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If you dream of your genitals, this most likely represents your feelings and attitudes towards sex, and towards your femininity or masculinity. To see an exceptionally large or small penis suggests doubts and anxieties about your sexual drive and libido. For a man, a penis represents not just sex, but the whole drive of life, and his self-expression and capability in the world. In a woman’s dream, the penis represents desire for a partner as well as a relationship to socalled male characteristics, such as ambition and aggression.

If the penis is bleeding, this suggests emotional hurts that are inhibiting libido and self- expression. Testicles in a dream depict the male sexual drive, so loss of testicles, or small testicles in a man’s dream, could suggest anxiety about sexual performance with a woman. In a woman’s dream, testicles could indicate her feelings about sex with a man or what she is doing to the man in herself.

Dreams of a vagina are more to do with self-image. In a woman’s dream, a vagina represents her receptivity, her nurturing feelings, her desire for a mate and the sense of connection with other women. In a man’s dream, it highlights his need to thrust forward both physically and mentally.

If the vagina is bleeding, this suggests fears about sexuality and femininity. See also SEX.

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This is a rather straightforward indication of your sexual attitudes and/or feelings, as follows:

To dream of your own or other sex organs being healthily normal signifies a satisfactory love life.

A dream of diseased sex organs is telling you that you are either overdoing it or being dangerously promiscuous.

Deformed sex organs in a dream are another form of warning against over- indulgence.

Unusual sex organs are a sign of underindulgence and a little initiative might be a good idea.

A dream which featured exposing the sex organs indicates that you are on the verge of being dangerously sex-starved and professional advice would be useful.

To dream of pain in the genitals suggests you should see your doctor.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

This is an obvious sexual dream which brings out your attitudes and concerns in regard to your sexuality.

If you are feeling guilty, stressed or concerned about your sexual activities (or a lack of them), they will be reinforced in these explicit dreams containing sexual organs.

If you are dreaming about the sexual organs of other people, you may be concerned about their sexuality or other troubling issues that are surrounding them. Dreaming about sexual organs usually has something to do with sex --BUT not necessarily, so consider all the details.

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also see Body

1- To dream of our own genitals has a direct reference to our own sexuality.

To dream of being mutilated could refer to cither past or present abuse.

2- Dreaming of someone else’s genitals cither indicates our involvement with that person’s sexuality, or. if of the opposite sex, our need to understand the hidden side of ourselves.

3- Our awareness of the physical self” within a spiritual framework.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

Dreams about genitals represent sexuality, reproduction, life force, sexual feelings, desire, vulnerability, mating, and pleasure.

If you dream of the genitals of someone that you are attracted to, then this dream represents your connection to them and desire for a more intimate exchange. However, if you dream of seeing the genitals of someone you don’t like or are unattracted to, then this dream may be helping you to process or vent out a traumatic sexual experience. See Penis, Vagina, Testes, Ovaries and Sex.

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Attitude toward sexual activities: puritanical, open, etc.

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While many common objects can symbolize genitals in dreams, a dream that includes one’s genitals is usually referring to the sexual side of life. Exactly what is being said about one’s sexuality is a function of what happens in the dream, and whether the dreamer feels pleasure, pain, guilt, or some other emotion. (See also Penis.)

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

To dream of your genitals indicates your opinions and attitudes toward sex, sexuality, masculinity, and femininity. This dream can also indicate potential difficulties you may have with faithfulness and/or satisfaction.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth

Represents one’s ability to produce or create a new beginning; research details; see “baby”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

Direct reference to sexual aspect of self. See penis and vagina under body; castration.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

Genitals | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Genitals


1. Surprising gifts are on their way.

2. Renewal, fertility. Transformation and growth, indicating a period of change. Difficulty accepting situations or individuals for what they are (as in “to change a frog into a prince”).

5. Male genitals. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


1. Qualities of the jewel: permanence, luster, incorruptibility.

2. Unhappy affairs.

3. Woman’s genitals. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


1. Social skills, resources.

2. A symbol of domestic bal­ance, contentment.

3. Slang for male genitals. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


(Castor; Civet cat; Afatty substance with a musklike scent which is secreted by a gland near the genitals of a civet, a deer or a beaver. This substance is also used in making perfumes.) In a dream, a civet represents honorable profits or valuable properties, botanical gardens, a school from which one can acquire knowledge and draw benefits, or a business from which one can make profits, or it could mean a profitable leather trade.

If one prepares the civet on fire in the dream, it means that he is preparing amber perfume, musk or aloe perfume that is extracted from an aromatic heartwood of the mezereum tree family.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


From our family we leam most of the positive and negative patterns of relationship and attitudes towards living, which we carry into daily events. Father’s uncertainty in deal­ing with people, or his anxiety in meeting change, may be the roots of our own difficulties in those areas.

If our mother is unable to develop a feeling contact with us, we may lack the confidence to meet our emotions.

Our maturation as a man or woman calls us in some way to meet and integrate our childhood desire, which includes sexual desire for our parent of the opposite sex, and rivalry with, mingled with dependence on, the parent of the same sex. Even a missing parent, the mother or father who died or left, is a potent figure internally.

An absence of a father’s or mother’s love or presence can be as traumatic as any power­fully injuring event. Our parents in our dreams are the image (full of power and feeling) of the formative forces and experi­ences of our identity. They are the ground, the soil, the bloody carnage, out of which our sense of self emerged. But our iden­tity cannot gain any real independence while still dominated by these internal forces of our creation. Heraclitus said we cannot swim in the same river twice; attempting to repeat or compete with the vinues of a parent is a misapprehension of the true nature of our own personality. Sec individuation.

Family group: The whole background of experience which makes up our values and views. This background is made up of thousands of different obvious and subtle things such as social status; amount of books in the home; how parents feel about themselves; how they relate to life outside the family; whether dominant roles are encouraged; what nationality par­ents are; what unconscious social attitudes surround the fam­ily (i.e. the master and servant, or dominating employer and subservient employee, roles which typified England at the turn of the century still colour many attitudes in the UK). Simply put, it is our internal ‘family’ of urges and values; the overall feeling tone of our family life—security, domination, whatever it was, the unconscious coping patterns of the fam­ily.

Parents together in dream: our general wisdom, back­ground of information and experience from which we make important decisions or gain intuitive insights. Parents also de­pict the rules and often irrational disciplinary codes we learnt as a child which still speak to us from within, and perhaps pass on to our own children without reassessment. These in­clude everything from ‘Don’t speak with your mouth full’ to the unspoken Masturbation is unholy/

Dead parent in dream: the beginning of independence from parent; repression of the emotions they engendered in us, our emotions regarding our parent’s death; feelings about death. See dead people dreams.

