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You have choices ahead of you. Although you may think that what you decide will make no difference, in fact it will. Look at any and all decisions that have to be made and choose carefully. However insignificant a decision may seem, it can have far-reaching effects.

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In an election year, this is a situational dream wherein you mull over the present candidates from a new vantage point.

Choices that we all must make, especially those that affect your interaction with the community or those associated with legal matters.

Political game playing at the office or in other circumstances.

Elections | Dream Interpretation

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Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- The sieve in dreams is a symbol of the ability to make selections.

This is in the sense of being able to sort out the large from the small, good from the bad etc.

2- On a psychological level the sieve represents the ability to know oneself. We are able to make conscious choices which will enable us to extract the best from life.

3- Spiritually the sieve is said to represent fertility and rain clouds in the sense that pure rain, or water, permits proper growth.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

The Language of Dreams

(see Elections)

The right to choose the ideas and beliefs that govern your life.

Deciding upon the best person to lead a group, or help you with a specific situation by- taking the leadership role.

Having to make a single selection from a large group of options regarding something that affects your future. Make sure this decision is an educated one.

Singling out aspects of yourself to develop more publicly. In this case, note the name of the winning candidate for possible symbolism.

For example, if Ms. Lovage Charity appears, you may be trying to develop a stronger charitable image in your community.... The Language of Dreams

The Element Encyclopedia

Situated south of Peru and west of Bolivia and Argentina, Chile fills a narrow 1,800-mile strip between the Andes and the Pacific.

If you find yourself in Chile in your dreams, this may relate to situations or relationships in your life that could develop into hot ones due to the‘chili’ word association.

If this doesn’t apply, other associations include the strong Roman Catholic bias of the country, the symbolism of the arid Atacama Desert and a strong feminine principle embodied by socialist Michelle Bachelet who won 53% of the vote in the March 2006 presidential elections.... The Element Encyclopedia

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