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worshiping God, Ps. 99:5.

A footstool can also symbolize an enemy being subject to you, Ps. 110:1

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Footstool | Dream Interpretation

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Symbol: The earth is the symbol of creation, “Gods footstool.”

Vision: If you are burying yourself: you are looking for your roots and your past.

If you are looking at black soil: sorrow or grief.

Dreaming of sunbathing suggests that taking a trip to the country will do you a world of good. Dreaming about climbing out from the earth (from a grave?) means either that a crisis in your life is over, or that you are reaching a new level of growth, almost a renewal. Turning over the soil (in your garden, a field, etc.): a reward for your hard work and a steady income. Sitting on the cold ground: pay more attention to your health.

Depth Psychology: The earth is a symbol for becoming and passing; it shows your past and your future.

The earth stands for continuity, modesty, and being grounded, but also for inertia. Which of these applies to you?... Dreamers Dictionary


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