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As ecology is the branch of science that deals with relationship and interaction, in a spiritual sense it signifies the action between the spiritual and physical realms.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: As the earth becomes more threatened, issues of climate change, conservation and preservation will become part of our everyday concerns and, therefore, part of our dreams. Any of these issues – particularly climate change – can represent a change in emotional focus.

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Material aspects: Dreams to do with ecological concerns usually focus on the efficient use of resources and it is this meaning which will often arise in dreams whether those resources are personal, work-related or of more global impact. Also consult the entries for climate, conservation and earth / earthquake.

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Ecology | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Ecology


1- In olden times, plague and pestilence was believed to come from an angry God. In fact, most plagues are caused by an imbalance in natural ecology.

To dream of a plague will highlight some internal imbalance within ourselves. This may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. One quality of a plague, no matter what it is, is that there is too much. We can be overwhelmed by it, as happened with the plague of locusts chronicled in the Bible.

2- One outstanding example of a plague in the Bible was that of Job who was plagued by boils. This suggests the old-fashioned idea that if one did not conform, retribution would occur.

To dream of a plague, therefore, is to recognise that we will suffer if we do not attempt to reach our highest potential.

3- In spiritual terms a plague signifies Divine Retribution.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


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