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Quarter: Possible interpretations include: showing mercy or pity to a defeated opponent, giving quarter to them; dividing something into any number of smaller units, quartering it; accommodation, abode, living quarters; something that is in close proximity or being engaged in combat, close quarters.

Half: A half of a circle in your dream may represent being diametrically opposed to something.

If the image of half features strongly, it may also indicate lack of thoroughness, doing things by halves or something carried out to an excessive degree e.g. being too clever by half. Another interpretation suggests something that is incomplete, imperfect, having vague intention, not being fully committed to something or having half a mind to do it. Sharing expenses or ‘going halves’ is another possible interpretation. It may also symbolize the number two, as a third might symbolize the number three, fourth four, fifth five, sixth six and so on.

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To dream of figuring in fractions is a prediction of petty annoyances.

Try to be philosophical; they will pass.

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Fractions | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Fractions


(see by individual number, Clock)

Duration of time: Hours, days, weeks, months, and years before something comes to fruition.

Personally significant numbers like birthdates or anniversaries that engender specific feelings and memories, or accent personal needs.

Counting: Pacing yourself, following a set routine without diverting. Alternatively, the number reached could indicate the number of people or situations you regularly “count on.”

Fractions in dreams represent seeing only part of a greater picture. Before you make a decision here, make sure you get your facts straight and read the fine print.

Xumbers appearing out of sequence portray chaotic undercurrents in life caused by procrastination or the lack of organization.

Upon what do the numbers appear? This object may help interpretation.

For example, numbers on a house may equate to a real address that you know. Numbers on a calendar might be a special date in your life. Those appearing on an odometer might counsel you

to slow down a bit so that you don’t wear out your engine (see Ca?-), and those on a telephone could be a nudge to call someone specific with whom you’ve been avoiding communication.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Material aspects: It may be unusual to be aware of fractions in dreams except in the sense of ‘things half-done’ however, when allowing dreams to help us work through our problems fractions and fragments become much more relevant.

A dream in three parts may give us the information we need.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


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