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It sumbolises wealth in abundance which the observer will obtain.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

Vision: Looking at hazelnuts: right now don’t argue with your neighbors or colleagues. Cracking hazelnuts: it will take a lot of effort on your part to successfully finish a certain task. Eating hazelnuts: make an appointment with your dentist.

Depth Psychology: Nuts are a symbol of difficult problems, but the results—ain a nutshell”—will turn into an asset. Tackle the problem, “crack” the nut!

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Hazelnuts | Dream Interpretation

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In a dream, a bow means travels, a brother, a wife, a son or closeness to someone.

A covered bow in a dream means that, one’s wife is pregnant.

If a pregnant woman hands a man a bow in a dream, it means that she will conceive a girl from him.

If a pregnant woman hands her husband a bow in a dream, it means that she will deliver a boy. Stretching the strings of a bow in a dream means longevity. Stretching it without an arrow in a dream means planning to travel.

A broken bow in a dream signifies the death of a brother, a business partner, or a son.

A bow is broken bow in a dream means that an accident may cause the hand of a brother or a business partner to fracture. Holding a broken bow in a dream means losing one’s job or closing one’s business. Seeing a young man attaching a string to a bow in a dream represents one’s enemy. Attaching a string to a bow in a dream also means marriage, while detaching the string of a bow in a dream means divorce. Seeing oneself standing before a ruler with two bows length between them mean receiving an appointment.

The two bows in a dream also represent one’s eye-brows. Shooting arrows with a bow in a dream means speaking wrong about something or backbiting someone. Carving a bow in a dream means preparing to get married or begetting a son. Shooting an arrow and hitting one’s target in a dream means fulfilling one’s needs, or attaining one’s goal. Selling one’s bow and arrows in a dream means giving priority to one’s religious life over that of his mundane one. Shooting hazelnuts in a town in a dream means backbiting people, while shooting hazelnuts in the forest means earning lawful money from hunting. Shooting arrows in front of the city hall in a dream means backbiting or slandering others. Shooting a pigeon in a dream means slandering one’s own wife. Bending an arch in a dream means preparing for war.

(Also see Eye-brow)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


(see Field, Forest, Nuts, Trees)

Victorian: Assured devotion. Hazelnuts were predominately used for love divination to determine if one’s mate was true.

Among the Celts, the nut of this tree represented wisdom, being something sweet that is buried beneath a sturdy obstacle.

Psychic abilities, specifically object location. Hazel branches were favored for water witching and treasure finding (see Rods, Wand).... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


To dream that one sees and eats walnuts or hazelnuts signifies difficulty and trouble.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book


A hazelnut in a dream may be telling you not to judge based upon outside appearances.Eating hazelnuts in a dream represents obtaining rewards which have come from an unexpected place.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis

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