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Looking to find a solution to a problem in life that should be working out but isn’t.

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In mathematical terms, an equation is a mathematical equivalency containing unknown variables. Therefore, in dreams it can mean confrontation between equal forces. Also it points out a situation that is unclear and indicates difficult problems.

Equation | Dream Interpretation

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A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Words are themselves symbols of objects, ideas, or feelings. Whether we look at mathematical equations, a film, a novel, or a business logo, each involves the use of symbols. When we look at a thermometer we lose sight of it as a real object, and see it as temperature. Through­out our everyday life we use things symbolically without no­ticing.

A name on the label of goods may depict quality to us.

A face can represent love or brutality. In the struggle towards human awareness, and its increasingly subtle use of symbols such as language to think and express with, there must have been stages of development. This is a side of ‘history’ seldom given attention, yet very important. Perhaps our dream think­ing’ is using an earlier form of using symbols, one which might have been more an everyday event prior to language.

Even though we exist as an individual integrated with today’s world, our earlier levels of thinking still exist. Uncon­sciously we still see the thermometer as temperature; the car as status, independence or ease in getting to work; inside our house as an expression of ourself—if we didn’t we would not take pains to make it nice for guests. Through these uncon­scious feeling connections or symbolic views we have of things, dreams create their store of images and scenes. Pro­cessing a dream is an attempt to discover what values we ourself unconsciously place upon the people, animals, objects and situations around us. See unconscious. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Dream Explanations of Astro Center

Not always a positive symbol. 1.If you are alone holding diamonds in your hand, someone you care for very deeply could be turning cold towards you.

If someone gives you diamonds, however, a project that means a lot to you could bring money your way.

If other symbols in the dream imply happiness and contentment, the appearance of diamonds could add wealth to the equation. But if the rest of the dream is dark and ominous, diamonds could signify loss. When interpreting a dream containing diamonds, it’s important to remember that diamonds, however prized and beautiful, really are nothing more than cold, hard rocks.... Dream Explanations of Astro Center

Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Everyone in your dream is a part of your own consciousness, and an alien is a character aspect that is utterly foreign to you. This may connect to a higher, more spiritual side of you, but it could also be something that is new and different and therefore threatening. Your personal associations with outer space and aliens must feature in the interpretation you make of such a dream. Abduction by aliens might be revealing fears about unfamiliar territory or new environments in which you may be finding yourself.

The more fear you feel in the dream, the more frightened you may be of the changes that are occurring. On the other side of this equation, feeling an affinity toward an alien and actually wanting to make a connection may indicate a desire to break out of a constricting mold of sameness.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Complete Dictionary of Dreams

As a symbol, an arrow has two meanings, one connected to aim and the other to how the arrow lands. You place an arrow where you desire with focus and intention, and in this way an arrow represents your ability to do so with a thought or an idea. On the connection side of the equation, an arrow relates to being penetrated by such an idea.

If you are shooting the arrows, the dream is about your desire to focus an idea and have it land somewhere powerful.

If you are struck by an arrow, the dream is about a sudden idea taking hold of you.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Complete Dictionary of Dreams

The roll of the dice relates to blind luck and the impact of random chance as it relates to a desired outcome. We live in a world that is half divine plan unfolding and half random chaos.

The dice relate to the latter half of this paradoxical equation.

A dream that features dice as an image may be asking you to surrender to uncontrollable outcomes.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Math is the language of the entire universe. Every single element of what we know life to be can be expressed by mathematical equations. Math is very analytical and left-brained and thus represents this aspect of thinking. In a dream, the interpretation of math can be as mundane as expressing a need to call upon your logical mind to help you through a life circumstance. It can be as profound as a dream of sacred geometry, where you are considering existence itself.

The context of the dream will illuminate which way to go with your interpretation.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Complete Dictionary of Dreams

The moth has the same meaning as the butterfly, but it relates to the shadow side of the equation, as it is a nocturnal creature.

(See Butterfly.)... Complete Dictionary of Dreams

The Element Encyclopedia

If you dream of trying but failing to complete a puzzle or crossword, this suggests an intellectual approach to problems in your waking life. Such dreams may be urging you to allow emotion to play a greater part in your decision making. On the other hand, if you complete the puzzle or crossword and are satisfied with the result, your dreaming mind may be suggesting that you should use an intellectual rather than an emotional approach to solving your problems. Dreaming of being unable to find a word in a Thesaurus or dictionary may be suggesting that you should listen to your instincts or your emotions.

If you find the word you are looking for, however, this may suggest that you should adopt a more objective approach.

If you are puzzled by a mathematical equation or can’t understand someone who is speaking another language in your dream, this suggests an inability to understand a certain person or situation in your waking life. How you reacted in your dream may help you find a new approach to the situation.

If a code that is hard to understand or decipher appears in your dream and you are the one who found it, this suggests some problem or person or aspect of your personality that is puzzling you.

If you awoke from a dream with a riddle running through your mind, are you feeling confounded by someone or something in your waking life? Your dream may have contained clues to both the meaning of your dream and a reallife riddle, but if it continued to mystify you perhaps you need to use an intuitive, rather than an intellectual, approach to solving problems in your waking life.

In Greek mythology, the Sphinx posed the famous question to Oedipus: ‘what goes on four feet, two feet and then three, but the more feet it goes on the weaker it will be?’ Oedipus replied ‘man’; it is man who crawls as a baby, walks as a man and then uses a cane in old age. Oedipus’ answer shows the importance of using your gut instinct or intuition rather than a rational, logical approach to seemingly impossible questions. The same applies for any dream situation which leaves you flummoxed. Your dreaming mind may be urging you to use the powers of your intuition and to channel your instincts into that place where the answer lies.... The Element Encyclopedia

The Element Encyclopedia

Dreams that feature calculation, measurement or mathematics of any kind are often related to some kind of calculation you need to make in waking life.

Perhaps you need to take an objective look at a certain situation or problem to find a rational and unemotional way around it. A dream of an accountant working on account books or counting figures suggests a problem in your waking life that needs a coolly calculated and unemotional solution. The accountant may represent yourself but it may also represent someone who is trying to help you keep your feet on the ground.

If you are trying to add up a sum in your dream or an equation but are having problems doing so, this indicates a slight error in your thinking or a slip or mistake that is undermining your efforts.... The Element Encyclopedia

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