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The embers of a fire will symbolize a spiritual energy that is beginning to die down, to lose its potency.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Psychological / emotional perspective: Embers suggest emotions that have moved beyond a clear expression. Whatever has been our passion is beginning to wane.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Material aspects: As embers are what is left when material has been consumed by fire, we may need to decide whether or not a project or idea needs reviving with new input or allowed to die away quietly.

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Emotional stability, inner warmth, intense inner energies. Symbol for the center of life, the eternal spark, standing for life’s energies, willpower, and the power of intuition. Also, however, it stands for the power of stress—”midlife crisis,” for example—that indicates change. Pay attention: Is the ember dying out or turning into Fire?

Embers In A Dream | Dream Interpretation

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Complete Dictionary of Dreams
All people in a dream represent aspects of your own personality. This is also true of family members, although such dreams may also be reflecting your waking-life relationships as well. Your first relationships in life are with the individuals who make up your family of origin, and all the relationships you have for the rest of your life are reflections of these original dynamics. When interpreting a dream that involves a family member, consider the qualities of that person first and the relationship you have to the person second. Each person in your family lives inside you as an aspect of your personality based on these qualities. Parents relate more to a sense of personal authority. Siblings connect with different choices or behaviors in your waking life. When a family member appears in a dream, ask yourself what quality the person embodies that might be called for in some situation or circumstance in your waking life at the time of the dream.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams



The Element Encyclopedia
Smoke, embers and ashes are associated with fire in dreams but they also have their own associations.

If clouds of black, choking smoke appear and there is no fire, what are you missing in waking life as there is no smoke without fire?

Smoke and smoking in dreams typically suggest a feeling of danger and if you are smoking, you are trying to control your anxiety. Smoke can also represent passion that has not yet flared into being. Contradictory interpretations are that smoke signifies cleansing and purification, as with incense, or contamination.

If you watched the glowing embers of a dying fire in your dream, this may suggest either that a passion is dying out, or a fondness for someone or something just won’t die out. It could also suggest that underneath your calm exterior you are smoldering with anger and resentment.

If you were raking over the ashes in your dream, upon which aspect of your past are you reflecting? Ashes in a dream often indicate penitence and sorrow, and the feeling that there is nothing more than can be, as the ashes or memories are all we have left. The important thing now is to learn from the experience. And bear in mind that your unconscious may also use the dream images of smoke, ember and ashes to warn you that you are at risk of physical or emotional burnout.... The Element Encyclopedia


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