Example: ‘My father was giving me and another woman some medicine. Something was being forced on us. I started to hit and punch him in the genitals and, when he was facing the other way, in the backside. I seemed to be just the right height to do this and I had a very angry feeling that I wanted to hurt him as he had hurt me’ (Audrey V). Hurting, burying , killing parent: in the example Audrey’s height shows her as a child. She is releasing anger about the attitudes and situations her father forced down her throat’.

To be free of the intro­verted restraints and ready made values gathered from our parents, at some time in our growth we may kill or bury them. Although some people arc shocked by such dreams, they are healthy signs of emerging independence. Old myths of killing the chief so the tribe can have a new leader depict this pro­cess. When father or mother are dead’ in our dream, we can inherit all the power gained from whatever was positive in the relationship. Seeing parent drunk, incapable, foolish: another means of gaining independence from internalised values or stultifying drives to ‘honour’ or admire father or mother.


Generally positive: authority; ability in the external world; family or social conventions, how we relate to the ‘doer’ in us; physical strength and protectiveness; the will to be. Generally negative: introvened aggression; dominance by fear of other people’s authority, uncaring sexual drive; feelings of not being loved. See father under archetypes; man.


Generally positive: feelings; ability in relationships; uniting spirit of family; how we relate to feelings in a relation­ship; strength to give of self and nunure; intuition. Generally negative: will based on irrational likes and dislikes; opinion generated by anxiety or jealousy; domination by emotions; lack of bonding. See Great Mother under archetypes; woman.

siblings and children

Whether brother, sister, daughter or son (see below in this entry), the most general use in our dreams is to depict an aspect of ourself. However it is almost universal to believe with great conviction that our dream is about the person in our dream.

A mother seeing a son die in her dream often goes through great anxiety because there lurks in her a sense of it being a precognitive dream. Vinually everyone at some time dreams about members of their close family dying or being killed—lots of mothers dream this, and their chil­dren live till 80. But occasionally children do die. Is the dream then precognitive, or is it coincidental?

Example: ‘I was walking along a rather dusty track carrying my younger son who would be around 10 months old and I was feeling rather tired. Suddenly I met a man who stopped to talk to me and commented I looked rather weary carrying the baby. He said, come with me and look over this wall and you will see such a sight that will gladden your hean. By standing on tiptoe I could just see over the wall and the sight I beheld took my breath away, it was so beautiful’ (Johan E). Here Johan’s son depicts the weight of responsibility she feels.

The beauty is her own resources of strength in motherhood.

Example: ‘I have just given binh to twins and they lay on the floor. We started to care for them. My mother took them to the doctor for his advice while I went to see my married sister who has two children. I met them there with the twins so that my sister could give her opinion on the babies. She had recent experience of childbirth and could tell us if the babies were good specimens’ (Miss E). Miss E has no children of her own, so she is uncertain of her own capacity to have and raise them.

The mother depicts her own mothering abilities, which seek confidence from an authority figure. Her sister is her own nearest experience of childbirth. So out of what she has leamt from observing her sister, she is assessing her own qualities.

Most often the family member depicts the qualities in our­self which we feel are part of the character of the person dreamt of. So the passionate one in the family would depict our passions; the intellectual one our own mind, the anxious one our hesitations. Use the questions in dream processing to define this. Having done this, can you observe what the dream depicts? For Miss E it would be questions regarding mother­hood.

Example: ‘My daughter told me the only positive part of my work in a helping profession was with a woman who had turned from it to religion. There followed a long and powerful interchange in which I said she had as yet no mind of her own. She was dominated by her mother’s anxiety, and the medical rationalism of her training. When she had dared to step beyond her own anxieties to integrate the lessons of her own life, then I would listen again’ (Desmond S). Desmond was divorced and struggling with his own pain and guilt about leaving his daughter while still a teenager. His daughter de­picts this conflict between his feelings and his rational self.


Oneself, or the denied pan of self, meeting whatever is met in the dream; feelings of kinship; sense of rivalry, feel­ings about a brother. Woman’s dream, younger brother: out­going but vulnerable self; rivalry. Woman’s dream, older brother, authority, one’s capable outgoing self. Man’s dream, younger brother: vulnerable feelings; oneself at that age. Man’s dream, older brother: experience; authority, feelings of persecution. See boy; man. Idioms: big brother, brothers in arms; blood brother.


Feeling self, or the lesser expressed pan of self; rival; feelings about a sister. Man s dream, younger sister: vulnera­ble emotions; rival for love of parents. Man’s dream, older sister: capable feeling self; feelings of persecution. Woman’s dream , younger sister: one’s experiences at that age; vulnera­ble feelings, rival for parents’ love. Woman’s dream, older sister: capable feeling self. See girl; woman. Idioms: sisters under the skin.


One’s relationship with the daughter, the daughter, or son, can represent what happens in a marnage between husband and wife.

The child is what has arisen from the bonding, however momentary, of two people. In dreams the child therefore is sometimes used to depict how the relation­ship is faring. So a sick daughter might show the feelings in the relationship being ‘ill’.

In a mother’s dream: often feelings of suppon or compan­ionship; feelings of not being alone in the area of emotional bonds; or one’s feeling area; responsibility; the ties of parent­hood; oneself at that age; one’s own urges, difficulties, hurts, which may still be operative. Also a comparison; the mother might see the daughter’s youth, opportunity, and have feelings about that. So the daughter may represent her sense of lost opportunity and youth—even envy, competition in getting the desire of a man.

In a father’s dream: one’s feeling self, the feelings or diffi­culties about the relationship with daughter; the struggles one’s own feeling self goes through to mature, how the sexual feelings are dealt with in a family—occurs especially when she starts courting; sister, parental responsibility; one’s wife when younger. Someone else’s daughter: feelings about one’s own daughter, feelings about younger women.

Example: 1 am standing outside a supermarket with heavy bags wearing my mac, though the sun is warm. My daughter and two friends are playing music and everyone stops to lis­ten. I start to wnte a song for them, but they pack up and go on a bus whilst I am still writing. I am left alone at the bus stop with my heavy burden of shopping, feeling incredibly unwanted’ (Mrs F). Such dreams of the daughter becoming independent can occur as soon as the child starts school, per­sisting until the mother finds a new attitude. See child; woman.


Extroverted self; desires connected with self expression; feelings connected with son; parental responsibility. Mother’s dream: one’s ambitions; potential, hopes; your marriage—see example.

Example: ‘My wife and I were walking out in the country­side. I looked around suddenly and saw my four-year-old son near a hole. He fell in and I raced back.

The hole was narrow but very deep. I could see water at the bottom but no sign of my son. I didn’t know whether I could leap down and save him or whether it was too narrow. Then somehow he was out. His heart was just beating’ (Richard H). Richard had argued with his wife in such a way he feared the stability of their marriage.

The son represents what they had created together —a child, a marriage.

