coinbreakin

Seeing chinchin

Seeing blackjack plant

Seeing your friend introducing yoursel to his mother

Seeing belpatra on your head

Someone stitching my cloth


Someone coming back from abroad

Speaking with deputy president

Said goodbye to a hand of death

Saints with black eyes

Seeing a person standing in the top of a coconut tree

Spelling mistake


Shattered jigsaw puzzle pieces

Shakeing hands

Someone in your dream shakes your hand but wont let go

Swollen left hand

Snowing in a funeral procession

Spilt cofee

Sitting in a perked car

Signing in tablet

Seeing a purse in a dream

Strange young boy

Someone gave nutmeg

Someone was laying on me

Sound of balls dropping

Snake fork tongue

Seeing cloth in dream

Scales on teeth

Scales in the teeth

Specific people

Seeing mashed kenkey in ur mouth but refusing to swallow it

Someone asking for a hand cream or lotion

See ex boyfriend sister

Santo de padua

Seeing two suns in dreams

Staples stuck in mouth

Speaking in different languages

Stars gathered in a dolphin shape

Stars in fish shape

Skeleton of hands

Seeing a rich person in dream

Stranger wearing trench rain coat

Someone in driveway




Something next to bed

Sleepwalking drea



Shaved beard on woman

Sexual violation

Shadows chasing spiders

Sleeping twins

Sleeping babies

Shadowed eyes

Someone peeling their face off

Sinister people

Sinister dreams


Someone performed oral sex on my husbsnd

Search for person in dream and he appears what does it mean

Sheep black

Snitch on someone


Skin a lion

Skinning a live female lion

Sex grandma


Seeing millet crop field

Saint mary voice

Stand up to someone



Someone told me i was going to die

Snake eating animal

Selling paw paw fruit in my dream

Snake eating monkey

Seeing selroti in dreams while other is pregnant in home

Sleeping horse

Sycamore fruits mean

Suede skirt

Selling fante kenkey in a dream

Skin conditions

Skin rash and open wounds

Seeing allah name in the sky in a dream

Sex with w girlfriend

Shop class

Spining chair

Seeing a dog licking your face

Search …bath in mosque

Sisters boyfriend

Square and compass


Spinning in a wheelchair

Sink whole under your house

Sain u lo someone in a dream


Sister in law pregnant in dream

Someone spitting in my food while i was cooking it

Seeking blessings from old man boss

Skin has psoriasis

Saree weaving by old lady

Sandalwood paste applied on face

Sperm glowing

Suicide friend

Someone ask me to buy akara for her in a dearm

Someone ask me to buy akara for her

Seeing where they fries akara in a dream

Seeing ahappy brahmin in your dream

Seeing your ex lover

Sucking breast

Spoiled mince meat

Surfing through people

Surfing through peopl


Subduing an animal

Swimming painted indigenous men with spears

Subduing wild animal

Squatters in my house

Someone not leaving you alone

See many snails in a sack bag

See lots of snails in a sack bag

See a lot of snails in sack bag

See a bag of snails


Saw a bag of snails

Sole mare

Saw i was pouring out a lot of snails from a big sack bag

Standing at the top of the stairs looking down

Sexual activities



Sedementary rock

Seeing face of water

Seeing a fake snake

Stove will not turn off

Someone spilling kool aid on me


Stuck on branch of tree

Scaring others


Scp foundation

Stung in theigh

Stinger in leg

Sto nino in dream waving at him

Sto nino in dream

Some one fart with bad smell

Some one gives jsggery

Stolen of phone sim card

Sleep together with my co wife

Seeing sto niño in a dream


St. francis assisi

Swallowing fly

Swimming to boat ramp

Seasoning brisket

Standing man

Skin prrl

See myself sleeping in the dream

Saw myself sleeping in the dream

Seeing eunuch in dream

Shouting hallelujah in drea

Someone come over me

St jude

Someone used my sponge to bath

Sticky teeth

Someone was throwing airtime recharge and i was picking them

Seeing silver lamp decorated in turmeric and kumkum

Skin sores


Social media owner

Standard lamp

Seeing kali in dremas

Seeing the triple goddess

Sseing the triple goddess

Stolen blanket


Seeing a rainbow snake in a dream


Seeing a parent in law who turns up to be your dad

Sweet potatoes sharing

Sisters car explosion

Spiritual meaning of burning horses

Soles of feet

Shaving cream

Swimming across a river



Swallowing eggs

Sticky tape dream

Seeing pepper fruit in the dream meaning

Someone is head wrapping me with a sangoma doek

Sog with penis

Sent of a spray in a dream

Someone climbing into my window

Shoelaces break

Shoe laces breaking

Step poo in dream

Stationary buying

Sleeping with a polar bear

Someone selling their house to you

Slice of cake

Someone is selling their house to you

Spill something

Steel guitar

Steele guitar

Someone rubbing your back | dream interpretation

See my stepmom red dress

Skin removal

Sick, homeless boy and girl

