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Dream Meanings of Versatile

Often these characters represent the side of us that has been ‘called’ or has a vocation; this suggests the more compassionate, nurturing side. When such characters appear in a man’s dream the relationship that is represented is often non sexual in nature.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of kissing or desiring a faceless person, this dream represents your basic desire to be loved. In all other cases, dreaming of a faceless person suggests that something happened around the time of the dream that made you subconsciously decide not to get personal with people. It’s possible that what happened to you was so hurtful that your mind is protecting you from having to “face” the memory.... My Dream Interpretation


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

The face connects to the concept of the persona, the part of who we are that we readily show to the world. We hide our true self behind our face and choose what we want to present to others. This process can be oppressive, and a dream image of being faceless may indicate the consequences of either holding back too much authenticity or, conversely, exposing more than we are comfortable with. While your actions identify what you are committed to, it is through your face that you reveal your motivations. Without a face, the assimilation of an identity is impossible. An aspect of your personality that has no face may connect to a new way of being in the world. Lacking a face may indicate that this new way of being is not yet fully formed as an active part of your outward persona.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

For a religiously inclined man to dream of nuns, foretells that material joys will interfere with his spirituality. He should be wise in the control of self.

For a woman to dream of nuns, foretells her widowhood, or her separation from her lover.

If she dreams that she is a nun, it portends her discontentment with present environments.

To see a dead nun, signifies despair over the unfaithfulness of loved ones, and impoverished fortune.

For one to dream that she discards the robes of her order, foretells that longing for worldly pleasures will unfit her for her chosen duties. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


The Complete Dream Book

A woman who dreams of seeing nuns is likely to be permanently separated from her lover or husband.... The Complete Dream Book


Dream Symbols and Analysis

The dream of seeing a nun symbolizes purity, chastity, and compliance. It likewise suggests a reminder for you to firmly hold on to your oath and promise. It also predicts of an increase in worldly riches that will likely go against your spirituality.

Dreaming of a nun may also suggest the joke or having ‘none’ or ‘nothing.’ A woman who dreams that she is a nun hints of discontent in her present circumstance and surroundings.

The presence of a lifeless nun in your dream represents lack and desolation over the treacherous act of a loved one.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


My Dream Interpretation

To see nuns in your dream suggests that you need to live up to the promises you have made.... My Dream Interpretation


Psycho Dream Interpretation

To dream of nuns indicates a need for spiritual thought.

For a woman to dream that she is a nun signifies daily discontentment.... Psycho Dream Interpretation

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