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Depending on dream can mean chasing oneself around and around with no direct goal.

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Dreams of a hamster represent that you are engaged in activity without a higher vision or a plan; feeling as though you’ve been putting out a lot of energy, but not getting anywhere.

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1. A need or desire for time alone and undisturbed.

2. New, emerging feelings, not yet fully formed.

3. Anger and frustra­tion with current social circle.

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To see a hamster in your dream suggests that you are keeping your temper in line. This dream can also indicate a need for love and acceptance.

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See Guinea Pig / Gerbil.

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To dream of more than one hamster indicates a time of bustling activity, family outings and/or small celebrations.

To dream of a hamster running on an exercise wheel implies that you may, quite literally, need to go for a regular walk or run.

To dream of a singular hamster may be suggesting that a gift of food or a parcel of groceries could mean a lot to someone you know.

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Emotional functioning and sexuality are made trivial, diminished, and viewed from a distance. As children are given guinea pigs as pets, and they build up a relationship to them, here guinea pigs represent the beginning stage of the development of emotional functions.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Hamsters are lively and clean, and most are happy to live alone. They can take time to become tame, and, because they are nocturnal, they need to have peace and quiet during the day.

If a hamster appears in your dream is it running endlessly on its wheel in frustration? If this is the case, do you feel as if your life or a particular relationship is going nowhere? If, however, the hamster seems content, the dream could depict aspects of your life that give you small comforts. As hamsters tend to enjoy solitude, could your dreaming mind be urging you to rely more on your own resources. Gerbils and guinea pigs, on the other hand, need companionship, so in dreams they could be highlighting your need for more friends in real life.... The Element Encyclopedia


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