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Depth Psychology: Euphoria in a dream is a short-lived illusion that—not unlike a soap bubble—usually disappears quickly in the harsh light of reality.

Euphoria | Dream Interpretation

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New American Dream Dictionary

1. Responsibilities are being pushed aside (to smoke).

2. Possible health or addiction problem.

3. Ability to feel euphoria, pleasure. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Little Giant Encyclopedia

“Muddying the water,” lack of clarity, unscrupulousness, intoxication, emotionalizing, melodrama. It may be a concrete warning of too much alcohol consumption.

The symbol may also be a challenge from the unconscious, demanding more clarity and deliberation. Is life lived in a fog.7 Are important problems being repressed.7 In another sense, this symbol may be pointing to positive social skills and communication, as well as the healing aspect of euphoria.

Astrology: Symbol of Neptune.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

The animal without trickery. As with all Birds, a symbol of sexuality as well as intellectual euphoria and ecstasy.

A symbol of peace and creative thoughts. Doves can also be experienced as spirits or demons that one is unable to shed. In that sense, the dove is also a symbol of fear and disgust.

In the Christian Church the white dove is the symbol for the Holy Ghost and is usually female. According to Early Christian understanding, the dove is also the opposite of the Snake. According to Jewish tradition, the dove is the messenger of God. Today the “Christian- influenced” image of the dove of peace is a particularly favorite notion, as described in the best-selling book Jonathan Livingston Seagull.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

A warning not to be such a realist. It might be better to just let go, as in Abyss, Cliff, Shot, Parachute, Flying, and be more open to something new. Also fear of being destroyed, as in Descent. Points to loss due to miscalculation on the part of the dreamer (see the myth of Daedalus and Icarus) or is a sign of unjustified euphoria and arrogance. This symbol often appears in dreams during times when a person has difficulty achieving orgasm and during acute midlife crisis.

Doubt and insecurity. You need to let go, as in Brook, Leaf, and Parachute. Dreams of falling often appear if you are in the process of transition to a new stage in life. Particularly when you are trying out something new, you will first, just as in the dream, fall flat on your face.

A falling dream happens again and again if you are fighting against your own limitations.

It is very helpful to change falling dreams into flying dreams.

According to Freud, falling dreams are always sexual. In the case of women, the question revolves around giving in to erotic desires (fallen women). Freud has dealt with the symbol of falling extensively in his Interpretation of Dreams.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

also see Intoxication

1- When drugs appear in a dream whether self-administered or not this suggests that we may need external help to enable us to change our inner perceptions.

To be taking drugs suggests we feel we have relinquished control of a situation in our waking lives and are having to rely on external stimuli.

To have an adverse drug reaction could mean that we fear madness.

To be given drugs against our will indicates that we are being forced to accept an unpalatable truth.

2- We may be attempting to avoid reality and drugs can enable us to do this. They can also be a healing agent in restoring balance.

To be given drugs by a qualified person signifies that we have accepted someone else’s greater knowledge.

To be sold drugs illegally indicates that we are prepared to take unnecessary risks.

3- Certain drugs can be taken to induce a state of euphoria or a change of consciousness. This can be dangerous, since it is like using a crowbar rather than a key to open a door. Such practices can onlv be valid if done with knowledge and understanding.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

also see Alcohol, Drunk and Drugs

1- When we are intoxicated in a dream it can be important to decide what has caused us to become intoxicated. Being drunk can indicate a loss of control, whereas a change of state brought about by drugs can represent a change in awareness.

2- The changes that occur in consciousness through intoxication can be mirrored in a dream. Sometimes that change can be depressive - suggesting a need to explode the negative in our lives; sometimes they can be euphoric showing our ability to reach a state similar to a kind of mania.

3- There Is a type of euphoria which is experienced at certain stages of spiritual development.

This usuallv occurs as we move from one level of awareness to another, and is to do with the sudden influx of new energy.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Symbol: Speed and things on wheels are favorite subjects in the dreams of men.

A sports car represents sexual euphoria and a man s enjoyment of a female “chassis”!

Vision: Buying a beautiful car; a positive sign—you will quickly advance at your job. Driving a car safely and skillfully: success achieved through your own effort. Crashing into another car: a setback, because you are only concerned about yourself.