The marriage survived, as his dream self-assessed it would. Death of son: a mother often kills off her son in her dreams as she sees him make moves towards independence. This can happen from the first day of school on. Example: T am on a very high bridge over an extremely wide and deep river with steep banks. My son does a double somersault over the railing, falls into the water. I think he is showing off. I am unable to save him. My son is 18 and has staned a structural engineering course at university’ (Joyce H).

The showing-off suggests Joyce feels her son is doing daring things with his life, and the relationship in its old form dies.

Father’s dream: yourself at that age; what qualities you see in your son; your own possibilities, envy of youth and oppor­tunities; nvalry. Someone else’s son: feelings about one’s own son; feelings about younger men. Dead son: see dead people dreams. Sec boy. See also man; first example in falling.


Depicts how you see the relationship with your wife; your relationship with your sexuality; sexual and emotional desire and pleasure; how you relate to intimacy in body, mind and spirit; your feeling, intuitive nature; habits of relationship developed with one’s mother. Example: ‘My wife was trying to get me out of her life, and out of the house. It was as if she were attempting to push me into a feeling of tension and rejection which would make me leave’ (David P). Out of childhood experience, in which his mother repeatedly threat­ened to give him away, David was finding it difficult to com­mit himself emotionally to his wife. In the dream his wife represents these feelings, so he sees her—his anxiety and pain —pushing him to break up the marriage.

Example: I was standing with my wife at the end of the garden of the house I lived in as a child. We were looking over the fence to the rising meadow beyond. She said, “Look at that bird in the tree there.” On our right, in a small ash tree, an enormous owl perched. It was at least 4 feet high, the biggest bird I have ever seen. I recognised it in the dream as a greater hooded owl, which was not native to our country. I was so excited I ran into the house to telephone someone— zoo, police, newspapers?—to tell them about the bird. I can­not remember contacting anyone, but felt the bird was there in some way to meet me. Also it was hungry and looking at next door’s bantams. So I wondered what I could give it to eat’ (David P). This shows the positive side of David’s rela­tionship with his wife.

The garden is the boundanes which arose from his childhood. But he is growing—the garden— and looking beyond them in connection with his marnage.

The amazing bird is the deep feelings he touches because he has a mate, like any other natural creature. Out of his mating he becomes aware of drives to build a home—nest—and give himself to his mate. These are natural and are a pan of his unconscious or spiritual nature.

The bird is a hooded owl which can see in the dark—the unconscious—because David is realising things he had never seen’ before.

The bird is masked, meaning putting the ego aside, which is a necessity for touching the wider dimension of life or the unconscious.

The hunger of the bird shows an intimate detail of what David has learnt from his wife. She had been working as a waitress and bringing home pieces of chicken for him, saved from her own meal.

The spiritual side of David wants to develop this quality of selfgiving, which his wife’s love had helped him see.

Example: ‘1 have been a widower since January 1979, hav­ing married in October 1941. I continually dream I am in London where my business was. I am walking the streets with my wife and suddenly I see her ahead of me in a yellow raincoat and hat. I call her and try to catch up, but suddenly she vanishes. In spite of calling and searching I cannot find her’ (Douglas G). This is a common theme dreamt by widow­ers or widows, disappearance of spouse. Douglas has ‘lost’ his wife. His dream shows the paradox of love after death of panner. His love is still there, years after her death. He is possibly still trying to love his wife as an externally real per­son. so his feelings can make no connection.

To meet what actually remains of his wife, within himself, he would need to face his own internal grieving, emotions, and all the feelings, memories, angers and beauty which make up the living re­mains of his wife within him. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Example:4I was outdoors in my underpants teaching a group of people. Looking down I saw my genitals were exposed and I had female organs. I felt OK’ (Bill S). Although Bill works in the building trade, he finds it easy to cook, look after his children, cry, and accept his ‘female’ char­acteristics. Being both sexes: might also suggest feeling uncer­tain about our own gender, or having problems in the role of our own sex. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Fruits of experience or effort and what emerges from them. Soft, luscious fruits such as fig or peach may represent female genitals. Long fruit such as banana may depict male sexuality. Apple: temptation; breast. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


The head, as opposed to south, the genitals; uncon­sciousness; coldness, suggesting a situation which leads us to seek the light and warmth; death, frozen emotions. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Either a positive symbol that refers to new possibilities, or a hint that we are resisting maturity and completion.

The child represents the essential in us that we want to see mature. We are supposed to tell the truth (“children and fools speak the truth”) and be less complicated (“if you become like children...”).

If women dream about a child, it is usually because they are longing to have one, or that they are looking for something new, meaning a change in lifestyle is about to happen.

Also a symbol of the prime of life and continuity.

A sick child points to emotional difficulties. Pay attention to what attitude the child has in the dream! These attitudes want to be supported and made conscious.

According to Freud, the child may represent self- regression or one’s own genitals (“my little one,” my penis).

It is still true today that regressive tendencies are involved when an adult dreams about a child.

However, we ought not to dismiss Freud’s belief that “reclaiming one’s own childlike simplicity” can also be a positive process that allows us in later years to become lively and even revive a sense of eroticism.

The symbol of the child appearing in a dream is always connected to vitality, the joy of life, and also sexuality.

Folklore: Growing family.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Protection, defense, and isolation.

The type of coat indicates the type of protection.

According to Freud, the coat also stands for a condom, and it is also a symbol for the genitals.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Traditional symbol for emotions (“Say it with flowers”). Beauty and fertility. Growing and fading away, like life. Expectations of and hope for love and relationships. Important is the type and the color of the flower. Red roses point to sexual love, white roses and other flowers point to innocence, blue flowers to the strength of the soul and emotions. Snowdrops point to overcoming the cold of winter, asters to autumn and death. Picking flowers is considered a symbol of sexual experience.

In the Middle Ages, flowers with broken stems meant sexual intercourse. In India, in dream interpretations, the flower is the symbol of the highest pleasure. In Freud’s dream interpretations, the flower is dealt with extensively and symbolizes women, tenderness, female genitals and genitals in general, as in Blossoms (see Anais Nin’s The Delta of Venus).

According to C. G. Jung, flowers represent emotions / feelings.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Its obvious meaning concerns sexuality. On the other hand, every actual sexual image points to the present situation of the dreamer. Often other energies, like love or fear, power and money express themselves in the form of sexual symbols. Freud makes a very clear distinction between genital sexuality and general sexuality. On one hand, he took a broader view: “First, sexuality is freed from a much too narrow connection to the genitals and seen in a much wider sense as a pleasure-seeking bodily function, which is only secondarily put to the service of procreation. Secondly,” Freud continues in his Self Portrait, “sexual stirrings are all those merely tender and friendly emotions for which our language coined the many-faceted word 4Love.”’ What this means is that, for Freud, sexuality is pleasure-seeking, all-encompassing, and expressed by the whole body, internally and externally. He was of the opinion that sexual urges and the tender feelings of love are connected and that one part is not to be withheld at the expense of the other. In that sense it is a question of “separating sexuality from the genitals,” of sensuality, of saying goodbye to the notion of “always searching for one part only,” when so much more is worth having. At the same time, Freud emphasizes the difference between general, unorganized sexuality and genital sexuality.

