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Behavior that is unbecoming.

An outsider, as in Anarchist; broken. Unlikely romance. See Fool.

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To dream of the month of May, denotes prosperous times, and pleasure for the young.

To dream that nature appears freakish, denotes sudden sorrow and disappointment clouding pleasure.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


It refers to oneself, as in the word sorcxehxty. Al­though it includes the totality of our expenence, it seems to be most pointedly referring to our sense of identity. From this sense of ourself we project meaning on to the rest of the world in some degree. Thus many symbols are stylised body forms.

The cross is a standing figure with arms outstretched, a church’s structure a representation of the body, and the mira­cle of sexual reproduction—the mystery enacted within it; a maypole, the penis. Therefore various things can represent our body or aspects of ourself. Seeds, swallowed teeth can be sperm, anything long and pointed, even a linger, can be the penis; anything hairy, a male; anything receptive like a bottle, bowl or cave, a woman or vagina.

A body, or our body, also represents physical life; material existence; the process which causes growth and aging. This includes all the processes of nature in us.

A dead body: our skin or shape is felt as our boundary, the edge of our universe.

The dead body depicts a whole set of personality traits or attitudes, very often potentials, which have been denied life by us. We have not allowed them expression.

A person hun in love might kill out any feelings towards the opposite sex. This ‘dead pan of them can be shown as a body. May also be the way we meet feelings about death. Sickness in body: can refer to an awareness of illness in pan of body shown. Most often depicts psychological problem symbolised by pan of body— see body pans below. Maggots in body: possible need to cleanse body of toxins or infection, sense of dis-ease emotion­ally in that area of self. Iniunes: huns or events that may lead to emotional scars—see body areas below. See dead people dreams; hiding.

Bodiless: Example: lI felt as if I was going very deep inside myself. It was dark but at first there were noises of the world around me. I seemed to go in much deeper and it was very dark, but with the feeling of great space. Everything was all right until I didn’t hear any noise at all, all that space and no noise was too much and my whole body freaked out and then pulled out very fast before I could stop it’ (Kate P).

The ‘noises’ around us, sensory impressions, other people s ex­pressed feelings and actions, are building bricks for our sense of self. In a real sense we create each other by believing in each other. With prolonged absence of other people and events, and especially if we lose our noises’ and body aware­ness, we feel we—our sense of identity—is dying. Bodiless- ness may therefore show us feeling unrecognised, unnoticed. May also be feelings of loneliness; being cut off from sexuality and body drives. In its positive side it is exploration of the unconscious and void. See identity and dreams.

If you are right handed, the left of the body: represents inner feelings which support outer action, such as confidence, our less used or supportive functions.

If we are an intellectual, the left might depict one’s feelings, and vice versa.

The left may represent our mother’s influence in our life and body.

The right of the body: our outer activity and dominant func­tions; expressed abilities; our father’s influence in life and body.

If father is an anxious man there might be a lot more signs of stress on this side of the body. Top half of body: thinking, feeling. Bottom half: sexuality and instincts. Half a body: if top missing, lack of thinking and higher emotion; if bottom, trauma to, loss or denial of, sexuality and sensuality. Old head on baby body: immature sexuality and emotions; vice versa: immature personality. Dismembered body: emo­tional or mental stress and breakdown; may be followed by emergence of new self.

The areas of our body are sometimes thought of as sense organs. This may seem strange but is very simple. Without language, communication would be difficult. So language en­ables us to sense what another being is communicating.

If we had been castrated or had a hysterectomy prior to adoles­cence, we would never develop sexually. Without that devel­opment we would not understand two kissing people; or what a mother was feeling when she held her baby. Out of the sex drive develops a whole world of feelings and tenderness which enables us to understand many things we see in the world.

It is therefore important when reading the particular de­scriptions below to remember that each psychological area of our body gives us some insight into ourself and life around us, which is missing if the area is injured or traumatised. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


To dream that you are at the carnival signifies deceit and misrepresentation.