The way we drive a car in a dream is an indication of how we direct our lives and what we still need to learn. Seeing only one car in a dream: you will soon receive news. Getting out of a car: setbacks and stagnation. Your competence is questioned. Dreaming about your car breaking down on the road: a business trip will not be successful. Winning an auto race: quick reactions on your part leave your competition “in the dust”; success on the job is almost guaranteed. In a man s dream, it means successful “elimination” of a (love) rival. Being involved in an accident: be prepared to be met by powerful competition.

Depth Psychology: Cars and other means of transportation are always symbols of your life’s journey.

The car, in general, is a sign for positive changes at work.

For men the auto is a symbol of masculine energy and always points to your present relationship with sexuality and desire for more intense sexual experiences (the more horse power, the stronger the urges).... Dreamers Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Men dreaming of being surrounded and idolized by young girls: a warning to control your desires or others will make fun of you. Kissing a young girl: don’t overestimate your strength; you might cause harm. Young girls are kissing you: the euphoria of love might initially be beautiful, but disillusion is bound to follow. Seeing a beautiful girl: be careful with your money.

Depth Psychology: Older men dreaming about young girls: they want to have an affair with a young girl. Other than that, the dream is a sign of the dreamers feminine side and indicates that he is maturing sexually.

A woman dreaming about being a young girl or being in the company of a young girl: she would like to escape from her adult role and all its responsibilines; or she wants to return to the “innocence” of earlier years.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of lettuce growing suggests that you will experience self-actualization and euphoria.

To dream of eating lettuce means that envy will play a major role in disrupting your relationship with a friend or partner.

To dream that you are planting lettuce foretells that you will be responsible for causing your early death due to an illness.

To dream that you are buying a head of lettuce means that you will go through hardships because of the decisions you have made.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Dream Meanings of Versatile

It has long been known that ingesting certain substances, particularly herbal derivatives, can alter perception. These can induce anything from a state of euphoria to a distortion of reality. This, however, can be dangerous – without knowledgeable supervision – since it is like using a crowbar rather than a key to open a door to the psyche.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

(1) A roller-coaster may represent the ups and downs of emotions, between euphoria and misery.

(2) It may also symbolize the sexual act, and therefore express sexual desire. If, however, the experience is unpleasant or frightening, the dream may be expressing sexual anxiety.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

The Big Dictionary of Dreams

It represents momentary and fleeting joy. It also represents the uncontrolled explosion of emotions that overwhelms you in certain situations. Maybe it is time to relax and not to be swayed by euphoria.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams

Complete Dictionary of Dreams

The ultimate opiate, heroin creates an immediate and powerful euphoria that leads to tremendous withdrawal and often dire consequences. As a symbol, it relates to the lengths to which people will sometimes go in order to feel good in the moment despite the negative consequences of the choices that are made. Heroin also relates symbolically to the perpetual cycle of engaging in a certain form of escapism no matter what. Anything can be a setup for an addictive response.

If this should appear in a dream, look to your life to what your current version of heroin might be.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams

The Element Encyclopedia

A number of possible interpretations for dreams of crowds suggest themselves. These range from a need for a feeling of unity or belonging; a sense of suffocation, feeling stifled or crowded out; a desire for anonymity and to blend into the crowd; a sense of feeling like a stranger, that you are misplaced or too much going on in your life. The details of your dream should help provide the meaning. In dreams, crowds can also express how well you relate to other people, particularly in a social sense. They may also indicate how well you hide yourself, hide aspects of yourself or attempt to avoid responsibility

A large crowd can suggest information overload, a crowd of problems or finding yourself in a situation that overwhelms you. A dream of feeling at one with a crowd—such as watching or singing along at a match or game in a sport’s arena—may have been emphasizing the security you derive from being with like-minded people. If, however, you do not feel at one with the crowd, your dreaming mind may be urging you to assert your individuality.

If you transformed into a cheerleader, your unconscious may have been highlighting the euphoria that you feel in waking life from being at one with the people around you. The denser and more claustrophobic the crowd in your dream, the greater and more demanding the problems in your waking life may seem; if you find a way out of the crowd or take control of it, your dream interpretation will be positive.