It is only in the genital phase that “the full expression” of all drives / urges (and not only part of them) is achieved. See Erection, Intercourse, Sexuality.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Something needs to be smoothed out. Vanity. According to Freud, male genitals.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


See Container, Suitcase. Indicates the ability to carry a load and, if necessary, the ability to take action.

It is a symbol of that which we carry around with us (purse, attache case, etc.), that which we own.

It is also a symbol of what we are made of (what is in our pockets symbolizes what is in ourselves—what moves us—because the pocket is inside our clothes).

According to Freud, female genitals.

The apron pocket, according to Jung, is the “pocket” the woman or girl carries within her body. In the case of a man or a boy, the pocket refers to the region from which sexual desires arise.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


See Brother, Sister. All are different parts of self. According to Freud, this is very often a symbol for genitals. Older siblings, according to Jung, point to more developed parts of the self, that which is wanted and admired.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Domesticity in all its different meanings. Sluggishness and insecurity.

According to Freud, female genitals. See Shoe.

Folklore: A small gesture of friendliness is royally rewarded.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Indicates male and female productivity (also seen as a symbol of male and female genitals). Symbolic expression of creativity. Often points to the dreamer feeling small.

The position of the thumb can mean life or death, as in the fights of gladiators in ancient Rome. According to Freud, sexual urges.

Folklore: Obstacles are in the way.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


1- Everyone has a fascination for horoscopes, without necessarily understanding the significance of the zodiac wheel.

It is often only when we begin the journey of self- discovery that images and symbols from the zodiac will appear in dreams. Frequently, the animal or creature associated with our own star sign will appear, almost as a reminder of basic principles.

The way we deal with that image will give us insight into how we really feel about ourselves.

2- The zodiac wheel is symbolic of our relationship with the universe. Sometimes the signs of the zodiac arc used in dreams to demonstrate time or time passing, and also suggest courses of action we might take.

For instance, if we dreamt of a girl riding a goat we might have to seek perfection (Virgo) through tenacity (Capricorn). Each sign also rules a particular part of the body; and often a dream alerts us to a possible imbalance.

3- The spheres of influence as described below are;


The symbol is the Ram and it governs the head.

The colour associated with the sign is red; its specific gemstones are amethyst and diamond.


The symbol is the Bull and it governs the throat.

The colours associated with the sign are blue and pink; its specific gem- stones are moss agate and emerald. Gemini The symbol is the Twins (often shown as masculine and feminine) and it governs the shoulders, arms and hands.

The colour associated with the sign is yellow; its specific gemstones are agate and beryl.


The symbol is the Crab and it governs the stomach and higher organs of digestion.

The colours associated with the sign are either violet or emerald green: its specific gemstones are moonstones and pearls. Leo The symbol is the Lion and it governs the heart, lungs and liver.

The colours associated with the sign are gold and orange; its specific gemstones are topaz and tourmaline.


The symbol is the Virgin and it governs the abdomen and intestines.

The colours associated with the sign are grey and navy blue; its specific gemstones arc pink jasper and jade.


The symbol is the Scales and it governs the lumbar region, kidneys and skin.

The colours associated with the sign arc blue and violet; its specific gemstones are opal and lapis lazuli. Scorpio “I’he symbol is the Scorpion and it governs the genitals.

The colours associated with the sign are deep red and purple; its specific gemstones are turquoise and ruby.


I’he symbol is the Archer and it governs the hips, thighs and nervous system.

The colours associated with the sign are light blue and orange; its specific gemstones are carbuncle and amethyst.


I’he symbol is the Goat and it governs the knees.

The colours associated with the sign are violet and green: its specific gemstones are jet and black onyx.


The symbol is the Water-Bearer and it governs the circulation and ankles.

The colour associated with the sign is clcctric blue; its specific gemstones are garnet and zircon.


‘I’he symbol is The Fishes and it governs the feet and toes. I’he colour associated with the sign arc sea-green and mauve; its specific gemstones are coral and chrysolite.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Unfolding a napkin may comment that you are preparing to receive nourishment or something good.

For a man, it may also comment that you may need to protect your genitals from a smothering mother type.

A napkin may also simply reflect neatness or tidiness.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


To dream of seeing or being bitten by a snake implies that you are afraid and anxious about some issue in your life. Perhaps this dream is suggesting that you should be aware of a pending situation that may cause you harm.

The snake can also represent the male genitals and may be warning you against entering into a certain sexual encounter.

The snake can also represent someone in your life who is heartless, cruel, and treacherous. On a more optimistic note, the snake symbolizes intelligence, change, and understanding. It implies revitalization of the spirit and alterations in life.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


The symbol is the scorpion and it governs the genitals.

The colours associated with the sign are deep red and purple; its specific gemstones are turquoise and ruby.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


A cave, being womb-likc, may carry feminine symbolism.

(1) For Freudians, a cave represents the female genitals.

(2) It may also represent your mother; or your anima, if you are a man (for anima, see Brother / Sister sections (4)-(6)).

(3) A cave may represent a womb, a place of conception or birth. (It is a hollow place in Mother Earth. A Renaissance painting depicts the conception of Jesus in a cave, with a flash of lightning as the fertilizing agent. Here we see the almost universal symbolism of sky = father, earth = mother.)

The conception or birth represented in your dream may not be a physical one. Metaphorically, a ‘pregnant5 situation is one that may ‘give birth1 to something new, a new order of things. So it may be that something new is coming to birth - or trving to come to birth, if onlv the conscious ego will let it.

(4) A cave may symbolize the unconscious. Wordsworth (‘Prelude1, Book III, lines 246—7) speaks of‘Caverns... within my mind which sun / Could never penetrate1. The unconscious lies beyond consciousness (of which the sun is a symbol) and is therefore ‘dark1 and possibly frightening. But we can allow the light of consciousness to penetrate the unconscious. Rock suggests permanence and antiquin’. Similarly, the unconscious is a much more ancient part of the human psvchc than intellect, much closer to the source of things.

(5) If, in your dream, there is someone in the cave, it may be that he or she is a Wise Old Man / Woman figure see Wise Old Man / Woman), a personification of the wisdom contained in the unconscious. Perhaps he or she will let you into the secret of your ‘destiny5, or uncover for you the causes of whatever is troubling you or spoiling your life.

(6) There mav be a fierce-looking monster, snake or dragon in the cave. There may be treasure there, too, guarded by the monster.

If so, the treasure is voursclf - your true self - or the key that will unlock the secret of life for you. First of all, though, you must overcome your fear of the unconscious (the frightening monster). The terrifying thing in your unconscious may be some traumatic childhood experience that, being unbearable, was repressed - banished from consciousness. Like St George, vou have to slay the dragon, overcome your fear of the unconscious, learn to trust it and let it sene you (which is what it is there for). See also Monster, Treasure

(7) It may be that the cave in your dream represents a hiding-place, a refuge from life’s problems.

