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Whether it was your own or someone else’s, any type of hemorrhage in a dream is telling you that you are on the verge of either mental or physical exhaustion, possibly both.

Try to get more relaxation.

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This is a clear symbol of the loss of vital energy. (See ILLNESS)

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

See “blood”

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Symbolic of needing to place your faith in Christ, Lk.8:43

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Hemorrhage | Dream Interpretation

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Blood is an important symbol, not only of life itself, but also of the soul, of physical strength and rejuvenation. Whether you were cut or seriously injured, dreams in which you are losing blood or suffer a hemorrhage may therefore refer to loss of moral or physical strength; they may simply indicate a need for more emotional nourishment. Dreaming of drinking blood or receiving a blood transfusion may refer to the opposite: gaining strength and vitality.

If a person you know gives you blood in your dream, your unconscious may have signaled that they have the potential to revitalize you.

If a woman dreams of blood, it may be associated with the onset of a period, the blood depicting whatever feelings she may have about menstruation. Blood is also a symbol of passion, love, anger and even violence.

Blood on the ground or blood stains on clothes in a dream suggest great injury or emotional pain to someone, perhaps to you or someone you know.

If you dream of blood in a sexual context, this may refer to loss of virginity, fertility or menstruation.... The Element Encyclopedia


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