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Turn your mind from all unhappy thoughts and look ahead to brighter times amongst friends.

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A hen is hatching: your dream is to be materialised • You see a chicken on a tree: you’ll have an unexpected money gain ... Chine Dream Interpretation


Chine Dream Interpretation


Example: ‘I was standing outside the house of my teens, with my mother. She had a very young bird on a long ribbon and the bird was flying very high in the sky’ (Pauline).

The life cycle of a bird has so many similarities with impor­tant human stages of maturity we frequently use it to represent oneself, as in the example. Pauline uses the bird to depict her own urge to be independent of her mother’s influence, opin­ions, likes, dislikes and decisions. Later in the dream her mother hands Pauline the ribbon to hold, suggesting an offer of independence. As soon as she lets go of the ribbon, a huge black bird attacks the ribboned one.

The ribbons are a refer­ence to Pauline’s own girlhood. When she lets go of her girl­hood, moving towards independent womanhood, she feels threatened by the internalised negative side of her mother, such as her possessiveness—the black bird. Internalised means all the standards, self controls she learned from her life with her mother, which she now carries within her even if absent from her mother.

General: Imagination; intuition, the mind; thoughts, our spiritual longings; expanded awareness—in this form, per­haps a large bird which can fly high. Because wider—or spiri­tual—awareness means looking beyond the usual boundaries of what we see, this may be painful. Hatching from the egg; our birth and infancy.

The nest: home; family environment; security, even the womb. Leaving the nest: gaining indepen­dence. Making a nest: home building; parental urges. Flying: rising above something; independence; freedom; self expres­sion.

Freud said the bird represents the male phallus, and flying means the sexual act. Many languages use the word bird’ to mean woman. In Italy it alludes to penis.

The bird is also used to denote the sense of death and survival. Bluebird: especially represents the spint or soul after death. Baby bird: our own childhood, as in the following example.

The old lady is once more reference to the mother, to whom the bird is first con­nected before moving on to the difficulty of independence. Example: An old lady made room for me to sit at the end of one of the three seats of a bus. As we drove away a very large chicken-size baby bird flew in. It had short stubby wings and yellow down, but flew expenly. I believe it first landed on the lady and chirped squeakily. But in its squeaks it actually spoke, saying it had lost its mother. It sounded as if it were crying (Andrew). Idioms: charm the birds from the trees; a bird told me; bird has flown; bird in the hand, bird of ill omen; free as a bird, odd bird. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


(see Birds, Trees)

A dream manifestation of the nesting instinct common to pregnant women, or women who wish to conceive.

Building or finding a safe haven for yourself and your loved ones.

A bird sitting on eggs in a nest reflects the figurative hatching of ideas or plans, and knowing that all things come with time and patience.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


To dream of a chirping and/or flying bird symbolizes passion, pleasure, and steadiness. You have a positive attitude towards your situation. Emotionally, burdens will be removed and you will find peace and solace.

To dream of dead or dying birds is an indication that you may be facing misfortune or anguish. Minor troubles will consistently plague your thoughts.

To see bird eggs in your dream represents possible prosperity and wealth.

To see birds hatching in your dream indicates that you will achieve a goal.

To see a bird nest in your dream indicates individualism, solace, and protection. You have to have a safety net in case you fail. It may also indicate a potentially successful venture or wealth.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


Birds are usually considered a very good omen for the dreamer to receive and this is doubly true if the birds are brightly colored, singing, and flying about. Dead ,or dying, birds foretell a period of coming disappointments and worries, while dreaming of the beak of a bird means you will soon change your place of residence. Birds eggs in a nest signifies money, but to see them broken then you will experience a loss of money.

If you see birds hatching, then your success will be delayed; an empty nest warns against becoming involved in other peoples arguments.... Encyclopedia of Dreams


Encyclopedia of Dreams


Birds represent physical and emotional freedom. They can also represent religious feelings. Some more meanings: Dreams of black birds represent the “dark side” of the dreamer’s personality.

To dream of bird poop is a lucky omen, foretelling good fortune.

To see bird eggs in your dream symbolizes money.

To see birds hatching in your dream means you will be successful in your goals, but not for a while.

To see a bird nest in your dream represents independence and the need for allies.

To dream of dead or dying birds foretells a period of coming disappointments. You will find yourself worrying over problems that are constantly on your mind.

To dream of aggresive birds (if they were attacking you, or killing people, in your dream) is a warning to be careful with those around you. Take notice on who you know in your waking life that could remind you of a bird, or who has a name that sounds like a bird’s name - this is the person to watch out for.