If so, there will be other features of your dream(s) pointing towards this interpretation.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) In asking you to look at your feet, vour dream may be asking you to take a fresh look at the direction of vour life, or its lack of direction.

(2) Feet moving backwards may mean that, in real life, you are not making progress — not growing as a person - but are (in danger of)


regressing to an earlier stage. For feet moving to right or left, or clockwise or anticlockwise, see Anticlockwise, Clockwise, Left, Right / Left.

(3) Feet may symbolize what your life is based on. Perhaps the dream is urging you to take a critical look at your fundamental attitudes and values.

(4) Feet may symbolize contact with Nature, including instinctual drives and instinctive wisdom. Feet are at the opposite ends of the body to the head, which symbolizes intellectuality and fantasizing. Intellectuals typically have difficulty in assimilating the instinctive wisdom of their unconscious, but desperately need what the unconscious has to offer: without it they are lopsided (or top-heavy, if you will). Keep vour feet on the ground and your head in the air? No, that means a split in the psyche. Rather, keep your head in your feet!

(5) A foot or feet may symbolize male or female genitals. (Freud says that the foot resembles genitalia in having a strong smell and, although in adult life we may find such pungent body smells disagreeable, in childhood they fascinated us.)... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) This may be a sexual symbol, representing male genitals. As such it would appear in a woman’s dreams and might express fear of sex, or an ambivalent fear-fascination feeling towards it.

(2) The frog may symbolize the unconscious, or some part or function of the psyche that still lies buried in your unconscious, perhaps something you find horrifying or disgusting because of some traumatic experiences that gave rise to anxiety and / or guilt-feelings.

(3) Perhaps the frog in your dream comes from the story of the Frog- Prince. In the story a young woman is visited in her bed by a frog. At first, the girl is horrified and pushes the frog away. On the third night, however, she relents, and in the ensuing embrace the frog is transformed into a handsome prince.

Ernest Jones, a follower and biographer of Freud, says this is a story of a virgin overcoming her sexual fear.

For Joseph Campbell, an authority on mythology and a Jungian, the frog in the story symbolizes the unconscious, which at first sight is frightening but, when assimilated by the conscious ego, reveals itself for what it is - the total psyche, beautiful and true.

One might add that in both these interpretations what brings about the psychic transformation is a sexual embrace, but in the second

interpretation it is an inner embrace, an intermingling and mutual penetration of the masculine and feminine sides of your psyche. (For anima / animus, see Brother / Sister, section (4))... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) Fruit may symbolize something that is offering you refreshment or new life, new kinds of fulfilment.

(2) As the product of a process of development, fruit may symbolize your true self, the product of a process of integrating into your consciousness more and more of the contents of your unconscious. In the dream, are you reaching out for this fruit?

(3) Some fruits, by virtue of their shape or juiciness, may symbolize male or female genitals - for example, a fig (male or female genitals) or banana (penis). Eating such fruits may symbolize sexual pleasure. See also Eating, section (1).... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) A hat may be a sexual symbol, representing male or female genitals.

(2) According to what sort of hat it is, it may represent a particular quality, role or lifestyle. Changing hats may therefore denote a (needed) change of attitude or direction or values; throwing your hat away may mean a decision to concentrate less on “worldly5 performance and more on self-knowledge’ and personal wholeness.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) An oasis may be a sexual symbol, representing the female genitals. The hot dry desert would then represent sexual deprivation, in a man’s dream.

(2) It may symbolize the reward for exploring your unconscious. (Desert may symbolize the unconscious.) See also Wilderness.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) The robber may be anyone or any part of yourself that threatens your independence or your chances of finding personal fulfilment. Is treasure stolen? The treasure is your (true) self.

(2) In a woman’s dream it is possible that the robber may be her father or her mother, in which case what she has been robbed of may be her penis! According to Freud, a female infant, seeing boys’ genitals, feels she has been castrated to prevent the fruition of her love for her mother.

Similarly, men may dream of their father as a robber. A male infant, said Freud, desires his mother and fears that his father may castrate him out of jealousy.

The occurrence of such dreams might suggest that the Oedipus complex has not been resolved in the dreamer. (For Oedipus complex).... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(see also Foot / Feet)

The shoe or slipper, says Freud, is a symbol of the female genitals.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A spider is a common symbol of mother as an object of fear or dislike and particularly in a man’s dreams. Freud sees it as a symbol of lthe phallic mother, of whom we are afraid; so that the fear of spiders expresses dread of mother-incest and horror of the female genitals’ (Freud’s own italics). Try to get to know, not only your mother, but - more important — what your mother means to you. One way of doing this is to converse with the spider: hold it in your mind and ask it searching questions.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Procreation, power, aggression. That which penetrates, impregnates with ideas. Masculinity; feelings about body, sexuality.

If seen through second or sexual chakra awareness, penis is given more emphasis and power than warranted. See Genitals, Vagina, Male, Female.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


Power, masculinity; source of creativity. See Genitals, Sperm, Castrate.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


Receptivity, openness; femininity, responsiveness. Pathway to safety for growth and development. Feelings about sexuality, body, womanhood. See Penis, Genitals.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


They represent fecundity and immortality. They are indicative of a good spiritual, economic, or emotional moment. They are also symbols that reflect the relationship of the dreamer with their sexuality, whether they are a man or a woman. The image of crops represents masculine and feminine genitals.

According to some superstitions, crops that have the shape of male genitalia are aphrodisiacal.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Because of its great fertility, the hare is associated with sex and, by extension, the female genitals. On the other hand, it is also considered a messenger of the unconscious and the weak but astute part of your personality, that which is found on the edge between conscious and unconscious.

Hares have always been considered figures of misfortune because of the popular belief that they were witches in disguise. Similarly, if a pregnant woman has this dream it meant that her child would have a cleft lip. Nevertheless, there are dream oracles that insist that a hare approaching you portends good luck.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


As they serve to cover the head, hats are a symbol of what is harbored (or thought). In the same fashion, it references the role that you play in life. And, if you change it, it indicates a change in attitude or direction in your existence.

It is possible that you are turning towards the assumption of more responsibilities at work, or be searching for a new work position. According to Freud, hats (and gloves) represent the female genitals due to its ability to surround the body. In contrast, Jung thought that the hat, relative to the crown, gives people a determined expression. So, the type of hat changes the meaning of the dream. A tophat manifests that you want health or that you are too pretentious; a baseball hat that you want to be younger or more athletic; a straw hat, that you hope to adopt a more natural and unworried attitude; a military cap indicates an excess in authoritarianism; lastly, if you wear a ridiculous hat, it is a warning of the grotesque posture that you maintain in the situation represented in the dream. In general, imagining that you are wearing a hat shows a lack of security in what you do and a fear of being judged by others.

