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Minute amounts of continuous blessings

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(Dampness; Moisture) In a dream, the morning dew means glad tidings, liberality, generosity and openhandedness.

The same interpretation is given for hail and drizzles.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


This is a dream of strange variation in mean- ing depending on your cir-cumstances and on the character of the rain. A soft spring rain is a lucky omen promising many good things to come, in- cluding possible benefits from work done in the for- gotten past If you are struggling or only modest- ly well off, a heavy down- pour predicts a substantial improvement in your cir- cumstances; but if you are one of the affluent society, it signifies a period of re- verses.

A fine drizzle por-tends petty difficulties which will soon pass; to be out in an average kind of rainfall indicates the happy demise of an ailing affair, but to be drenched in a blowing rainstorm is an augury of unexpected wealth, likely to be through a legacy.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


If you dream of cooking oil, this indicates a lack of abrasiveness and friction, because oil is a substance that soothes and eases, an essential element to keep things going smoothly.

If you drizzled oil over your dream food, are you trying to smooth things over in waking life or are you pouring oil over troubled waters, perhaps because you are trying to keep the peace in some way?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If you are caught in a rain shower or storm in your dream, the key to the interpretation will be your reaction. Did you feel miserable or elated? If the former, it is possible that an outpouring of emotion—your own or that of someone you know—is raining down on you in real life. The dream might also signify emotional release or the desire to feel love again. Rain does often have positive liberating associations in dreams, but if the descending water takes the form of hail, the message is negative as it may suggest that you are about to become the victim of stinging verbal abuse. Hail has similar associations to rain, but is much colder and harsher. A mere spot of drizzle or a brief shower would suggest a situation that is less serious.

In the Bible, the flood is a symbol of preparation for a new way of life or a fresh start. This meaning fits well with both Freud’s association between water and the womb, and Jung’s symbolism of the flood or deluge as both deadly and life giving. As a mother image, a flood submerging you or a house could suggest an intense relationship with your mother or another dominant female figure in your life; it may also suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s pressures.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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