Torn sofa

Train travel in the water

Travaling in water train meaning

Teleport dream


Two burning coal stove

The meaning

To dream seeing beautiful planets falling from sky to earth

Tal men wearri g black

Taking clothes washing on the line

This boy i used to date called me ugly

This boy i used to date told me i was hugely

Teeth falling put

To be slapped in the dream means

Tokoloshe screaming at me

Tehi dead woman

Taking care of sick kid keep locking windows with blue out windows

Throwing love

Taking someones baby and giving it away

Tickle torture

Twisted facial expression

Twisted expresssion

Twisted face

Torn money paid to me by sister in law

Trump giving me gold coins

Thundering and breaking of window glass

Trapped children

To dream of a former predident who is dead, and is dead in my dra

Train left me

To dream in your dream that a former president is dead what does it symbolize

To dream in your dream that a former predideni

To of a former president is dead what does itsymbolize

Three foot african pot

Trying to save animals from a flood

Towel fell of my waist into a street gutter

To dream of a hurt pony n my disease husband


To give a child personal cloth in a dream

To dream you have dissolved and cannot put yourself back together

To seduce someone

Two horses fighting in the dream

Toe cut off

The meaning of buying an insane man food

To give gift to a transgender


Turtle and snail

Ten thousand swans

To dream

The meaning of breaking palm carnel

Turtle giving birth to baby


Table saw

Tree full of limes


To bream of a small silver dog


To dream of a silver bog

To dream about ceo checking on you

To dream about the word boo

Trying to hug someone

Talking in a calabash

To dream that your ex gives you money

Turmeric in face means

Tree with different fruits

Two flying birds


To be shoot by gun

The meaning of marrying a dead man

Thne meaning of marrying a dead man

To dream you are a plam reader

Two figures of the same woman wearing polk a dot dress.


To horn


To be given 3 live pink fish

To be given roasted yam in dream by someone

Teenage doughter pregnant

Tangled gold necklaces

Talking with the president and his deputy

Trees beckoning

Tamarindseeds extracting from tamarind



Telling me about sex

To buy shea butter in dream

To dream a kraal full of cattle

Three legged new pots

Twisting hallway

Tornado warning

Ticket collector

Told me i was not good enough for god

Transgender asking money dream meaning


Twirl slow motion

Tooth falling out with worm in it

Two homes being built


Two left shoes


Tick in liquid

Tore cloth in dream

Tear cloth in dream


Teleportation to another earth

The meaning of seeing big snail in your hand

Two girls kissing

To see a lot of turtlenecks

To see a lot of clothes

Turtleneck sweater

Trailing shoe

To dream someone wipe your bum with white paper towelh wip

Travel forgotten

The fool

To dream of buying palm oil

To buy palm oil in a dream

Third eye


Tribal drums

Tribal drums electric blue clothes


Twin family member


Taking milk from milk man



Two nose piercing

Two nose pericing

The great lynx

To dream of a bunch of collard greens

To dream of a bunch of collar greens

Talking to a ghost


Torn shoe

To see a burning bush

Teams of parents helping me fix a car

To see loveones death in a dream

To sale apple in a dream means what?

To sale a light bulb in a dream means what?

Tilting room


Tomatoes seeds

Tomatoes with lots of seeds

Tomatoes with lits of seeds

Tall khaki men in uniform

Tattoo on thigh

Tatto on thigh

To see broken pieces of crayon

Tender dream

Toilet water bubbling

Toilet water

Transforming to a cat

Truck hits parked car

To receive three sweets in a dream

Test driving cars

Tornado doggy nose door bell


Truck full of btead

Thirsty dead person

The death of a child you don’t know

To lie and see the person your lying to in your dream

The birth of 2 colored babies weeks apart


Throwing rotten eggs away

Talking on the phone and crying


Travelling to the moon

Thrift store

Treating patients

Tooth brace

Trying to banish a familiar demon

To cut a son head with a knife

To see someone cut a son with knife

Taking risk

Throw an object

Throwing pretzel


Two dead dogs in a grave yard could see their heads

To pick sim card in the dream means what


Takes a belt

To dream of been a dreadlox

To dream of been a rasta

Traffic police man given me ticket for fine

Traffic police given me fine

Traffic police man give fine pepper

Thirty six

Tricked in a dream

The president gave me money

Trapped in burning building

Tires of different sizes

Three circle plates

To see a crushed car on road

Three fork to get in dream

To see an recked car

To see an magled car

Travelling in a barren landscape


To eat half cook egg

To share testimony with someone in n the dream mean

To dream of having sex with a mad man

Teeth turning into screwdriver


To see two old women with only pants

Taking wash clothes off line

Throwing rotten meat

The word biology

Talking with famous person

That your cousin is pregnant

Teleport to work

There was a struck servant that took us to the queen but i later become the servant and the guards were watching me so closely