The predecessors of Freud believed that if a woman wears a man’s hat, she wants to maintain relations with the owner of the hat. And, if you dream that you lose the hat, you will soon be married.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The purse is a common symbol of female sexuality. It can refer to the genitals of a woman or the uterus. According to Freud, just as purse opens and closes, the woman has the power to give to or refuse others sexually. On the other hand, as the purse usually contains money, it also symbolizes the treasure of your authentic Self.

If you dream that you lose it, you may be suffering the loss of your true identity.

Dreaming of an empty purse indicates a lack of security.

If you dream that you open your wallet and find money inside, you will achieve happiness. The omen is intensified if it is gold. Similarly, it is good luck to find a purse. But if it is others who find it, it is an omen that soon you will receive bad news.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


There are many meanings surrounding this flower, as it symbolizes spiritual richness, perfection, delicateness, and emotions. It tends to be fundamentally associated with love and how you feel with respect you your past and present emotional relationships. So, dreaming that someone gives you a rose indicates that you are going through a moment of emotional plenty. However, if the thorns stab you, the dream reflects a fear of sexual relations. Freud, lastly, associated the flower with the form of female genitals, and due to its usual color, with menstruation.

Since roman times, the rose is the symbol of love. The romans believed that this flower would protect the dead from evil spirits. For this reason, there was a tradition of decorating a tomb with roses. In oneiric terms, it foretells security and protection. Many oracles believe that the omens of this dream are all advantageous.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The shell symbolizes fertility and eroticism. Do not forget that on the one hand, two female characters of great mythological importance, such as Venus and Aphrodite, were born into a shell; and, second, in Argentina, it represents the genitals of a woman. Consequently, this dream can have a clear erotic reading. In another sense, the heavy shell of a turtle can express your desire for protection. Something similar happens with the eggshell, whose fragility indicates that your feelings are too vulnerable.

Shells that appear in dreams predict that something very strange will happen.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


In modern New Age thought, there is an understanding of energy as it relates to the body that connects to certain centers known as chakras. Each of these body vortexes can be understood symbolically based on the area of the body they relate to and the function of that area. There are seven of these energy centers that correlate with the physical body.

The first energy center is the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. This connects to security, groundedness, and the sense that all your needs are met.

The second chakra includes the sacrum and genitals and is where primal creativity is expressed.

The third chakra is in the belly and is where instincts and gut feelings are located.

The fourth chakra is the center of the entire structure and is the home of the heart.

The fifth chakra is located at the throat and is where communication occurs. Intuition is located in an area at the forehead known as the third eye, which is the sixth chakra.

The crown of the head is the home of the seventh chakra and is most connected to the higher self and spiritual awareness.

If your dream features any imagery that highlights one of these areas on the physical body, you can draw your interpretation from the meaning associated with the chakra that is being highlighted.

It is important to note that each of these chakras has a color that is associated with it.

The order of the chakras corresponds to the order of the colors as they appear when white light is refracted into its separate vibrations. From one to seven, that order is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. For more distinctions in your interpretations, see each of these individual colors.

(See Colors.) ... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Something just below the surface of your consciousness is troubling you and asking you to notice it.

The challenge with interpreting a dream with an itch in it is that the itch itself will not tell you whether it is a good idea to scratch it or not. An itch can be the persistent underlying thoughts that, if you dive more deeply into them, will result in pain and suffering, like addictive tendencies or other persistent anxieties. At the same time, an itch could be asking you to go a little bit deeper in your consideration to see why something may be bothering you, the solution to which may be just under the surface.

The source or cause of the itch is important to consider. An itch emanating from a wound is usually in a healing process. This might mean that resentments or unspoken thoughts about a recent emotional battle have left potential scars. An itch that spreads a toxin, such as poison ivy, would represent the addictive quality of what happens when you open the door to harmless satisfaction only to find the challenging compulsion to repeat harmful behavior. An itch in a socially sensitive area, such as the genitals, connects to thoughts and desires that are private, secret, and sexual in nature.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


The universal symbol of the male, the penis represents energy, vital force, sexual power, and fertility. One’s sexual energy or matters of orientation may be at issue, depending upon the gender of the dreamer. (See also Genitals).... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Washing in dreams is a fairly common theme, and almost always relates to something that is troubling or worrying the dreamer in waking life. The harder the hands or body are scrubbed, the greater the need for the unconscious to be free of guilt or some kind of burden.

The same applies to washing stains in clothes.

If you are taking a shower or bath in your dream, this could indicate a problem that overshadows you in waking life.

If you are washing your hair, this is connected to your emotions, and if you are washing your genitals, there may be some kind of sexual adventure in waking life that you are ashamed of. You could also be worried about sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are cleaning your home, this could suggest that you want to get more organized in your waking life, but before you can do that you need to dispose of dirt or dust; this may refer to ways of thinking or responding that are clouding your judgments in waking life.

If you were watching a washing machine in your dream, this is a reference to your daily routine and the boredom you feel.

If you are trapped in the washing machine, you feel stifled by your daily routine; it will therefore be important to make changes in daily life as soon as possible.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


In dreams, a dish usually represents food that needs to be eaten now, and thus represents ideas or projects that should be tackled immediately. Jungians often see a drinking glass or wineglass as a symbol of the mythical Holy Grail, offering the dreamer spiritual sustenance. For Freudians, to dream of drinking from a glass expresses sexual desire, as like other receptacles, the glass symbolizes the female genitals. A broken drinking glass can represent loss of virginity. Food and drink are everyday items that regularly feature in dreams. In general, they are regarded as positive signs, but there are so many possible interpretations when food or drink—or eating and drinking—feature in a dream that a whole chapter has been devoted to the subject later on. See FOOD AND DRINK.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Considered by the ancient Greeks to be the perfect number, three represents the union of mind, body and spirit and for Christians it is a symbol of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Three signifies life, freedom, vitality, inner strength, completion, imagination, creativity, energy and self-exploration. Three stands for trilogy, as in the past, present, and future or father, mother, and child. For Freud, three is a symbol of the male genitals. It can also indicate impatience, overconfidence and relationship troubles, as in ‘three is a crowd’. Its shape is the triangle, which is a symbol of the creative force. Three is the number of the Empress Tarot card, which represents the feminine principles of fertility and nurture.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dreams in which a garden features tend to refer to your inner feelings, areas of potential growth and change, and what it is you are trying to cultivate in your life. Considering the garden’s features will tell you whether you are successfully cultivating the seedlings of your potential or allowing them to become choked and killed by weeds. Gardens also reveal the inner life of the dreamer, allowing you to see what you appreciate about yourself; they also represent features of the difficult process of self-discovery, as symbolized by the tree of knowledge.