If you are watching ‘freak shows’ then you have a lack of peace and fulfillment within your home life. Sadness will be coming to parts of your life that were once happy and content.

To dream about being on a carnival ride indicates that you are traveling in loops. It could also represent simple enjoyment; the kind that leave no lasting impression.

To dream that you have run away with a carnival represents that you will have close ties or will be involved with the entertainment industry in some manner.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


If you are in the midst of a carnival and you see unusual, and freakish, sights you will experience much discord at home, and if you also have a feeling of sorrow in the midst of all the laughter this portends a divorce.

To join in a carnival and enjoy yourself shows that you will be treated to some unusual entertainment in the near future.... Encyclopedia of Dreams


Encyclopedia of Dreams


Dreams of a circus represent your unconscious desire to connect with or express aspects of your genius that you deem freakish. Perhaps you are afraid people will judge you for being over the top if you truly express your uniqueness. See Animal and Circus.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Standing outside a circus tent waiting to get in indicates strange but exciting events ahead.

If the weather is good, this indicates positive developments, but if the weather is stormy, you may be on the verge of moving from one difficult situation to one that’s even more confusing.

If you are inside the circus tent, watching the show or actually participating in it, then you may have too many things going on in your life at once - as in the simile, “like a three-ring circus.”

Dreaming of a freak show hints that bizarre events and weird people will complicate your life if you don’t take steps to prevent or resolve them.... Dream Explanations of Astro Center


Dream Explanations of Astro Center


To dream that you are at the carnival, represents lies and deception.

If you observe freakish sights, there is a lack of harmony in your family life.

To dream that you are on a carnival ride, suggests that you are going in circles in your life. It may also symbolize cheap thrills.

If you dream that you run away with the carnival, you will be involved the entertainment field one day.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


To dream that you are at the circus, represents lies and deception.

If you observe freakish sights, there is a lack of harmony in your family life.

To dream that you are on a ride at the circus, or are riding an animal, suggests that you are going in circles in your life. It may also symbolize cheap thrills.

If you dream that you run away with the circus,, you will be involved the entertainment field one day.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


You are dreaming of running away from your responsibilities in life. Any form of entertainment must be considered symbolically as connecting to escapism. With a circus, the additional texture of enormity must be added. This symbol contains a surreal element as well, as exemplified by the strangeness of clowns and the oddities of the sideshow. Additionally, the circus has a reputation of catering to those on the fringes of society, a closed community that is secularized from the rest of the world.

The mythology that surrounds the circus is that it is a place where freaks, outsiders, and loners can find a home. In this way, the meaning of escapism also includes a fantasy element in which someone can literally escape the mundane world by running away with the circus.

If you were an audience member in the dream, then escapism should be the main theme of your interpretation.

If you were performing in a circus, you may be expressing some inner pull toward grandiose expressions of your sense of individuality and originality.

If you were more connected to what was going on behind the scenes and the community of performers, look to where in your life you may be seeking agreement from like-minded people in a realm that is off the beaten path.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


To dream that you slip or that you make a slip of the tongue suggests that you are doing things you do not really want to do, or saying things you do not really mean.

If you stumble but do not fall, it may suggest that you will meet obstacles but will be able to surmount them.

If you fall, obstacles may lie in your path in waking life and you need to find a way to work round them. Trying in vain to climb a slippery slope suggests you may have taken on more than you can cope with, and are in danger of backsliding under the pressure. It could also be a warning against being a control freak; you cannot control everything and everyone, and need to show more regard for the views of others. To dream that you trip up or stumble indicates that something is out of control in your waking life and you need to deal with it. Things are not going as smoothly as you want, as you are faced with minor obstacles. It could also indicate social awkwardness; perhaps you are worried you might get off on the wrong foot. Does your self esteem need a boost, or are you simply not looking where you are going?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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