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Spiritually blessed if strong; if flabby, see “obesity”

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(Bite off; Nip; Tweak) Pinching someone in a dream means envying him, or plotting to get some of his money which he will eventually get. Pinching someone in the butts in a dream means betraying him with his wife. Pinching someone in the belly in a dream means wishing to get some of his savings. Pinching someone in a dream means hurtinghim with words. Pinchingor biting someone’s hand in a dream may represent a snake bite, or a bite of a scorpion. Pinching someone’s hand in a dream also means receiving unlawful money then incurring heavy losses, or it could mean paying a hefty fine.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


The trunk of a tree may represent one’s inner sense of well-being and personality.

A thick bark over a large, hefty trunk denotes a strong, rugged, and durable person.

A thin, narrow, bark-free tree trunk suggests a highly sensitive but wiry individual.

If the trunk is the long nose of an elephant, the dreamer may have a strong “nose for the news” and a very good memory. Alternatively an elephant’s trunk may have a phallic and sexual meaning. Finally, a trunk in the sense of an oldfashioned storage case may reveal the old memories and secrets to which the dreamer is clinging.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


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