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Dreams of a franchise represent wealth, expansion and success. You are empowering others to partake of your success and/or perhaps you should consider jumping on the bandwagon of someone else’s success.

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Franchise | Dream Interpretation

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The phallic shape of a banana may suggest the sweetness and power of a mans sexuality. In Hawaiian history, bananas were a forbidden fruit. Women were not allowed to eat bananas, which were to be enjoyed only by male royalty. Thus, bananas are the fruit of abundance for a select few who are worthy of their power.

A banana in a dream may also indicate a woman’s sense of discnfranchisement.

A bruised banana may mean that you feel bruised by a hurtful experience.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


Dreams of a thief symbolize a shadow aspect of you that feels disenfranchised and thinks that it can only be satisfied by using and taking advantage of others. Your fear based thoughts and behaviors are robbing you blind. Also, this dream can also be showing you that you have allowed your power and energy be stolen.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


At the heart of it, a gang is an intimate social structure that provides its members with a sense of community and support. Because of the nefarious behavior often associated with a gang, this symbol is more reflective of the shadow and disowned qualities.

The presence of a gang in a dream indicates a need for support around ideas that may feel scary to consider. Such a dream may show up when you are feeling cut off or disenfranchised.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Terrorists create an enormous amount of death and destruction based on the fundamental belief that they are doing the right thing, usually out of a profound sense of spiritual faith.

If you are feeling disenfranchised, such strong urges can erupt into a violent reaction.

If a terrorist is featured in a dream, be on the lookout for misdirected passions.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


This is an archetypal character aspect that connects you to magic, the occult, and the mysteries of life.

The witch is a creature of relatively modern invention with little, if any, presence in the older mythologies that have shaped Western culture. Today, the witch figures prominently in contemporary fairy tale folklore and is a staple character of Halloween.

The witch no longer heals and ministers to people—now she casts evil spells and eats children. Since this is an archetype, how the witch appears in your dream is important to your understanding of your own personal development.

The areas of life ruled by this archetype are mysticism, healing, and magic, primarily in the feminine principle, which relates to creativity, receptivity, nurturance, and caretaking. Examine your witch for character, skill, and motivation. Her character will inform you of the level of good versus evil within your psyche.

The power of her skills will inform you of your personal access to the magic in the universe. Understanding what inspires her will get you in touch with your own movement toward integration and away from manipulation. Any number of haglike female characters could be considered the witch archetype. Some may in fact be evil, while others may be disenfranchised healers. Given the witch’s origins in mysticism and the history of misunderstandings over the centuries, it is important to consider this duality when interpreting this symbol. Though she may inspire fear and dread, the witch has powerful magic that, if understood and properly used, can be invaluable to the human experience.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

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