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For a man to dream that he is a fool is good to him who would undertake any business; for fools and madmen do that which comes into their brain.

It is good also for marshals and sheriffs, who would have authority over the people; for they shall have great honor and repute.

It is also good for those who would govern and teach children; for children do willingly follow fools.

It is also good for the poor, for they shall have goods; for fools catch on all sides and all hands.

To the sick it is health, for folly makes men go and come, not sleep and rest.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

Fools | Dream Interpretation

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To dream of one signifies foolishness (Gypsy). An occult symbol of determination to suffer wrongs gayly.... The Fabric of Dream


The Fabric of Dream

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