Unbraiding false hair

Unbraiding hair

Uprooting plant

Unfinished hair style in dresm

Unfinished hair style

Unfinished houses


Unmarried girl wearing thali dream

Upside down head on a dog


Untying a knot in the dream

Unmarried but i am receiving mangal sutra in my dream

Unmarried but someone is giving mangalsutra

Unable to move

Underpants for girls

Upside down house

Unstoppable water through tap


Ukuphupha kwenziwani umsebenzi

Uch coop building image


Uncle giving advice


Ukuphupha umemulo


Ukuphapha umemulo

Universe under me

Universe beneath me

Use calabash to drink water meaning

Untied laces

Unmarried women wearing mangalsutra


Unsecured back door

Uncles wife





Unicorns and puppy’s

Ugly dress

Unwanted attention from a man

Under cooked chicken

Using salt to kill earthworm


Urinate the bed

Uvula bleeding

Unable to walk upright

Using hand sanitizer in the dream

Use leopard for security

Uncooked fish


Uncles who’s passed away cutting meat

Unfinished braid

Unfinished braid

Unknown persons give me

Unmarried girl give birth to a boy in dream

Uniformed man shining torch on me

Uniformed man focusing strange torch

Unknown man tell me hes my boyfriend

Using paragon to scare snakes in a dreamkes

Ugly toes

Unblocking a drain pipe

Unmarried lady giving birth to a baby boy in the dream means what

Ukuphupha utshwala besizulu

Unable to breathe through my nose

Unknown lover

Using chewing stick to brush teeth in the dream meaning



Unmatched slippers

Unripe cashew in a dream

Unused rooms in house

Ur in a squatter

Uneffected by something that should make me anxious

Under the skin

Unknown friends

Uncle at my place

Under breasts


Underarms round and dark

Untiring a rope from the door

Unable to swallow food in your dream

Under shirt hang

Under shirt

Unsidediwn rsinbow

Unfamiliar house


Unknown creature washing me in the bathtub

Unable to breathe

Underwater diving gear

Unable to save

Uniform fatigues



Unable to pee



Unlocking door

Unprepared for a performance

Unappreciated visitors

Unappreciated company

Unexpected love


Unicorn dog


Using someone for money ritual

Uprooting cassava

Uncle wife asking for forgiveness

Using cannula

Using cannula in dream

Urine in cup spill

Urad dal in deam

Umbrella gifted

Umbrella given as a gift

Unwanted pregnancy

Unknown town

Unable to tee up golf ball

Ukphupha umemulo

Upside down clay pots

Unidetified retainers

Unmarried girl wearing mangalsutra in the dream


Unburied dead person

Ukuphapha umtshato

Ukuphapha isana lichama

Umkhuliso in a dream

Unused bullets

Underwater with someone

Unwanted gift

Unripe palm fruit in the dream

Unable to rekindle a cooking fire in a dream

Unable to rekindle a cooking fire

Underwear at school

Unknown young girl dying

Ulam na letson paksiw sa panaginio

Use egusi cup to measure egusi & use water melon cup to measure water melon in dream means what

Ugly cross

Ukuphupha udla umoba

Unable to walk or run

Ukuphupha umunt enzelwa umemulo

Upside down cruise ship


Undressing in public places

Uncle is injured in dream

Unfinished new home

Unfinished houseboat

Up a bridge

Ukuphupha umoba

Upside down cross

Udara fruit

Used condom in my boyfriend car

Underwear at work


Urad dal dream means

Unloved by dead husband in dream

Unable to get to airport

Unmarried girl seeing mangalsutra in dreams

Us flag

Unbuttoned button


Unknown girl marrying me instead of her fionce

Unknown girl mart


Ukuphupha inkukhu emhlophe

Urinating inside the container


Ukuphupha uleqwa ngumntu ngompu


Uncle refuse sex

Udad daal me laat marna

Uncle in suit

Uniform caught on fire

Uneven floor

Unfinished wedding

Uphill path


Unfinished huge house

Ukuphupha ummula

Ukuphupha umembeso



Usb drive in the dream

Using salt to earth worn in the dream what meaning

Ugogo esibiza

Undiscovered part of my house f

Undiscovered part of my house

Unable to get everything packed

Urinating on bed in a dream means?

