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1- When we are drowning in a dream this usually indicates we are in danger of being overwhelmed by emotions we cannot handle. We are fearful of allowing our emotions free expression. Drowning may also indicate a perceived inability to handle a stressful situation around us at the time of the dream.

2- We have allowed ourselves to be put in a situation over which we have no control. We may be ‘floundering around’ with no way of being able to escape from a difficulty we are in.

3- Drowning symbolises an immersion in the Sea of Life, and therefore a loss of ego.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


(see Animals, River)

Miracles, especially those of providence, as portrayed in the story of Christ and the loaves and fishes.

Determined procreativity. Some fish, like salmon, fight their way against water currents to mate.

According to Edgar Cayce, ugly fish represent evil. Hooking a fish: Seizing a spiritual or personal quality.

Hindus regard fish as representative of charity and timely rescue, especially from the emotional nature.

The first incarnation of Vishnu was a fish that saved humankind from the flood.

In China, this symbolizes prosperity, renewal, and peace.

The word for fish in Chinese is actually a homophone for abundance.

An alternative icon dream, because fish coincide with many savior figures, including those of ancient Babylonia and India.

Among Buddhists, the symbol of separation from desires and attachments.

In Japan, the carp specifically is an emblem of the masculine nature (see Men).

Potentially a play on words that warns against a “fishy” situation.

Seeing yourself fishing indicates a search. Watch your catch, however, as your hook can snag an old shoe as easily as it might the prize you seek!

Casting nets for fish reveals a person who is liable to accept all received information as truth, without discriminating good information from bad (see Webs).

Each type offish can become a distinct symbol within your dream.

For example, a flounder indicates someone who is constantly wavering and unable to make a decisions (e.g., “floundering around”). On the other hand, a piranha reveals a biting personality, or one that is anxious for success at any cost.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Material aspects: Drowning may also indicate a perceived inability to handle a stressful situation around us at the time of the dream. We have been put in a situation over which we have no control. We may be ‘floundering around’ with no way of being able to escape from the difficulty.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


A lighthouse may appear in a dream as a beacon guiding you to safety through dense fog. Bear in mind that a beacon or lighthouse can also indicate a rocky area you should avoid, and therefore contains a warning about the direction in which you are heading. Such a dream may be urging you to rely on your own resources to avoid floundering. For Freud, the lighthouse was, of course, a phallic symbol rising above the maternal symbol of the ocean.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Drowning in deep water suggests floundering in the depths of the unconscious. As with dreams of pursuit or being chased, this dream alerts you to areas of your unconscious that are creating conflict and need to be examined with care.

Falling and jumping in an attempt to escape from hostile pursuers in a dream is a desperate escape mechanism and suggests that you might have more success if you turn at the last minute to face your enemies, having found the strength to confront them. Dreams in which you are trying to run from something or someone but find you cannot—perhaps because your feet are weighed down or stuck in the mud—can be interpreted in much the same way.

Crawling through a narrow space, tunnel or small enclosure, or trying to squeeze through a tiny corridor or hall points to your creative energies struggling to find expression; these are, however, also common-place dreams expressing anxiety about a challenging and imminent event such as a review at work, an examination or even the birth of a new baby. Being chased, not knowing who or what is out there in the darkness, or vainly trying to push through the crowds in a busy bar, street or department store also suggest that certain repressed aspects of your personality, or unexamined aspects of the self, demand to be dealt with. To be trapped in a dream signifies that you feel you are trapped by outside circumstances. To be aware of trapping something or someone is to try to hold onto them, and if you trap a butterfly or animal, you are trying to capture your inner self. Feeling trapped in dreams also suggests an inability to break free from old patterns of thought and behavior without outside help. See also NEGATIVE EMOTIONS.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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