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If the hawthorn appears in bloom, this represents happiness.

In Europe this tree has somewhat divergent meanings, being both chastity and fertility.

For the purpose of dream interpretation, this might mean maintaining your devotion to someone or something for a productive outcome.

Along with the oak and ash, this is a sacred fairy tree, and may represent a subconscious connection to Devic realms and messages.

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As with most spring flowers, these are an omen of hope and better times ahead.

See also sudden relief from worry.

See also Colors.

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A very favourable omen, as indeed are most Spring blossoms.

The colour, White, helps considerably in this case.

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To dream of hawthorn berries indicates an abundance of energy and potential within you that is ready to be tapped.

Dreaming of the hawthorn indicates the blossoming of fertility and creativity in your life.

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Hawthorn | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Hawthorn


Alder: Completeness, spirituality.

Apple: Symbol of living life to the full, focusing mind and heart together positively.

Ash: Prosperity, protection, healing.

Aspen: Intuitive knowledge, understanding.

Beech: Inspires us to let go of old patterns, to see more of the good that is in the world. Also a symbol of narrow-mindedness and sorrow.

Birch: Protection, purification.

Blackthorn: Cleansing and renewal, leading to a sudden, spontaneous flowing of the spirit.

Cherry: Success, productivity.

Dogwood: Clarity, vision.

Elder: Exorcism, prosperity, banishing, healing.

Elm: Mystery, encourages renewed faith in the value of our life’s work.

Fir: Ancient wisdom, regeneration.

Hawthorn: Fertility, prosperity.

Hazel: Manifestation, protection, fertility.

Holly: Protection.

Maple: Luck, strength, family.

Oak: Strength.

Pear: Hope, generosity, inner growth .

Pine: Ancient wisdom, eternal life .

Poplar: Vision, peace.

Rowan: Healing, empowerment.

Willow: Love, healing, protection, fertility.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


A symbol of majesty, justice and protection, oak trees, along with ash, beech, birch, rowan and hawthorn, were regarded as sacred by early Europeans. The mighty oak, however, was the most potent symbol of masculine strength and its acorns suggest incredible potential. According to Freudians, the oak is a potent symbol of male sexuality or a father who is strong and comforting.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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