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Whether it was yourself or others who were unable to speak, a dream of dumbness is a warning to keep your business to yourself and avoid any speculative ventures for the time being.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

To dream of being dumb, indicates your inability to persuade others into your mode of thinking, and using them for your profit by your glibness of tongue.

To the dumb, it denotes false friends.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

1. A need to keep affairs private, keep opinions to oneself.

2. Difficulty with emotional expression.

3. Possible arguments in the making—possibly domestic, sometimes social.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To dream that you cannot speak, or to meet a Dumb person in your dream, is a bad sign. Avoid speculation and do not discuss your business plans.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

Figurative of one who is slow to speak; see “mute”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

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One of the things most of us fear is losing control of our faculties. Dreams in which you are blind or you see blind people may represent your refusal to see the truth or face reality. Perhaps you are unable to see any other point of view but your own, and it is time to open your eyes. The blindness may relate to an object you seek but are unable to find because of your blindness; this object is generally your hopes and goals in life, and becoming blind indicates that you have lost sight of your ambitions and are unclear about how to regain your focus. For Freud, loss of sight indicated a man’s fears of being castrated. In the Greek myth that inspired Freud’s theory of the Oedipus complex, Oedipus unwittingly killed his father to marry his mother. Once aware of what he had done, he blinded himself, an act Freud saw as a symbol of self-castration. Another interpretation suggests that blindness is a mystical dream symbol that represents inner vision, wisdom and self-knowledge. To imagine that you are deaf or dumb in a dream, or unable to make contact with people, may symbolize irresponsibility, laziness or an inability to get your point across... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


(Muteness; Silence) In a dream, dumbness means corruption in one’s religious commitment or falsehood.

If one sees himself dumb in a dream, it means that he insults the companions of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, or backbites honorable people, or that he is a reprobate and an insolent person. Ifone sees himselfmute in a dream, it means that he is ignorant. Dumbness in a dream means rescinding a court decision, or to remain silent when one is supposed to speak. Dumbness in a dream also means dethroning or terminating one’s employment, If one sees his tongue tied up in a dream, it means that he will gain eloquence, mastery of words, clarity of speech, wisdom in his words and prosperity, and it means that he will win victory over his enemy.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

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