Taking poops

Taling a dump


To cook flour tortillas

To help the prime minister what does that mean in a dream

Took husband to brothel

To dream of.crosimg a machete

Turtle talking

Tractor trailer accident

Threads conecting

To dream of seven dead trees in a circle

Thokoza kuchazani ukuphuph isangoma

To behead someone

To behead a man


To dream of being mistakenly identified

Turmeric on wife face in dream

Travelling on boat

Throw a frog at yoy

Tri colur indian flag in dream meaning

Tent unwinded

To see a mad woman in orgation

Taking garri

The word demonic being said

Trying hand me down clothes

Tooth germination in head

Tooth germination

To dream of your father call your name

Thinking of dead people

Tongue fell off

To see husk of paddy in dream meaning

Toddler in car accident

To fix a window

Thing coming out of nose

Toy gun giving to a child

Time machine

Tulip bulbs

Tarnished wedding ring

Talking to dead after

Tearing money in a dream

To dream of receiving plenty us money

Tying sneaker laces

Thick eyeglasses

Trying to suck my toe

Torn skirt

Tumeric powder dropped on the floor

Throwing up fish

To see plantain tree in the dream

Trees fell on house


Touching a mans chest

Two head girl

Thorn foot

Type word

To see the lantils in dream

To see the grains in dream




To dream baby items

Third eye chakra

Throing away ackeee

Trowing away ackee

Tigers eye

Teeth falling ouy

Tree burning then turning to dust when touched

To see roasted crocodile

They have no bone they no skin they glow in the light

Tracking a wolf


Tongue chunks and blood

Tongue chuncks blood

Tap on the shoulder

Transplanting tree

Telling someone to answer the phone

Turn off the light but still light


To see a grown up girl sucking nipples

Tree back window

To recieve ice

To give mad man food in the dream. what is the meaning

Telephone coming alive


Two headed fox

Touching a private part of another women

Two bishop at the altar

To dream of black liquid coming out of ones mouth

Tree of life dream meaning

Three young blond boys

Taste in dreams


To see yourself in an abbatoir

To see yourself in an old abbatoir

Taking bath in paddy field

Taking a shower while water flowing full of maggots

Teeth shatter

Thorns in your palms

Throwing slippers on me

Talking vegetable

To see a white man in your dreams

Taking someone clothes off


The hulk

Two horses fighting each other


That you are planing to cook ackee and saltfish


To protect

The lady in white

Throwing something at someone

To dream someone is giving you a screw



Turtle eggs

Turmaric tree

Tower with a red light

Time keeper in a race

Town in tank

To catch birds in dream


Turmeric dry

The purge

To dream of getting the news of a friend being dead


Tapping on the shoulder

Tidal wave

Tricked by someone

Torturing family

Tooth brush


That someone has stolen ur money and u went and fight for the money

Teeth and gums falling out

Trying to get a lost love

Tail light

To see a mound in a dream

Tuft hair growing chin woman

The meaning of smoke fish in dream

Tiki statue coming to life

Taking care of baby

Table backpack with lotion in it

To dream and shark hand with a dead person

To dream about hand shark with a dead woman

Tower crane hitting window

Talking to my ceo

Torture a cat

To see boil on the stomach

To see a man wearing only short knickers


Try save someone in water and i drowning

Toes cut

Two sisters fighting in a dream


Taking wahesd clothes off line in a dream

Teeth falling out

Travel with army mens in gypsy

The pillars of olympus

Tunnel dreaming

Transgender gifting bangles

To the last thread

Talking to an old man



Thief black hands


Tangled in wires


Tin mackerel

Tall man red shirt

Threats of murder

Turguoise dress

Torguoise dress

To remove clothes from line

Tin mackrel

Two moons in a dream

Talking to. a mad man nice

Traveling to the orient

Tortillas fell apart

Tamarind in dream islamic

Two toilets

To milk feeding your sick father in a dream

Thinking of family

Touching someone’s face

To see green garden long with beautiful rainbow sky


Tilling earth

Taken car

Telepathy baby

Treading water

Talking to a pregnant woman

To dream grinded sorguhm

To dream chatting with your late father happily

Told to leave one’s home

Two helicopters

T meaning receding, ocean, water

That disappearing

Teleportation to other country

Thumb ring

To see cooking in a pressure cooker on a stove

Tiger attack family

To see a woman coming out from a closet

Three headed man in a dream


To dream cleaning shoes off dust

Tombstone 2 years

Tasbee breaking

Turquoise clothes


Toilet public

To see a tennisracket in its cover

To see anew racket covered n its case

To much garbage on the fire


To give a gift to another person a slippers

Tracking device in earaccupunture in ear

Tracking device in ear

Torn panties

To be punished by a grammar teacher

To dream someone living in a stick and must house

Tulay n bato

Transgender sex dreams

Trying to buy custard apple

Two birds turn into two women

Trumpet mouthpiece

To spea in another uncommon language

To dream things dissolve around you

Tearing down

Two faced lion

The end of game

Tamarind water dream

Toes turned black

To see yourself bathing in dream


Tooth extraction

To catch three hummingbirds with your hands

Taking out dirty contact lenses

Travel to oman

Things in skin


Taking pills like candy

Taking overdose of pills

To kill grasscutter in dream

To be chased from church


Teeth falling out and stinging insects

Talking to dead grandmother over her death

Talking about dogs

Trying to get somewhere but never getting there

Taking down a tent

Towels replaced in dream

To hear something breaking and turning around to see two broken wooden spoons

Torn money

Thatching grass

Two eyes in front. eye at the back of a man

Tractor trailer driving snowy mountain

Teacher caning student

The word mad

Teacher tour a student shirt

Trojan horse

Toys trying to kill me

Temple bell ring

To dream of girlfriend losing weigh

Teenager with grey hair

To chew leaves and throw them out

Transgender asking money in dream

Table pushing me against wall

Taking blessings from older people

Toddler big eyes blue evil


Tree with lots of large persimmon


Tree with lots of persimmon

Two mango fruit

Turmeric on feet

Telling people about mount sinai

Tiger but dream meaning

Traveling interdimensionally

The interpretation of eating suya meat in a dream

The meaning of eating suya meet in dream



Turning into a fish

Trapped in mud slide


Throwing shoes in water

Things disintegrating in my hands

Tall man, red eyes, black hat, dog tugging

Teased by child


Traveling with rastas

Transparent shoes in a dream

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image