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To see fangs in your dream - whether it was you or someone else who had them - indicates that you have said some words that have been hurtful to others.

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To dream about fangs suggests that you have said something that caused others pain.

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The animal kingdom has many examples of fang-bearing creatures, and in almost all cases, the purpose of the fang is to hold on to prey. In snakes and spiders, there is the added distinction of injecting venom.

The canine teeth of humans are not considered fangs, but in vampire mythology these teeth are elongated and are that creature’s tool for extracting the blood he or she needs.

If some animal, fictitious creature, or other human being is exposing fangs to you in a dream, you may be expressing fears of being dominated and consumed in some way.

If you are the one who is sporting fangs, you may be expressing a voracious appetite that either needs to be expressed or is being expressed in the world.

If the former idea resonates, look to where you can increase your passions.

If it is the latter that feels true, you may be hurting others with your words or actions.

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Lies, wickedness, Ps. 58:6

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They all symbolise one’s enemies.

The size and strength of such animals is the deciding factor for the strength and power of such enemies.

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