The bird changes from a bird to a fly

The milk of cat

The meaning of pastor giving you a white clothes in the dream

To see someone gave you a coin

The meaning of someone given me kola nut in the dream

Traditional wedding in dream

Tartar fall out of the teeth

Tell jesus to let me live to old age

The spear of destiny

Transgender wearing red dress

Taking something from a dead person

To see a field of maize growing well in the dream

The biblical symbolic meaning of seeing a green plantain on a tree in a dream

To dream sprinkle water in the church yard

Tiffany blue elephants

Talking to a princes in my dreams


Throwing away fruits

Turbulent dirty water

Taking clothes off line

Torn wedding clothes

The clock strikes

Thieve in the dream


Tree falling to another house

The person you love is one top of you on bed without shirt


To see turmaric powder mixed with wheat powder in dream

To dream buying small tin of milo for my son

Trusting person

To see dry crawfish in your dream

Two rabbitts

Tow trucks taking away

Throwing of green chilies by some one

The pyramid covered with tin foil

Teaching crush to swim


Taking a risk

Tarot cards

Trojan hires


Torn beads

Toilet overflowing with big poop that goes on the floor

To dream of an identification tag

To dream of a house tag

To dream of house being tag

Tough exam

Train station

Tiger nuts in the mouth

To kill a serpent

Tree with ripe papaya

Trying on a princess dress

Tring on a princess dress

Twin boy babies

The place is quaky

To eat palp in dream

Tiger nut in a dream means what

Traveling in bus

Trowing up and people eating

Tweezing grass

Tar on head


The meaning of picking sun moon and star in the dream.

To pick up gold coins


Teeth gap

Two weeks


Two dry bay leaf leaves

Tapping on the head

Taking rings off and on

Teddy night gown

Town house

Tall temple tower in dream

Train stops at end

Train stops at end of track


Touching big belly of men meaning in dreama

Train stops at end of tracks

Train stops at end of line

To dream that someone is having a fake insemination

Temple without statues dreams

Two five dollar bills

Throwing food

Trying on wedding dress

To cut rival cheeks

Trying on wedding dress shopping

Torn slippers

Travel with n sick child

Traveling with my sick child in n train

To dream of young boy’s stealing my car

To dream being chased by a living dead

Travelling by train

Tiger bitting in the dream


To dream about that riots may happen

Thief cought but not returning money

Two grandsons dead in freezer

Tilted floor

Taking egusi melon in a dream

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