Yellow vaginal discharge

Yellow jackets bees

Yellow alien

Young daughter of president strangled

Your wife naked by someone

Young daughter of president gets strangled

Yellow rangoli in dream


Yacht model boat

Your own death

Yellow mustard

Yellow toy bus

Yellow roses on tree with black insects deceased father will spray

Yellow discharge from vagina


Yellow peppers on tree


You see someone is pregnant

Yellow house in woods with watering can

Yellow mealy dream meaning

Yellow mealy grains

Young moose

Yellow flood water

Yellow jacket beed

Yellow kitten

Younger sis got raped

Yellow book dream

Yelling at self

Your friends dying

Yellows man

Yamashita treasure site

Your boyfriend was shoplifting and you were with him

Yellow walls

Your sister jerking your dick

Yellow tortoise in dreams

Yelly fish

Youg boy

Yellow wooden chair

Yellow car in a dream

You are threatened with murder

Young farm animal sat on me and i could not breathe

Yellow and pink baby bird worm in skin

Young son drowned

Yellow roses with red stripes

Yougurt in the dream

Your own sprite

Yelling at loved ones

Yelling in your ear

Yellow square of light

Ypungest sister

Young girl running toward me

You were picking me up from a party and i was late so you drove off and then said we weren’t friends anymore and said i’d i wanted to regain it is have to in baby steps lol

You won custody in a case from the father

Your x going back to his x

Yellow glass bangles meaning

Yellow leaves on plants

Your child having a seizure

Yellow and white snake trying to bite vagina

You are send for an errand

Young man sucking my breast

Yellow flat bed truck

You and i were at war and we were crawling in the trench and you were protecting me

Yellow gate

Youself seen spindle in dream what does that mean


Youth hostel


Yam in a dream

You cant help it

Yunus islamic dream

Yuka lay lee

Yuka lyha

Young green pepper

Younger kid

Yellow cat pooping

Yellow car seat

Yellow stripes


Yellow tarp

Yellow tape measure

You saw yourself in the dream tiring your late mother gele on her head

Yellow cup

Yelling at neighbor

Your female cousin is naked dream meaning

You leave your shoes at the front door

Yellow car

Yelling at dad to slow down

Yelling go away

You are makoti

Yellow jacket bee

Yellow maize meal

Youthful memory

Youthful mempory

Yellow staidm

Yourself melting

Yellow jackets bee

Yellow jackets

Young horses just born

Your ex best friend

Yellow balloons

Yellow chrysanthemums


Yellow cars

Younger brother wearing elder brother shirt

Yellow sunglasses worn by an ex

Yellow jacket

You are being held down physically

Young woman intimate

Y f


Yellow racing car

You take away your child ffrom your ex

Young naked woman

Yeti sex

You dream of a grasscutter that was trapped in a cage was let go did someone you know

Yellow gem stones

Yellow/gold paint

Yellow chewing gum

Your give you fufu in the dream to eat but later demand for garri because the fufu was not good for you

Your daughter being rapef

Your car being washed

Your uncle kisses you in a dream meaning

Your uncle kisses you in a dream

Yoni with small hair

Yellow sports car in a dream

Your enemy driving a car in circles

Yellow and orange

Your pet dog dies

Yanking my chain

Yellow envelopes

You are told you have a tumor that needs surgery

Yellow traffic light

Your mother asking for help and saying your ex name

Yellow wheelchair

Your child being bitten by a snake

You are in cemetery full of snake

Your boyfriend telling you they going to marry you

Yellow glowing

Yellow nails

Yellow and green snake

Yougurt cutting

Yellow chair

Yellow new saree

Yellow lab

Younger brother getting high on mushrooms

Your cousin pregnant on her wedding day




Yellow cat in a dream

You got slap in the face in urdu khawab aur unki tabeer

Yourself as a priest

You died

Young woman)

