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Little Giant Encyclopedia

One of the most frequently occurring symbols of modern times. It points to the transformation into something new. Individual means of transportation, status symbol, motorized energy—it is also a sexual symbol. In a modern sense, usually a symbol for being on the go every day, and of psychological strength and mobility. As with the “Chariot” in the Tarot, it always presents a question about our road in life and how we are charting our course. As a symbol of environmental pollution, it often points to the need for inner growth.

Are you driving yourself or is somebody else driving you? What kind of an auto is it? For example, a sports car relates to virility, a utility vehicle to control. What color is the car? Are you fixing it up or Driving it?

According to Freud, in psychoanalysis a car is often the symbol for treatment. As Freud sees it, a slow car is making an ironic statement about the slowness of the analytical process.

According to Jung, it is a symbol for moving away. See Wagon.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of driving a carriage, signifies unjust criticism of your seeming extravagance. You will be compelled to do things which appear undignified.

To dream of driving a public cab, denotes menial labor, with little chance for advancement.

If it is a wagon, you will remain in poverty and unfortunate circumstances for some time.

If you are driven in these conveyances by others, you will profit by superior knowledge of the world, and will always find some path through difficulties.

If you are a man, you will, in affairs with women, drive your wishes to a speedy consummation.

If a woman, you will hold men’s hearts at low value after succeeding in getting a hold on them. See Cab or Carriage. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Life’s journey.

2. Mobility, personal control (if the dreamer is driving).

3. Feeling a lack of control, letting others set your path.

4. Finding lost valuables. ... New American Dream Dictionary


Christian Dream Symbols

A fast driver is a person who is in a hurry in life.

If the driver is reckless it symbolizes carelessness in life... Christian Dream Symbols


Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

If you dream that you are driving a vehicle it is a sign that you should be careful to take no chances with your money, such as gambling, in the next two weeks or so.

If someone else is doing the driving you will find yourself in luck, money wise.

To dream of driving in the driving rain must be interpreted by using the condition of the rain, either murky or clear, to get a better meaning.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

See car.. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Always refers to your life’s journey, to the growth you have achieved. Here, particular emphasis is placed on your mobility. What kind of Vehicle are you using? How is the trip? Are you driving yourself or are you being driven? Check more closely Driving a Car, Train, Airplane, and Bicycle.

According to Freud, a symbol for intercourse.

According to analytical therapy, the analytical process itself.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Ariadne's Book of Dream

Driving down a road may comment on how you are doing with steering yourself toward your goals and destination. It can represent the journey of life and how the force of your will can take you in many different directions toward eventual fulfillment. Driving cast may represent moving toward spiritual goals. Driving south may represent the direction of sexual concerns or personal and psychological transformation. Driving west may suggest moving toward your emotional issues or introspection, and moving north represents accelerating toward your vision. Speeding may comment on carelessness in the pursuit of your goals. Blocking traffic suggests that you are preventing others from expressing their personal freedom.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


The Complete Dream Book

To dream of driving a motor car smoothly along peasant highways is an augury of good fortune. Driving a carriage behind a horse along a dirt road is a lucky portent if the horse behaves.... The Complete Dream Book


Encyclopedia of Dreams

If you dream that you are driving a vehicle it is a sign that you should be careful to take no chances with your money, such as gambling, in the next two weeks or so.

If someone else is doing the driving you will find yourself in luck, money wise.

To dream of driving in the driving rain must be interpreted by using the condition of the rain, either murky or clear, to get a better meaning.... Encyclopedia of Dreams


Mystic Dream Book

It is a fortunate dream if someone else is Driving you; but if you yourself are the Driver, then expect money losses.... Mystic Dream Book


Dream Explanations of Astro Center

The need or desire to throw all the dreamer’s energy into a particular goal.

The feeling of having no choice as to how to proceed in a given situation - in short, of being “driven.” If the dreamer is not the drive, he should consider who is doing it. Astrological parallels: Aries, Capricorn Tarot parallel: The Chariot... Dream Explanations of Astro Center


My Dream Interpretation

-To dream that you are driving a vehicle, signifies your life’s journey and your path in life.

The dream is telling of how you are moving and navigating through life.

