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This less-than-bnlliant character may point to a naive aspect of your personality that may be making stupid mistakes He may come as a response to having missed the point of a situation or event in life. He offers comic relief to your stumblings anc may inspire the inner comic to emerge from your personality

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Goofy | Dream Interpretation

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(Enemy) Pharaoh is the enemy of God Almighty.

If one sees pharaoh looking good in a dream, it means that the Imam, the leader, or the person who leads the congregational prayers in his community is a goofy person, or that the congregation itself does not follow the proper religious rules. However, if pharaoh looks ugly in the dream, it means that both the Imam and his congregation are good people.

The same interpretation applies for any common enemy one may have.

If one sees himself becoming a pharaoh in a dream, it means that he may become a leader, though it will be at the expense of his religious covenant. Ifpeople are talking about a specific pharaoh in a dream, it means that one will earn fame in that locality.

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