Urinating in a dream to physical meaning

Unable to reach or find destination

Unexploded bomb

Urinating in a dream

Unmarried girl dreaming of wearing mangalsutra


Unknown old woman

Upside down fry pan

Uncle having sex with me

Upside down rainbows

Unpolished fingernails


Under construction building in dream

Urinating and cleaning yourself

Used sanitary pad in a dream

Unexpected diversion

Upstairs in the dream

Upside down parakeet on ceiling

Un married girl wears mangal sutra

Unable to pay for bus fare


Uprooting mushrooms during pregnancy, in the dream

Ugly bird attacking me in my dream i threw him away

Ugly bird trying to attack me

United states of america

Upside down trees

Unstable stairs

Urad dal with rice

Udad dal with rice

Unruly bikers

Unknown lady hypnotising me

Ugly children

Unfinished braided hair

Unfinished business

Umarried girl wearing mangalsutra

Unpfepared for public speech

Umrah going

Unmarried daughter delivery of baby

Uncle is happy

Uncle at your place

Unable to locate car

Unopened presents wrapped in bright coloured paper, stacked in a neat pile

Unopened presents wrapped in xmas paper

Underwear color black

Using salt to killing earthworm in the dream

Ukuphupha ushitsha inabukeni



Ukuphuma umemulo

Uncle maltreatment

Uncle slap me in my dreams

Uncle slap me

Uprooting tree

Unknown young woman

Unscrew nipples

Under the eye


Underground work

Under a tree

Unpaid wages

Unorganized paperwork

Unable to climb very steep hill

Unsteady scaffold falling

Using telekinesis at edge of pool

Using telekinesis at edgar of pool

Unending stairs without sides

Upside down american flag

Upside down parrot


Unmarried girl giving birth

Uprooting mushrooms and putting them in a bowl

Uprooting mushrooms

Urine on bathroom floor

Using bathroom with a female friend

Used the toilet then there was blood in it


Unpaired blue shoes

Unpaired blou shoes

Unknown men

Unpacking a case

Unmaried friend guving birth to girl child

Umbrella pole

Unmarried and dreaming of giving birth to a baby boy


Unknown dog entered in the house

Uprooting in the dream

Unknown bugs

Underwater creature surfaces as a brown horse

Upside down in tree

Unfinished work

Unwanted guess

Uncle kissed me

Unknown baby drowning in pool

Urinating from dream to your bed

Unprepared acting

Under pillow

Unmarried wearimg mangalasutra in dreams

Ukuphuphs isangoma

Uprooting cocoyam in the dream

Used sanitary pads

Underage girlfriend

Uprooting cassava in the dream


Utsiden doen cross

Urine on toilet seat dream

Ukuphupha umona uhlahliwe

Unmarried women dreamed having a husband in a party

Ukuphupha umkhehlo

Uprooting cassava in a dream

Uphill drive to posh apartment



Ungrateful child

Using steroids

Unlocking masterlock

Unlocking a lock

Urinate blood

Using needle on someone in a dream

Un ripped plantain

Underwear on birthday

Uprooting tubers

Unable to have sex

Unannounced visitor

Underdressed in your dream

Uncontrol car

Unplug a container

Uncle gives money

Uncle gives money to settle loan

Unable to find my family in a party setting

Us president


Ugly small troll

Ugly old woman


Use my sons toothbrush

Using someone else’s toothbrush

Unable to give assistance

Unable to assist loved ones

Unstitched yarn

Untangled yarn

Using the toilet in public

Uncle selling his old house

Ukuphupha umhlwehlwe

Unseen person pulling my hair

Upside down rainbow

Upside down walking

Up rooting sugarcane and replanting

Used sanitary pads in dreams

Unknown place

Underground disused train lines

Ukuphupha ingane encane ishona

Unfinished extension


Unable to sleep

Uncooked njahi in dream

