Uncaged bird

Unfinished examination

Uprooting big cassava tuber in dream


Unknown white face

Using someone elses tooth brush


Ugly dream

Unable to walk

Unmarried girl giving birth in dream

Used sanitary pad

Unknown spirits

Unidentified dog licking your feet

Uprooting cocoa yam

Use condom

Urine gold in color in dream

Ugly haircut

Uniform being burned

Ukuphupha usthwala besizulu

Using a card called star

Unmarried girl putting kumkum on my forehead in dream

Using murky water to brush my teeth



Uprooting yam

Uncooked chicken thighs

Unable to kill in defence

Unable to open padlock


Ukuphupha amatshitshi in the dream

Ufo picks up my car

Uncle sex niece

Uncooked rice and god

Upside down cross

Unkown black fruit

Urinated upon

Underground tunnel moving



Unprepared for acting

Upsets while going down an escalator

Up planning a wedding with someone already dead

Unraveled knitting yarn/


Unlit christmas decorations

Unlit christmss decorations

Uprooting green edible plants

Unknown women

Ukuphupha umuntu emula

Underground base

Under the ocean

Used sanitary napkins

Ukuphupha umemuli

Unpealed melon seed

Under dal falling from hand

Urad dal in dream

U boos give u a time card

Ugu leave

Ugly baby

Unprepared to give lecture

Unmarried girl giving birth

Used sanitary pad meaning

Ugly kitchen

Unmarried girl wearing mangalsutra in dream


Ukucashela umuntu

Used sanitary napkin

Uncaring doctor

U bought a cloth from someone and when i was leaving, the person followed me and removed the cloth from my bag before i could know it

Under a siege

Ukuphupha umhlwehlwe

Used cooking oil

Unknown person dead body

Used napkin

Used sanitary pad seen in dream

Unable to walk or stand up

Upside down crosss

Unmarried women giving birth


Upside down dresser drawers

Uncooked catfish filet

Using someone for money ritual instead of using me in dream

Used tissue in floor

Used tissue

Upside down glasses

Uprooting casava in dream

Unknown old man

Unfinished wedding bouquet

User lip cut

Unable to reach

Unable to touch

Unripe pawpaw tree

Uh shoes

Unsafe staircase



Urinating on animal

Urad ki dal in dream

Usband surprised me with new furniture

Used sanitary towels

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