Yellow sticky notes

Yellow sticky note stick on your body

Your unborn baby dies


Yem meaning in dream

Yoda’s death

Yam and fried egg

Your girlfriend cheats or leaves you

Young face

Younger face

Your lover leaves you for a job

Yard work


Ya fattahoo

Ya fattahu

Young black cat


Yellow banana

Your purse is stolen

Y little kids playing


Yellow and blue work shirt

Yellow saree with red border with blouse

Your x-husband touching your vagina in a dream

Your crush talking to you nicely

You f you are scratching your head a lot

Yam buying

Your in a fire and you watch your love one walk away from you

Ya gafoor ya raheem

Young man

Youth flashback dream

Young and.older sister

Yarn untangeling

Yellow bat

Yelling at myself

Yellow green ribbon

Yellow elephant

Yellow rooster

Yellow shine

Yellow bunny

Yellow mangoes

Yellow mangos

Young age marriage dream?

Your index finger wanting to fall off

Yogi is doing my birthday day


Your face is turning blue

Yellow hue

Yello hue


Yellow legs

Youths trying to kill me

Young boy eating a fork

Your ex drunk


Yelled uncle



Yellow orange snot

Yellow squash ina dream

Yellow squash

Yur sister is eating salt in a dream

Yellow sweatshirt

Yelloow sweatshirt

Yellow baby carrier

Your sister getting married again with the same person

Your mother dream that your pregnant


Your spouse chasing you with cutlass in the dream

Your spouse chasing you in the dream with a cutlass

Younger people

Your dead mother is showing you a black sweater

Yellow scorpions

Yarn unraveling

Your inspiration

Young woman in white tracksuit

Yellow headband

Your child choxking


You have an extra child and are being asked, what is it as name, but you do it know

Your own virgins dream

Your mother insulting you in dream

Your dead father eating

Your love that died giving you a gold ring

Your boyfriend’s sister

You fought while he is trying to picpocket

Yucca fruit

Young daughter being pregnant

You old dog

Yearling filly white horse with brown spot on neck and left shoulder the horse is facing west.

Your partner weaving in a dream

Your boyfriend weaving a mart


You burn clothes from ironing

You burn in iron others clothes

Yellow ripe limes

Young woman dreaming of fish

Your crush carrying you

Your gas finishing in the dream

Young child dirty footprints on her. sheet

You have an argument with a fellow colleague who is also your friend

Yellow duck talking

Yellow peony

Your child turns rebellious

Younger child self

Your pastors body close to your body dancing

Yellow colour pencil

Yellow crocus flower

Young lady

Young man showing deep love for another

Yellow bird bonding with youyellow bird bonding with you

Young woman in house under construction stranger come and go

Yellow jacket given to me


Your wife having sex with another man in a dream

Yellow swimsuits

Your teeth turned staind

Your husband avoiding to be intimate



Your husband being duped

Your feet burning in adream


Your eyes are crossed

Yellow lace

Yellow bougainvillea in house

Yam heap

Yam eating in the dream

Yo dream of yourfeetfeet tied together

Yellow color baby

Young daughter got raped while sleeping

Yellow hibiscus

Yelling at teacher in class


You get

Yam heaps

Young women kissing husband

Your vagina wide open

Young baby walking


Your dog killing a baby snake

Your ex’s

Yellow topaz

Yam as a gift


Young man in my dream

Young man rejected by elder woman

Young man being rejected by elder woman

Younger brother holding a snake skinin a dream

Yellow sheet

Yellow snake in dream meaning

Yellow flower

You and your family are kidnapped

Yellow ribbon

Yam buying in the dream

Yellow python snake

Yellow thread in dream

Your pet dog hugging you and crying

Yellow snake bite s my father

Yellow jacket mean

Your wanted by the law

Your fingernails were drawn and blood flowed

Yellow paper in dreams

Yellow talking awol

Your dead mother grinding perper in dream meaning

Yoga class

You are the chosen one

Young daughter being raped & killed in dream

Young child getting cleaned up has dirty feet

Young child

Yellow peppers

Yellow panties

Your cpusin

Yam that is not done

You’re blessed


Young boy head injury

Your crush marrying someone else

You like a meerkat

Yellow jerrycan full of water

You are food for crocodile

Yellow cats

Your mom sick

Yu lihua - dream of returning to green river

Yellow ocean

Yorkie drown in mud

Yellow floweres and having twins a one dying in worm

Your man is smiling on you

Yellow in a dream

Your sister being scolded

You see yourself besides cassava land, what is the meaning?