If you are trampled down in the crowd in your dream, this suggests that you need a great deal of help. Perhaps you are working too hard, caring for a sick relative or the problems you are facing are too overwhelming to deal with alone.

In dreams, unknown people in crowds or gatherings often represent aspects of yourself, such as your attitudes, strengths and anxieties. As social relationships are important for personal well-being and survival, such dreams also help you clarify your way of interacting with society in general. Are you in contact with the people in your dreams? Do you conform or rebel? Do you like the people in your dream and what do they mean to you? Questions like these will throw light on the meaning of your dream. Such dreams can also depict what public opinion thinks of you, so pay attention to the reaction of the people in the crowds.... The Element Encyclopedia

The Element Encyclopedia

Your dreams can provide you with deep and powerful insights into your moods, and can be used to help you manage feelings of joy as well as sadness.

Perhaps you have woken up from a dream with feelings of euphoria or unexplained happiness, or found yourself laughing without knowing why. Every now and again your dreaming mind may give you an emotional and psychological boost by creating images in which you feel deeply secure, happy and loved. It may also conjure up images of freedom, adventure, success and excitement to spur you on. Dreams that leave you with such lingering feelings of joy and exhilaration are less common than those that leave you with feelings of dread and uncertainty. This may be because there are always constant challenges and responsibilities to face in the real world and your dreams tend to reflect your anxieties about meeting these challenges. Even though they are relatively rare, feelings of immense happiness in dreams are just as important to understand as feelings of sadness according to Jung and most other dream analysts. Joyful, uplifting dreams allow you to focus on the real-life experiences and situations that evoked them, as well as the way you feel about yourself and your life.


The Element Encyclopedia

If a shelled mollusk, such as a scallop or cowry, caught your eye in your dream, this may suggest female sexuality. Dream shellfish—in the same manner as the crustaceans—represent the defensive shell you may use in waking life to avoid hurt or emotional involvement.

If you came across an oyster in your dream, was the shell open or closed? If the oyster shell was shut, it may be hinting that your unconscious contains a pearl of wisdom. Oysters are also traditionally thought to be aphrodisiacs, so is it time to reinvigorate your love life? If the oyster shell was empty, could your unconscious have been indicating events that have passed you by, or do you think the world is no longer your oyster? If a mussel features in your dream, this may suggest that you are afraid to reveal your soft, pulpy and vulnerable interior and are in a state of hiding. Another interpretation is that you are worried about your state of dependence, having attached yourself to someone or something because you believe that you cannot make it on your own. Consider also the homonym for mussel. Should a clam or clams appear in your dream are you closing up, withdrawing, withholding, avoiding, being reticent or clamming up in some way in waking life? Perhaps you are keeping a secret. Alternatively, it could be that something in your life feels sticky or uncomfortably close, as in clammy. On the other hand it may also imply happiness, euphoria, and that you are as happy as a clam.

If a freshwater or land-based snail featured in your dream, do you wish to creep into your shell or, as snails move slowly, is a project taking longer than you thought in waking life? Other interpretations for snail include: lacking in vitality or enthusiasm, needing to slow down or speed up, being ready to protect or defend yourself, and feeling at home wherever you go.

If slugs feature in your dream, this can suggest any of the following: that you are lacking in energy or vitality, functioning below par, being unenthusiastic or making slow but steady progress. They could also suggest a devious, unmannered or deceitful person, a slug or slime ball, that you are feeling vulnerable, or that you or someone else is being spineless and is acting in a cowardly manner.

Octopuses have numerous tentacles that operate independently, so could your unconscious have been commenting on your multitasking ability? As a sea creature, the octopus carries the energy of emotion and the many ways to hold or connect. In their positive form, these creatures reflect emotional depth and the ability to direct your energy in many directions without losing your center. A dream octopus may therefore suggest successful business deals or any other project involving much multitasking. It may also be associated with a person or situation that has many ways of holding or affecting you, such as a mother or a debt.

If a squid squirted a cloud of black ink in your face in your dream, could this be indicating that emotional conflicts are being obscured rather than confronted?... The Element Encyclopedia

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