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Hiding from self; mask or shell you present to the world. Identification with outer values instead of inner resources and strengths.

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Dreams of a facade represent protection, defensiveness, a veneer, social mask or ego. You are becoming aware of what is going on behind the scenes as distinct from the appearance on the surface. Keep in mind, that if you really want to impress someone, let them know the real you.

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A matter of social status and the way that you portray yourself to the outside world. According to Freud, the upright human body. According to Jung, that which, in society, we pretend to be.

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If the house is a reflection of the soul, the façade represents the image we project and the way we relate to people around. A façade in good condition is an indication that you are satisfied with your relationships. Likewise, if in ruins it indicates that your external image is poor and does not satisfy you.

If the façade does not match the interior of the house, the dream indicates a mismatch between what you are and what you project.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


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