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A narrow pathway necessary to walk through; you can’t get off the track. Whether light or dark reflects whether you are seeing clearly the nature of what you are dealing with. Passageway to insight.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

It indicates a state of transition. The dream may be pleasant or terrifying, depending on how fluid or winding the way is and the existence or lack of light at the end of the hall.

It is important to analyze all the elements that appear throughout the corridor because they reflect the dreamer’s emotional state at the time of transit. However, the final key is the feeling that you have as you follow the path into the unknown. Running along a corridor without ever seeing the end may show the need to escape from a distressing situation that is repeated too often in reality. Also, it may refer to the attitudes that you must leave behind to pass from one life stage to another. Corridors and passages are places where energy is moving rapidly but never accumulates. This dream, therefore, may denote that we are in danger of losing all our energy and vitality.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

Dreams of a hallway signify that you are on the verge of stepping into a whole new space, because the hallway is the transition place between where you’ve been and where you are going. You are preparing for change, gearing up for a life altering occurrence. See Threshold.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

Hallways often represent spiritual growth and learning. They can also mean the dreamer has untapped psychic abilities.

A dream of walking through a long hallway or corridor can also represents your frustration in trying to escape a repetitive situation.

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You want to escape narrowness and restriction.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

(Corridor; Doorman) In a dream, a hallway represents a servant who controls and manages the business and life of his employer. It also represents a doorman, or one’s actions that guides him to his purpose, or one’s deeds that could lead him either to paradise or to hell-fire.

A hallway in a dream also represents one’s grave, since the grave is a hallway to either heaven or hell, or it may represent the steps of a sick person or a handicapped person. Its lights, size and the ease of crossing it in the dream reflect the outcome.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

Hallways often symbolize the unconscious passageways through which people travel to either life or death. They also represent a new level of consciousness or a new experience, as well as a journey into the unknown. (See also Corridor).

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

An impersonal space of temporary transition

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

A hallway is a part of any indoor structure that leads to other more significant rooms. In the realm of consciousness, the hallway is a symbol of an inner transition or change.

If your dream takes place in a hallway or features one strongly, then you are in some sort of process that has not yet led you to your final destination.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

A hallway or corridor in a dream represents a passageway of self-discovery. It may signify a passage through time.

If you pass someone in the hallway, it could represent a brief relationship in the future that will be short-lived.

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green

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To see a hallway in your dream symbolizes the beginning of a path that you are taking in life or a journey of self-exploration into the unknown. In some dreams, passages, corridors or hallways can stretch endlessly into the distance, with hundreds of doors on either side; in other dreams, they are so small you have to crouch down, or are so bewilderingly complex you get lost. Such dreams represent the way you feel about the choices and options open to you in life and it give you an invaluable vista onto what you believe to be possible and necessary. Halls in dreams also illustrate how you meet and relate to other people in real life.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


To dream about a hallway represents the initial steps of a new journey. You will uncover your unknown true desires. This indicates a spiritual quest, but can also take on physical and emotional aspects as well. This is usually a sign of a changing aspect of your life.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


There is not much significance to a hallway other then denoting an abnormal period of worry and concern, so this dream should be interpreted using the other symbols in the dream and reserving hallways under, ‘worries’.... Encyclopedia of Dreams


Encyclopedia of Dreams

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