The meaning of Freight in dream | Dream interpretation

Excess baggage or trips you do not need.

A lot of freight means you are trying to carry too heavy a load.

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Whether your dream featured freight standing in a yard, being handled, being transported by train or truck, or even if you only observed a freight train passing, you may expect an improvement in your working or business conditions.

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Dreams of a freight can represent abundance and that your ship has come in.

A freight can also represent all of the baggage you’ve acquired in your life, and that perhaps it is time to take stock of that which weighs you down and that which supports your journey. Perhaps you are evaluating the emotional baggage you’ve inherited and realizing that it is time to lighten your load.

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1. Weight, a burden or obligation, usually emotional.

2. A feeling that positive change is in the offing, often in profes­sional or business affairs.

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Freight | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Freight


To see a train of cars moving in your dreams, you will soon have cause to make a journey.

To be on a train and it appears to move smoothly along, though there is no track, denotes that you will be much worried over some affair which will eventually prove a source of profit to you.

To see freight trains in your dreams, is an omen of changes which will tend to your elevation.

To find yourself, in a dream, on top of a sleeping car, denotes you will make a journey with an unpleasant companion, with whom you will spend money and time that could be used in a more profitable and congenial way, and whom you will seek to avoid. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


To see a train going by is a sign of missed opportunity To be riding on a train means you will achieve goals even though you don’t work especially hard towards them.

A freight train is indicative of manual labor, while a passenger train points to mental work. See also Engine.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary


Gypsy Dream Dictionary


(See also Motor Cars), Street cars, either seen or ridden on, are an omen of petty annoyances that will come largely from your own fault.

To dream of going to bed in a sleeping-car is an augury of achievement after much difficulty.

Freight cars denote an increase in your possessions without any satisfaction therefrom.

Riding in an ordinary car on a railroad train presages a trip that wiU fail to bring you pleasure.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book


If in the engine, tremendous power to accomplish your goals.

If a passenger train you are carrying many people, pulling them along, which may be an unnecessary weight.

If freight train, you are moving with a heavy load. See Passenger.... The Dream Books Symbols


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