If you are driving and cannot see the road ahead of you, then it indicates that you do n... My Dream Interpretation


Psycho Dream Interpretation

If you are driving a car in your dream you express the desire for independence, a wish to make your own decisions.

If someone else is driving, you, the dreamer, place confidence in that person and are willing to cooperate.

If you are speeding away from something, emotional impulses overwhelm you so that you are seeking release in your dream state.... Psycho Dream Interpretation


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Any driving dream connects to how you are moving through your life and the quality, sensations, and judgments you have about how this is going at the time of a dream in which driving is a prominent image.

If you are driving out of control in the dream, you must consider what area of your life might be beyond your ability to regulate.

If you are in the back seat and need to gain control of the car, look for ways in which you haven’t yet stepped up to the plate. You may not be able to do so yet because of circumstances beyond your control.

If your car isn’t responding to you, you may be feeling ineffectual about taking charge of some path you are traversing. Varying speeds might be reflecting movement in life that feels either too fast or too slow for your comfort.

A vehicle other than a car might point to being in foreign territory. You may not be feeling confident in your ability to work with the circumstances you have been handed. Causing an accident could be inviting you to look at the consequences of your choices. Being a victim of an accident might encourage you to look at the ways in which you have abandoned your own direction because of another person or outside force beyond your control. Driving in the rain connects emotional issues to your current route. Icy conditions indicate that emotions are being frozen over, making your way treacherous. Driving down or up a hill would illustrate the sense of effort or ease involved in your life movement.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Highway, Moving. Here it is important to note what kind of vehicle you’re driving and what your feelings are as you drive. Is it hectic or pleasant and relaxing? Are you moving ahead fast or did you have an accident? It is important to note if you are starting the car, parking it, passing another car, etc. All of it would be symbolic of how you are moving ahead in life. This image is often a reference to the subjective space in which you are moving.

The dream is showing how you move and present yourself to others in daily life, and what the possibilities, problems, and tasks are.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Driving a herd of camels or becoming the owner of such a herd means he will become the leader of a people.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Dream Meanings of Versatile

This symbolizes our self-control and awareness of how external circumstances can affect us.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Expulsion)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

In a dream, a driving belt means begetting a son or going on ajourney.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Demanding; Exacting; Pushing someone; Retaliation; Yielding) In a dream, a driving force signifies retaliation by something, or compliance and submission to someone together with vigilance and wonderment about what might happen next. Ifone is driven by a human being in a dream, it means that he is pushed into committing a murder or that he is hired to attack someone. Ifone is driven by a beast, a lion or a bird ofprey in a dream, it means humiliation by a superior person, or suffering from a disease.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


New American Dream Dictionary

1. A need to reassess ethics, morality in professional affairs.

2. A lack of confidence.

3. A need for discipline. ... New American Dream Dictionary


My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are taking driving lessons, suggests that you are lacking self-confidence and are having anxieties about your abilities.

The dream may also reflect a desire to change your status or take more control over your own life path. Also see “”Driving Test”, below.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation

To dream of taking a driving test suggests that you may be feeling pressure to be perfect from friends or family. You might also doubt your own ability to “steer” your life in the right direction.

If you dream of failing your driving test, you are not yet emotionally ready to handle something that you are planning to do (or have already done) in real life.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation

If you dreamed that you or others drove a vehicle while drunk, this suggests that you are acting careless and being foolish. You are losing control of your life and need a reality check.

If you or others got arrested for driving drunk in your dream, you are feeling guilty about something. Also see “Breathalyzer Test”... My Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Body’; Tooth)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Provisions for something new in one’s life; see “baby”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a yeti implies a need to learn to balance your rational and reasonable side with your more volatile, instinctive, and emotional side.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


My Dream Interpretation

To dream of the mythical bigfoot (aka “Yeti”) may represent a person or situation in your life that offers warm companionship, yet is a dangerous threat to your well-being.

If you dreamed of a mountain-dwelling bigfoot, you will need to be strong to get through a tough social or emotional ordeal.

If the creature you saw dwelled in the forest, follow your instincts to keep certain things to yourself - this is an important time to protect your privacy. Also be careful of giving in to irrational urges that go against what’s best for you.... My Dream Interpretation

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