Spouse stabbing in the penis

Sewing testicle


Spelling words wrong

Spelling my name

Seeing a lame man in a dream and helping him to walk

Someone give saree to mother in law

Some stole my car battery in the dream

Steam boat in a dream

Someone else cleaning your nails

Seeing my old boss translation

Seeing my old boss

Seeing the man you love

Swimming pool accident

Seeing a naked woman

Someone refuses to swim

Someone giving flower and kumkum

Seeing husbands blood

Someone open bolw hole

Shopping for the dead

Selling smoked fish in a dream

Selling goat meat in the dream

Shopping with an ex boyfriend

Scar over eye meaning

See a family of fat people


See ourselves in yellow saree in dream

See our self in yellow saree

Sewing my ring finger

Sharing a house with a stranger in dream


Snagging list

Sexy cat demon


Sugarcane in a dream

Seeing a king in my dreams

Seeing dry maize in your dreams

Seeing dead and life sperm coming out of d vagina in d dream

Strawberry scent

Squeezing out poison from stomach

Scent of strawberry

Somebody pick coconut in dream

Seeing madman in dream want to love with you

Seeing a cross in my dream

Saw name of allah and mohammad s.a.w in dreams

Sex with dog in dream mean

Sleeping roster

Stone big

Sleeping black roster

Seeing passion fruits in a dream


Someone cutting wrist

Seeing relative in diseased contion in dream resembles

Someone asking you to pay her money

Spritual dreams seeing sperm in floor

Soil ear

Son sleeping with dead mother

Seeing marriage and death in same dream

Sword fighting

Slit throat

Sleeping with white woman

Selling two maggi in the dream

Smell dirty oil


Seduce dream

Seducing in my dream

Sister in-law and babies food

Sister in law and babies food

Someone giving silk saree in dreams

Sick teenage girl

Sleeping in a car

Sun rusing from west

Sword smith


Sex, shemale

Seeing a person

Someone you have not seen in a long time

Speaking with a man who has died and has brown eyes and brown clothing on

Speaking with a man in brown clothing who has died

Speaking with a person who has passed

Slapped by father

Snake in the air

Seeing of sex dream

Sum buying shoes for my husband

Slipper broke in my dreem

Speaking with a person that has passed all dressed in brown with dark brown eyes

Sucking a bananna

School uniform fixed tailgate

Satun planet came to me and catching

Satun came to me and coaching

Spiritual of dreaming refusing to give offering

Stairing at me while im on the phone

Sun turning into a flame

Someone pulling your hair

Spiritual meaning of someone giving you cocoyams and plantains

Seeing iguanas

Showered by feces

Seeing someone grill

Stopping wedding

Someone trying to stop me from getting married

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