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(Alcoholic; Enmity; Evil; Hatred; Inebriate; Temptation; Tippler. Also see Wine)

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Drunkard | Dream Interpretation

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To dream one is drunk, is very bad for all, for it signifieth great folly.

It is only good to such as are in fear; for drunkards doubt or fear nothing.

To dream one is drunk is increase of estate, and recovery of health; but when one dreams he is drunk, without drinking any wine, it is an ill omen, and he runs the hazard of being disgraced by some bad action, and of being punished by law, If a man dreams he is drunk with sack, muscatel, or some other sweet and pleasant drink.

It is a sign he will be beloved by some great lords, and grow rich thereby.

If a man dreams he is drunk and vomits, he will run the hazard of losing his estate by the violence of his prince, who will force him to an account of his means ill-gotten; or if he be a gamester, be will lose all he hath formerly won.

If anyone dreams thai being drunk, he is very much pained at heart and in his viscera, it shows that his domestics or servants will rob him of his money, or destroy his fortune without his knowledge.

If a man dreams he is drunk with pure water, he will boast causelessly of his wealth, and vaunt of another person’s strength.... The Complete Dream Book


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