Using salt to kill earthworm in a dream

Udara in igbo


Urad ki dal

Under pilllow

Uprooting unhealthy mashrooms

Undersized clothes

Using a toilet with people seeing you


Unpaired shoe

Ukuphupha ushitsha ingane inabukeni

Unused pink tampons

Used coffee filters

Undressing a lady like me

Urinating on yourself and cleaning it up

Ukuphuph ufake inhloko umbathe nengubo


Unravelling a sweater

Underwear dreams

Uprooting sugarcane

Unable to get dead decomposed grandfather in his casket after opening casket

Using someone as sacrifice

Uncle smiling

Unplug cord from socket

Unknown houses

Ukuphupha umkhukhu usiwa

Uncle having sex wth niece

Used glasses in sink

Unripe pawpaw dream

Une vue splendide

Unused sanitary pad means

Unused sanitary pads means

Unripe pawapaw

Uncontrolled defication

Unable to run away

Urinating on a bed

Unmarried girl wearing thali in neck

Undersized bra

Use friend laptop

Unknown color changing bird

Unlocking padlock gate

Ukuphupha umuntu ezokwenzeka utshwala besizulu

Undrground tunnel

Uterus falling out

Used sanitary pad in dreamm

Uprooting tubers of yam in the dream

Urad dal give by death person

Unfairness at work

Unable to talk

Unmarried girl giving birth to a baby boy in a dream

Unopened gifts

Uprooting cocoayam in dream

Unknown people

Urad dal


Unmarried wearing mangalsutra

Upper lip stuck with someone fishook

Underwater marriage

Unable tpo swallow

Unable tp swallow

Underwater portal

Uproting cassava and someone giving you cassava stem to plant


Urad daal in dream

Ukuphuph uhleli ne sangoma

Up at the flat

Ukuphupha ugobela nipheka

Using ban saw to sawing wood for project


Ukuphupha wemula kuchazani


Unknown man touching my breast

Urinate went into my mouth in the dream

Urine pot


Unknot a rope



Unable to call a friend kelp putting the wrong number in

Unwanted gifts

Unknown word novi

Ugly face person


Using glass jar opening to shape things

Using glass jar opening to shape

Unrape orange

Using salt to kill earthworms

Unlocking a phone

Us dollars in dream

Unripe plantain

Ukuphupha insimu kamoba

Unknown woman in my dream

Underwater with a spiritual healer



Unable to poop

Unwanted party

Using chewing stick to brush in the dream


Ukuphupha ugaya itshwala besizulu

Upplitting big cassava in the dream

Urad dal from friend

Unable to stop car break failure

Using a phone

Unable to lift

Upside down car

University dream

Underdressed in a dream

University missing lectures

Unlite space

Unknown man in a dark suit

Underpants soiled by poo

Unborn grandchild

Used condoms in hubby pocket

Unmarried girl dreaming of giving birth in dream

Unmarried wearing managalsutra

Unmarried girl wearing manuals sutra in dream

Uncle fucking his niece

Unable to remove underwear, while pooping

Unknown buried object

Ukuphapha umhlwehlwe

Unexpected visitor


Used sanitary napkin near tre

Unknown room

Unknowingly being pregnant

Unexpected friends

Unavailable bathroom

Uprooting mushroom in dream

Unexpected pregnancy

Ukhphupha utshwala besizulu

Unmarried girl wear mangalsutra in dreams

Using bread as gift wrap

Un well cooked porridge

Using and asking pendulum questions

Unmarried girl wearing thaali

Under construction mosque


Unicorn chased by tornado

Underground water level rises and i drank in dream

Upside down

Under world

Unpainted new house

Used sanitary pad in dream


Uncle dreams



Unfurling flag

Unclean genitalia

Unroofed house

Un roofed houses

Unmarried girl wearing mangalya in dream

Unpeeled melon

Uncooked chicken breasts

Urad dall and roti

Unsure of entering beauty contest at 60

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