Supervisor trying to do obeah to my son

Seeing camphor on my head in a dream

See tribal change

Someone brings u breadnut


Sex with a dead girl

See a strange man bleeding

Same sex marriage

Seeing a dead priest in a coffin

Showing tongue

Seeing ewedu in the dream

Serving your husband food in a dream

Searching for sweet potatoes

Sweeet potatoes



Sleeveless cardigan

Sleveless cardigan

Seeing transgender in dream meana

Someone presenting new saree to me

Some body presenting new saree to me

See bhabi in dream

See brother wife in dream means

See a custerd apple in dream during pregnancy

Swinging on green banyan tree

Sésame seeds fell all over thé place

Sell dead body

Standing clear pathway with boyfriend

Shot in a knee

Someone broke his neck

Sliver honda


Spoiling bed on shoe

Standing on a bed wearing shoes

Soapy water in a bucket


Seeing a person melt in a dream

Shooting basketball

Snake hiss your lips

Spam meat

Snake his on my lips

Sister having a mug haircut

See the taak

Sucking a girl large clitoros

Scrap in dreams

Snow fire angel in flight

Screw through tongue

Stolen phone returned in a dream

Stolen phone returned


Sleepig mat

Someone using my hairbrush


Scattered old bottle caps under the bed

Shoting stars

Seeing two planets side by side

Significance of jerrycan

Someone giving fresh okro

Sto niño smiled at me


Someone giving me ditaola

San martin cabbaro pouring neon green pentacle to me

Silver in tooth

Stitch finger

Someone called a bitch in a dream

Shave hair off

Shiny hair

Someone removed the flowers i planted



Someone snatching food from you

Seeing someone you know in a coma

Stitches nose



Sleeping monster

Seeing tree full of green limes and picking them

Sleeping monster in water

Sit on my face

Stretch marks on chest


Serving coke

Stung by yellow jackets

Splitting of personality

Some one stops and gives me acar lift

Sex with multiple clones of girlfriend

Ship flying earth children

Seeing my baby

Seeing someone backing my baby

Swallowing nails


Sheep dog

Standing on a high icy platform

Scratching black hair of a man

Shoreline at sunset

Seagulls above me on the beach

Surrounded by girlfriends

Surrounded by old girlfriends

Seeing people frying garri in dream

Sister pregnant

Spilled fabric softener

Seeing your bishop

Someone staring at me through a window

Seeing without an eye


Salamander in the eye

Someone calling me ugly

Selling of palm kernel in dream

Sex with a ghost

Squashed breast

Someone slaughtering sheep

Swimming on a sea

Snake at the graveyard

Seeing in dream sweet shop

Saw vitiligo on my face in dream


Soup with meat

Sky cracking

Semi circle

Someone loses weight

Seeing cats in your dream

Survivng a tornado

Seeing okras

Sleep in toilet meaning

Self absorbed

Swimming in water with fish

Seeing aghori in dream

Sex chicken

Someone hugging me tight

Santo niño wearing red cape in my dreams

Sucking two breasts at once

Seeing black sto nino in dream

Seeing blacl sto nino in dream

Saints niño in my dreams

Sto niño in my dreams

Sto.niño infront of the gate

Skin turning dark color


Sounds of thumping the ground



Someone uprooted my cassava

See five thousand rupees notes

Shovel snow

Sline needle

Stone grinding

Seeing water coming out of the hosepipe

Seeing a large snake

Someone burning up my coat

Stuck in one place

Stepping on ashes

Stealing firewood



Snow pants

Saw my grandfather woke up in the coffin

Swimming polls

Sea turtle

Seeing my religious spiritual leader (pir)

Seeing my pir

Seeing my pit

Seeing my pir who has passed away in dream

Seeing a silver lakshmi

Saw a silver lakshmi

Sreading glasses


Staircase falling away

Saying la hawla wala quwwata illa billah

School buses wrecks

Stomping in dream

Sucked into black hole

Seeing people shot dead

Seeing friends husband smoking cigar

Saving a drowning

Saving a drowning person

Sour sweet food

Stolen battery in the dream

Smothering old person

Someone trying to pickpocket you

Selling sachets water to an enemy


Someone dreamed her dad was in a cage naked

Seeing a person who lost a lot of weight

Sex with grandma

Someone touching your cheast

Strap on

Skeleton bull

Sucking thumb

Seeing sangoma at my outside door

Sangoma at my door step


See mountains

Sexual activity

Someone else roller skating through ice and snow

Sitting in restaurant and chatting with husband in white ambience


Smone licking my pussy in a dream

Spiral plane crash

Seeing feaces on my bed in dream

Sewing back together split mouth

Split mouth of roof

Snake with fat belly

Seeing sneak in dream

Seeing dead uncle in a dream

Someone sucking my middle finger

Sharing moi moi wrapped with the leaf in a dream

Stepson upset

Spanking my son

Stuffing dream


Seeing gas leak flames with a friend then we managed to seal

Seeing gas leak and we seal in dreqm

Someone was electrocuted