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To hear or see a snake hiss in your dream is a warning that you will have to control your temper and/or your impulsive actions in order to avoid antagonizing someone whose respect you value.

Human hissing is a dream of contrary.

If you did it, you can expect to be caught in an embarrassing boo-boo; but if you were hissed at, your progress toward your goal may be slow but it will be steady.

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Dreams of the sound of a hiss denotes disapproval, disdain and rejection. See Snake.

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A warning of harbored malice

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To dream of hissing persons, is an omen that you will be displeased beyond endurance at the discourteous treatment shown you while among newly made acquaintances.

If they hiss you, you will be threatened with the loss of a friend. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


1. A sense that deceit is slowly revealing itself (to hear a hissing snake).

2. A need for caution in expressing anger inap­propriately (a hissing snake).

3. Progress will continue in spite of others (people hissing rudely). ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


(See Sound of animals)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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