To dream of a cooked bird, suggests that you’re feeling guilty about something. You fear that someone will “find you out”, or believe they already have. Also see “Aviary” and “Birdcage”, “Birdhouse” and “Birdseed”, below.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


Birds are generally considered a most fortunate dream omen, especially so if they are brightly colored, singing, and/or flying.

Dead or injured birds are an indication of coming worries unless they are birds of prey, in which case the worries will be short-lived.

Birds’ eggs in a nest signify money, broken birds’ eggs forecast disappointment, birds hatching in a nest indicate delayed profits.

An empty nest is a warning not to be drawn into family arguments.

To be aware in your dream of the beak of a bird is a forecast of a change of residence, whether for better or worse depends on the other details of the dream.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The figure of the monk or abbot is associated with wisdom. It appears in moments of doubt and can signify the need to go to a person willing and able to listen, understand, and guide the dreamer (who cannot solve the problem alone).

Ancient traditions claim that dreaming of an abbot means sickness is near or someone is hatching a conspiracy.

Dreaming of an abbess, however, denotes good friendships.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Often a symbol of money in dreams, as in ‘nest egg’. The condition that the egg is in will say a lot about your current financial situation, or your dreams of financial success. A clutch of eggs can also express your wish to have a large family, or represent the dawning of a new, exciting idea.

If the eggs are smashed, have your dreams and hopes been smashed in some way? If you dream of hatching birds, this may suggest the birth of new ideas, projects and relationships, whilst if baby birds appear in your dreams, they are usually symbols of childhood and new beginnings.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If you dream that you are pregnant, or hoping to be, this is an example of wish- fulfillment. It may also indicate a fear of getting pregnant or anxieties about pregnancy and giving birth. Pay attention to your reaction to pregnancy dreams. Were you overjoyed, horrified, terrified? If you were terrified, it could be that you are worried you may have got pregnant by accident and your unconscious is urging you to be more careful in waking life. Men who dream of being pregnant may also be giving unconscious expression to their apprehension about becoming a new father.

If you are a woman, a dream about being close to birth may again be wish-fulfillment. Many expectant mothers claim to have had dreams about their unborn baby as it develops in this womb, and this could be an unconscious method of bonding. On the other hand, your unconscious may be presenting you with an unborn baby scenario to give you the opportunity to experience or role-play how you might feel if you were in that situation.

There is, however, an entirely different interpretation for pregnancy dreams that is especially pertinent if you are not pregnant, or hoping to be, or if you are a man. Pregnancy dreams if you are not pregnant suggest a yearning for unconditional love and acceptance. They can also indicate a period of necessary waiting before the completion of a project. A new area of your personality or potential is developing or ‘hatching’; the seeds of a new concept are sprouting.

If you are currently mulling over a new project or idea, pay attention to the details in your dream as they can reflect your feelings of confidence or anxiety about how well your idea is developing. Were you plagued with morning sickness or did you sail through your pregnancy without a setback?

If you felt sick and uncomfortable in your dream, this may reflect your waking anxieties, whereas if you glowed through your pregnancy, this may reflect your growing confidence.

If you dream that someone else is pregnant, this can suggest an aspect of yourself that is ready to develop new skills.

If a woman dreams about a man being pregnant, this suggests her desire for a man to take more responsibility in waking life.

If a man dreams he is pregnant, this suggests the discovery of new talents or potential within.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


To see or eat eggs in your dream symbolizes fertility, birth, new beginnings and your creative potential. To find a nest filled with eggs in your dream signifies some financial gain; the bigger and more abundant the eggs, the more significant the gain. To see an egg hatching could refer to a new idea gestating in your mind. To see cracked or broken eggs in your dream denotes potential misfortunes and feelings of vulnerability. Alternatively, it could mean that you may be breaking out of your shell and being comfortable with who you are. To see brightly colored eggs in your dream symbolizes celebration of a happy event, but to dream of rotten eggs signifies loss. You may have allowed some situation to take a turn for the worse. To see fish eggs in your dream represents an idea that has emerged from your unconscious.

Consider also the verbal expressions associated with eggs. Are you putting all your eggs in one basket by taking an all-or-nothing gamble? Or have you had egg all over your face when you did something recently that made you look stupid. Dream omelets suggest aspects connected to something in waking life with which you are directly associated. It may signify a mixing up or blending of elements regarding a relationship, situation, event or perspective.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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