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See Duel.

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To dream of a Fencing match denotes an adventure in which your wits will be your only weapon.

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If you dream of watching or participating in fencing (swordplay), you are ambitious and seek to hold a position of prestige, authority, and distinction.

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Vision: If you are fencing (with a rapier), it means a quarrel with friends and losing them.

Depth Psychology: Fencing might be a sign of wanting revenge, to get even.

For now try to stay away from fights and quarrels! See Dagger, Rapier.

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see Fight(ing)

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Fencing | Dream Interpretation

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A symbol for narrowness and being deprived of freedom, as in Elevator, Village. Restrictions, however, are felt more strongly, similar to Sewer, Amber, Trap. On the other hand, this dream symbol can have positive meanings, particularly when the cage is seen from the outside. Then it usually is a symbol of protection and taming (of wild urges). In addition, the cage can also seem like fencing, because fences create protection, giving you the peace you are seeking.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


If you dreamed of being an individual competitor in a game of tennis or golf or engaging in solo activities such as running or gymnastics, your dreaming mind may have been turning the spotlight on your self-sufficiency.

If you can remember who your opponent was in your dream, is this someone you are battling against in real life? Did you serve ace after ace in your dream or hit that elusive hole-in-one? If so, then your unconscious is referring to what you feel is an outstanding performance or ability in waking life. Are other people there to admire your success or is your triumph a lonely one in your dream? If, however, you missed a shot or putt, this suggests that your current lack of discipline or dedication is weakening your chances of success in the real world. Unless you can find focus and dedication, you may end up being the loser.

If you performed badly in your dream because your racket or club had a fault or broke into pieces your unconscious may have been advising you to update the tools of your trade because they are slowing you down or hindering your progress.

The sexual symbolism of fencing is impossible to ignore given the thrusting nature of many of the moves. The focal point of the dream may well be when the opponent takes off their mask to reveal who you have been fighting. Is your mystery opponent a person you know in waking life or your own unconscious hostile urges? A dream in which you play a friendly game of golf, enjoying both the game and the company, is a positive sign that suggests a sense of contentment in your waking life. However, to record a poor score suggests that something or someone in your real life is trying to undermine you. To dream of a tee will most often point to an irritating element in your life or something you want to put behind you or get rid of.

To have a dream about gymnastics or to become a gymnast in your dream reveals a desire for greater self-expression and flexibility; it is, however, important to achieve a balance between what is achievable and what is unrealistic. To dream of being a diver suggests a course of action that has to be followed through, no matter what.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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