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A ferryboat is often a symbol for being transported across the threshold of the unconscious to inner realms of one’s psyche.

Dreams of ferryboats can also relate to changes in life circumstances.

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Ferryboat | Dream Interpretation

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(Ferry; Ferryboat; Fireboat; Fishing boat; Ship; Star) In a dream, a fishing boat represents profits and benefits.

To sail on an unknown boat or to pilot a boat or to give orders to sailors who are operating it in a dream means marriage to a woman from a country to which the boat belongs, or it could mean doing business in that land.

To ride on a ferryboat in a dream means receiving God’s benevolence and kindness in crossing over danger.

A boat in a dream also represents one’s relatives. Thus, whatever atmospheric conditions the skies exhibits during the crossing or during a journey by boat, they will manifest in one’s family. In a dream, a fireboat means dispelling anxieties, overcoming distress and adversities.

(Also see Carpenter; Helm; Ship)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Our journey through the seas of life and how we meet the rough and smooth experiences, as with following example.

The dream occurred a few weeks before a break­down centering on the dreamer’s wife leaving him. ‘I am in a large glass boat with my wife.

The sea is very rough and I am afraid the boat will sink’ (Ron D).

Many boat/ship dreams depict something else: a situation we are involved in with other people which is difficult to get out of, such as marriage, business partnership, armed forces. Keel: basic personal strengths. Bows: one’s strength to meet life’s changes. Rudder: sureness about direction in life.

The ship sinking : fear of relationship ending—could be children leaving mother, so the collective ‘boat journey’ has finished; illness; death. Leaving boat but leaving bag on it: lack of identity, alone—perhaps when children have gone or job ended. Lots of small boats: other people’s relationships. Small boat with one other person: one’s relationship with that per­son. Going on a cruise: desiring relationship with others, or to be a pan of other people’s lives. Boat journey by night: classic archetype of searching for one’s roots in life; the journey into the unconscious. Anchored boat: security; stable relationship; opposite of drifting. Motorboat: similar to car, but more sense of isolation or aloneness. Ferryboat: if across a river, death, end of a relationship; transition from one phase of life to another. Disembarking: leaving a phase of life, such as moth­erhood or marriage. Embarking alone: independence or lone­liness. Idioms: burn one’s boats; in the same boat; miss the boat; rock the boat; ships that pass in the night; ship comes in; a tight ship. See submarine. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A ferryboat shows that you will have the opportunity to bring two divided parties together.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary


Gypsy Dream Dictionary


(see also Boat)

(1) This may symbolize moving from one phase of your life to another; or a resolve to leave the past behind for a new and better future.

(2) If the crossing is to a foreign land, the ‘journey5 symbolized may be that of the ego into the unconscious parts of the psyche.

(3) Going across a river or other narrow stretch of water in a ferryboat may symbolize death. (This symbolism occurs in Greek, Egyptian and other mythology.) See also Dead / Death, for literal and figurative understandings.

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