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To see a hologram in your dream suggests that you are focusing on a small issue, instead of seeing the whole picture in a certain matter. You need to expand your outlook in order to clearly understand what’s going on. Alternately, this dream may represent your ideas about perfection.

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Once a product of science fiction, the notion of a hologram has emerged as a possible explanation for the very structure of our universe. As such, in a dream, a hologram may be in the realm of what is known as sacred geometry and could be connecting you to higher wisdom in a spiritual experience. Allow the context of the dream to inform your interpretation.

A hologram allows for something to be considered from all angles, so there is an element of objectivity present when it appears in a dream.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Hologram | Dream Interpretation

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Hologram of blue light rain gently falling

Hologram of rain

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