Yam as gifts

You’re blessed


Yam that is not done

You come out of a smoke

Yam buying in the dream

Yellow python snake

Yellow thread in dream

Your pet dog hugging you and crying

Yellow snake bite s my father

Yellow jacket mean

Yellow stool


Yellow talking awol

Your wanted by the law

Young child

Your dead mother grinding perper in dream meaning

Yellow paper in dreams

Yellow peppers

Young child getting cleaned up has dirty feet

Yellow panties

Your cpusin

Yellow feather dream

Your fingernails were drawn and blood flowed

Young daughter being raped & killed in dream

You are the chosen one

Yoga class

You are food for crocodile


Yellow cats

Your mom sick

Yu lihua - dream of returning to green river

Yorkie drown in mud

Yellow ocean

Yellow floweres and having twins a one dying in worm

Your man is smiling on you

Yellow in a dream

Yellow face

Your sister being scolded

You see yourself besides cassava land, what is the meaning?

Your daughter been rape



Your dal

Yoghurt in a dream


Yellow stains

Yellow circular stains on the ground

Youth room

You are great you do miracle so great

Yellow man

You are a manbo & pulling someone out of trouble

You moms face in pieces

Yellow cat

Yellow urine

Yellow finger nails

Yellow grapes

Your boy friend washing yo feet in adream

Your boss texted you

Yellow book

Your estranged husband and yourself crying in the dream

Yellow turtle

You are trying to hide a murder


Yellow paint

Your ex husband leaving his mistress

Yelling at dad

Young girls father cuts her hair short

Yellow colour saree in dreams means


Yacon eating

You are given a bottle of coke

Young girl catching fish in river

Youre friend mobile was crack

Your husband having affair with another woman when you are pregnant

You are chasing by tigger

Yellow thread

Yellow cat run pass you in a dream.mean

Your partner is cheating on you

You see someone running away from enemies

Yellow lamborghini

Your mother throwing three package of salt on you after praying

Your ex boyfriend getting another girl pregnant

Young children

Yellow jackets

Yellow nail polish

Your mother blessing you in a dream

Your crush is your boyfriend

Yellow hands

Yam mound

Yam harvest

You protecting someone

Yin and yang dreams after a terrible dream

Yellow smoke

Young boy in a dream

You are in the social gathering in dream

Yellow bug

Your country president

Your dog going missing

Your nose was bitten by someone

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