The meaning of Hemorrhoids in dream | Dream interpretation

Lack of verbal communication, not loving yourself, suppression. Martyr syndrome.

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A dream of this painful affliction usually has its origin in an internal disturbance.

See your doctor.

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Dreams of hemorrhoids represent that you are holding back your true feelings, sitting on the action you know you must take, and that you are avoiding coning to terms with an unhealthy relationship in your life. You are feeling stressed and burdened because you have been procrastinating making an important yet uncomfortable confrontation.

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Hemorrhoids | Dream Interpretation

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If you dreamed of putting things in piles or of seeing piles of things, you are being cautioned about a forgotten (or neglected) obligation which could suddenly embarrass you; don’t compromise your integrity for the sake of passing pleasures.

For the physical condition, see Hemorrhoids.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


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