Other interpretations suggest that dreams of gardens express a desire to be closer to nature or your natural self. Sometimes, dream gardens are symmetrical with a central point; this mandala symbol represents the inner wholeness of your true self and to dream of a garden that reproduces its form may indicate inner healing after a period of unease or even illness.

If your dream garden is beautiful, this suggests creativity and abundance in your life, whereas an overgrown neglected garden warns that you have neglected your personal growth. It is time to clear away the weeds and start nurturing your talents.

The garden is also the symbol of the feminine attributes and the qualities of wildness that need to be tamed in order to create order. Closed or walled gardens, in particular, have this significance and can represent virginity. Freud saw the garden as an image of the female genitals, with the dreamer perhaps facing the carnal temptations associated with the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

If your dream garden is square or circular in shape, this suggests unconscious wisdom and insight.

If there is a pool in the garden this refers to memories of childhood or hidden, unexpressed emotions.

If you are gardening in your dream, this indicates that you are in the act of creation; the dream may be referring to your psychological growth and increasing emotional maturity. To see a vegetable garden symbolizes increased prosperity will come your way through diligence and care; it also suggests stability and inner growth. To see a flower garden in your dream foretells of tranquility, comfort, true love and a happy home in your future. To see a sparse, weed-infested garden indicates that you have neglected your emotional and spiritual needs. A garden gate may represent a welcome invitation to a more natural environment for those detained awhile by city life. Walking through a garden gate may represent moving into a new phase of life; new opportunities await you. An open gate represents changes for the future; a closed gate means problems or obstacles ahead

A conservatory or hothouse full of exotic plants symbolizes the unconscious being kept under tight control. A fountain in the garden is a symbol of encouragement, renewed hope and a release of creativity. A well in the garden may stand for your most valued talents and inner resources, but if the well is dried up and you cannot draw water from it, this suggests frustration at being unable to find an outlet for your talents. To see a neat and wellkept yard reflects your ability to maintain and organize aspects of your outside life, such as work and your social activities. To see a messy and neglected yard denotes those aspects of your life that are out of your control. See also Plants entry in NATURE AND THE SEASONS; TREES.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Your longing for sexual adventure that isn’t expressed in waking life may attempt to express itself in your dreams.

If you have sex with other people in your dream, this doesn’t mean you are dissatisfied with your partner; we all have secret longings and it is healthy to express them as you sleep.

If you had a dream in which you were having sex and you are a teenager or young adult, this is perfectly normal. Adolescents frequently dream of sex, partly because the onset of puberty causes sex hormones to flood the body awakening sexual curiosity.

Such dreams are caused by these natural physiological stimuli, combined with feelings of anxiety or excitement about what making love is like. Sexual frustration is another reason why you may have erotic dreams. The sexual drive is extremely powerful and if you are not in a sexual relationship or have not had sex for a long time with your partner, your unconscious may find release in your dreams.

Similarly, if you are having unsatisfying or boring sex in real life, you may have a dream in which you have passionate and exciting sex, giving you an insight into your true sexual yearnings.

If you have low self-esteem, your unconscious may also try to boost your sense of self-worth by depicting you making love to a sexy stranger.

If you dreamed of making love to someone you know in waking life, you may be unconsciously or consciously attracted to that person or your unconscious may again be boosting your self-esteem by conjuring up such images. This is particularly the case if your dream lover is a celebrity or a person countless people have a crush on in waking life.

If none of the above applies to you, dreams in which you are making love to someone you know or don’t know could, according to a Jungian interpretation, depict your union with the anima or feminine aspects of your character if you are a man, or the animus or masculine traits within you if you are a woman. Your dream may have symbolized the complete integration of your masculine and feminine qualities or a longing for a part of yourself that has been lost. The other character in your dream—the sexual partner—represents the closest you can get to that part and helps you understand what your deepest needs are. Another interpretation suggests that dreams in which sex is the theme are referring to your creative powers, although not necessarily fertility, and the use you could be making of them in waking life.

Because semen is a symbol of masculinity and of physical and sexual maturity, dreams of ejaculation or emission can suggest the nature of your attitude to sex and the conflicts which arise in you.

If you dream of seducing someone or being seduced yourself, this suggests that you make compromises too easily in both business and love, and you should not commit yourself so cheaply. To dream of undressing in front of your dream partner suggests confidence, but to be shy or reticent to reveal yourself naked suggests body- image concerns. Having sex fully dressed in a dream suggests feelings of guilt; to dream of being naked or your genitals being exposed in public suggests feelings of sexual insecurity. It can also suggest indiscretion in your waking life, whilst deformed genitals warn against over-indulgence. See also BODY.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dreams about breasts are likely to be sexual. Swollen breasts may be connected with the desire to have children, although you need to consider who or what the baby you’d like to have represents. A dream of being kicked or hit on the buttocks is a clear symbol of some kind of disapproval in waking life—perhaps self-disapproval. Dreams in which you are beaten or whipped may have a straightforward sexual meaning, but they could also refer to an overambitious friend or colleague.

If you are the person doing the beating, is the dream referring to your ambition? If a man dreams of injury to his genitals, it may be highlighting his fear of impotence; for a woman, such dreams may highlight her anxiety about reproduction or sexuality. A dream of castration can be terrifying for a man as it alludes to his whole sense of power and virility.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If you dreamed of a well-shaped tree that is pleasing to the eye, this would suggest a personality that is ordered; a large, messy tree would suggest a chaotic personality. The seasonal appearance of the tree in your dream will be significant because the stages of a person’s life are reflected in the effects of the seasons on a deciduous tree.

If your dream tree was covered in spring blossoms and tiny leaf buds, the association is with spring, and the vigor and energy of youth.

If the tree was covered in deep green foliage, this suggests summer or the prime of life; if its leaves were starting to fall, this suggests autumn and middle age; and if the tree looked bare, this suggests winter and old age, or concerns about getting older.

According to Freudians, acorns are a phallic symbol and nuts symbols of the female genitals, so seeds and nuts on the tree can suggest new beginnings. Seedlings and saplings are generally associated with young children, flourishing and mature trees suggest maturity and ancient trees, old age. A dead or withered tree could be a symbol of a lost loved one; it not only reminds us that all living things die, but also that the cycle of rebirth and new beginnings never ends.

If your dreaming mind featured a tree with a crown or apex (or you dreamed of climbing a tree and struggling to reach the top), this suggests a desire for spiritual growth. Alternatively, it could suggest ambition in your professional life or the desire for safety or refuge, as when you climb a tree to escape.

If you dreamed of a falling tree, this represents a sense of threat to your identity.