Your daughter been rape



Your dal

Yoghurt in a dream


Yellow stains

Yellow circular stains on the ground

Yelling at dad

Your ex husband leaving his mistress

Young girls father cuts her hair short

Yellow colour saree in dreams means


Yacon eating

You are given a bottle of coke

Young girl catching fish in river

Youre friend mobile was crack

Your husband having affair with another woman when you are pregnant

You are chasing by tigger

Yellow thread

Yellow lamborghini

Your mother throwing three package of salt on you after praying

You are great you do miracle so great

Yellow man

You are a manbo & pulling someone out of trouble

You moms face in pieces

Yellow cat

Yellow urine

Yellow finger nails

Yellow grapes

Your boy friend washing yo feet in adream

Your boss texted you

Yellow turtle

Your estranged husband and yourself crying in the dream

You see someone running away from enemies

Your ex boyfriend getting another girl pregnant

You are trying to hide a murder


Yellow paint

Your partner is cheating on you

Yellow cat run pass you in a dream.mean

Young children

Yellow nail polish

Your mother blessing you in a dream

Your crush is your boyfriend

Yellow hands

Yam mound

Yam harvest

You protecting someone

Yin and yang dreams after a terrible dream

Yellow smoke

Young boy in a dream

Yellow bug

You are in the social gathering in dream

Your country president

Yem symbol in the dream

Your wife with hickeys you did not give

Yellow coat

Young woman being atacked

Yellow snake

Your mother dies and then you start to drown

Young boy dies on water slide

Young girl with golden hair needs help

Yellow pideons

Yellow pigeons

Yellow and pink roses in water

Yellow saree in dream

Yellow telephone

Your sibling has died

Yellow diamands

You saw your self swimming water

You are a bus conductor

Younger brother sick

Young corn field

You repaired your padlock in dream

Your mother disownig you

Yellow jacker wasp

Yellow turtles with cyan shell

You can see the person but they don’t talk but make sweet caring gestures

Yam mounds meaning

Yellow corn

Yellow chick

Yellow beautiful baby check walking

Young woman


Young women

Yellow colour on my face

Yam and red oil

Young man sucked my breast in dream

You have a dream and your sister in it and all of her exboyfriends are in the dream

Young man interested in old woman

Yellow and red roses

Yin yang dream

Your thread keeps overfilling the bobon

Yellow jacket wasps

Your nose was bitten by someone

Your dog going missing

Your sister being pregnant

Young beatiful woman

Yellow duck

Yellow chairs

You have utters

Yellow gown

Young lady bathing naked in public

Your step dad licking a girls vagina

Young teacher

Year 9

Yellow tika in dream

Yellow sapphire

Yellow lime

Your wife kissing your friend in front of you

Your dog burning in an oven

Your father dead news dream

Young man courted me

You dreamed that the person you hate the most cooked in your brand new pot rice and the rice stand in the water for the whole time and got miff and green on the inside of the pot

Yellow ripe paw paw on a tree

Young leonardo decaprio

Yellow golden cup

Yellow face

You have a date with the ex prime minister

You have money on your left hand

You house being ugly inside but pretty outside

Yor sister telling you shes pregnant

Young men harassing me

You get fish hooks in your skin alot

Yourself giving blessing to your friend

Yourself giving blessing to your dream


Yellow flowers

Yellow jacket walsp

Your brother died

Your deceased father is wearing his argyle cashmere vest

Yellow colour

Yellow liquid

Yellow colour car

Your dog iron in your bed

Your tongue being nailed to the roof of your mouth

Your husband licking your ear

You were call buy a friend to come and collect an unripe plantain in the market

You see people pop i their pants

You and your girlftiend being old

Yam buy in dream


Yellow gram

Young calf, aqua, licking

Yellow short nicker

Yellow nicker

Yewwow grapefruit

Yellow dresd

Your love is canning you

Your husband holding another womans breast in a dream

You are who you are

Your crush kissing you

Your man carry you at his back in a dream

Young men chasing me

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