Tall trees are a symbol of aspiration and reaching up to the sky, whilst a short tree is a symbol of low aspirations or selling yourself short. A tree that is fallen or cut down may symbolize obstacles in your path, and a tree struck by lightning or in flames may represent a situation that is about to erupt. It can also symbolize electrified energy or being ’on fire’ for a goal or desire. See also Forest entry in PLACES.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


The Sun signs of astrology can appear in dreams, through the following correspondences:


  • (21 March-19 April) is the cardinal fire sign, and is dynamic and action oriented. Associated with: soldiers, angry people, athletes; the ram; the owl; Mars; red; tiger lily; ruby; number one; head, brain, eyes, face, teeth; and typical dreams might be set in stadiums or battlefields. The best-known symbol for this first sign of the Zodiac in Western astrology is the ram, the ruling planet is Mars. Aries is influenced by the fire element. People born under the sign of Aries tend to be enterprising, impulsive, warm-hearted and confident free spirits who say what they mean and mean what they say, but they can also be impatient, rash, tactless, excitable and bossy.


  • (20 April-20 May) is the fixed earth sign, and is solid, dependable and sensual. Associated with: singers, lovers, gardeners, models; the bull; Venus; red-orange; mallow; topaz; number two; the neck area, voice, ears, thyroid and cerebellum; and dreams set in a luxurious home or a beautiful setting. The best-known symbol of Taurus is the bull and the ruling planet is Venus. Taureans are influenced by the earth element. Those born under the sign of Taurus are persistent, reliable, loyal and patient individuals with a discriminating taste for quality and the good things in life. The downside is that they can at times be lazy, materialistic and moody.


  • (21 May-21 June) is the mutable air sign, and is changeable, social and a coordinator. Associated with: teachers, talkers, writers, twins; magpies; orange; Mercury; orchid; tourmaline; number three; arms, hands, shoulders, lungs, thymus, nervous system, speech; and typical dream settings might be high-up places. The twins are the best-known symbol for Gemini and the ruling planet is Mercury. Geminis are influenced by the air element. Those born under Gemini are intellectual, natural communicators but they can also be inconsistent and flighty at times. Their endearing zest for ideas and something new sometimes makes committing to anyone and anything problematic.


  • (22 June-22 July) is the cardinal water sign, and is shy, self- protective and nurturing. Associated with: chefs, mothers, carers; crab; turtle; Moon; yellow-orange; lotus; amber; moonstone; number four; stomach, esophagus, pancreas, breasts, womb, ribs, digestive system; and a typical dream setting is of a cottage by the sea. The best-known symbol for Cancer is the crab and the ruling planet is the Moon. Cancerians are influenced by the water element. Those born under Cancer tend to be emotional and empathetic with a wacky sense of humor, but they can be oversensitive and insecure at times.


  • (23 July-22 August) is the fixed fire sign, and is outgoing, an entertainer and warm. Associated with: actors, salespeople, motivational speakers; lion; Sun; yellow; Sunflower; cat’s eye; number five; the heart, spinal cord, circulation, spleen, pulse; and a typical dream setting is a stage. The best-known symbol for Leo is the lion and the ruling planet is the Sun. Leo is influenced by the fire element. Those born under Leo tend to be courageous, vivacious, energetic and natural leaders but they can also be prone to arrogance and be attention seeking.


  • (23 August-22 September) is the mutable earth sign, and is reserved, particular and intelligent. Associated with: dieticians, auditors, priestesses; virgin; Mercury; yellow-green; narcissus; peridot; number six; assimilation, food and diet, intestines, bowels, nails; and dream surroundings that are orderly and neat. The best-known symbol of Virgo is the virgin and the ruling planet is Mercury. Virgos are influenced by the earth element. Those born under Virgo tend to be meticulous, disciplined and analytical. They can appear cool and reserved, but great sensitivity lies behind the detached exterior.


  • (23 September-23 October) is the cardinal air sign, and is elegant, refined and cultured. Associated with: princes or princesses, artists, musicians; scales; elephant; Venus; green; aloe; emerald; number seven; adrenals, kidneys, lumbar region, skin; and the ideal dream landscape is a rose garden. The scales are the best- known symbol of Libra and the ruling planet is Venus. Librans are influenced by the air element. Those born under Libra tend to be peace-loving, agreeable, harmonious people but their natural ability to understand the viewpoint of everyone and fit in everywhere can be interpreted as insecurity and indecisiveness.


  • (24 October-21 November) is the fixed water sign, and is introverted, intense, and magnetic. Associated with: Grim Reaper; dark figures, exotic people; scorpion; eagle; phoenix; Mars; Pluto; blue-green; cactus; turquoise; number eight; bladder, genitals, colon, prostate, uterus, sex organs; and a typical dream setting would be a bedroom. The best-known symbol of Scorpio is the scorpion and the ruling planets are Mars and Pluto. Scorpios are influenced by the water element. Those born under Scorpio tend to be passionate, focused, sensitive and sensual, but they can also be secretive and destructive.


  • (22 November—21 December) is the mutable fire sign, and is adventurous, curious and wise. Associated with: hunters, horseback riders, explorers; archery; Centaur; Jupiter; blue; rush; jacinth; number nine; hips, thighs, arteries, base of spine, pelvis; and a typical dream setting would be scenes around a campfire. The best-known symbol for Sagittarius is the archer and the ruling planet is Jupiter. Sagittarians are influenced by the fire element. Those born under Sagittarius tend to be unconventional, idealistic and visionary with a need to seek spiritual enlightenment, but they can also be reckless and ruthless.


  • (22 December-19 January) is the cardinal earth sign, and is conservative, organized and determined. Associated with: mountain climbers, accountants, bankers; mountain goat; Saturn; indigo; hemp; jet; number ten; bones, skeleton, joints, cartilage; and a dream setting might be an old house at the top of a hill. The best- known symbol of Capricorn is the goat and the ruling planet is Saturn. Capricorns are influenced by the earth element. Those born under the sign of Capricorn are persistent, cautious, self-disciplined, warmhearted and stable, but they can also at times be mean and inflexible.


  • (20 January-18 February) is the fixed air sign, and is humanitarian, unique and interesting. Associated with electricians, conductors, Eskimos; water bearer; man; star; Uranus; violet; olive; chalcedony; number eleven, ankles, calves, circulation, breath, eyesight; and a dream setting might be a cold place or planet. The best-known symbol of Aquarius is the water carrier and the ruling planets are Saturn and Uranus. Aquarius is influenced by the air element. Those born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be idealistic, intellectual, generous, altruistic and unconventional, but they can also be unpredictable and emotionally detached at times.


  • (19 February-20 March) is the mutable water sign, and is dreamy, imaginative and otherworldly. Associated with: religious teachers, monks and nuns, photographers; fish; dolphin; Neptune; red-violet; poppy; pearl; number twelve; feet, toes, lymph glands; and a typical dream setting might be a cathedral. The best-known symbol of Pisces is two fish and the ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune. Pisceans are influenced by the water element. Those born under the sign of Pisces tend to be intuitive, sensitive and spiritual but they can also be dreamy, impractical and impressionable at times.
... Dreampedia



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