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To dream of a horseshoe, indicates advance in business and lucky engagements for women.

To see them broken, ill fortune and sickness is portrayed.

To find a horseshoe hanging on the fence, denotes that your interests will advance beyond your most sanguine expectations.

To pick one up in the road, you will receive profit from a source you know not of.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

1- The horseshoe is always taken as a luckv symbol and, traditionally, if it is turned upwards it represents the moon and protection from all aspects of evil. When turned downwards, the power is reputed to ‘drain out’ and therefore be unlucky.

The horse- shoe is also connected as a lucky symbol to weddings. Customarily lo dream of a horseshoe may indicate there will shortly be a wedding in your family or peer group.

2- In ordinary everyday life, symbols which have a long history become fixed in, and used by; our unconscious often to represent other happier times or times when there has been more happening.

3- Spiritually, we can link the horseshoe with a talisman or amulet which protects us and our personal space.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

1. Good luck and omens for all projects and activities.

A measure of success in love (to play a game of horseshoes). Progress is impeded (a broken or worn-out horseshoe).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To find one indicates a legacy; to see one, travel over land and water.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

Well-known symbol for luck. Travel.

According to Freud, the outline of the horseshoe represents the opening of the female sex organ.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

Vision: Seeing a horseshoe is a very good omen: your hopes and desires will be fulfilled. Everything you do these days will be successful or proceed without a hitch; you might even win in a game of chance.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda

The horseshoe is often a lucky portent of success in the dreamer’s endeavors. Myth and folklore associate good fortune and protection with this symbol.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Spiritually, we can link the horseshoe with a talisman or amulet that protects us and our personal space.

The crescent form of the horseshoe links the symbol to pagan moon goddesses of ancient europe such as artemis and diana, and the protection invoked is that of the goddess herself.

The horseshoe is always taken as a lucky symbol and, traditionally, if it is turned upwards it represents the moon and protection from all aspects of evil. When turned downwards, the power is reputed to ‘drain out’ and therefore be unlucky.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Psychological / emotional perspective: In ordinary everyday life, symbols that have a long history become fixed in, and used by, our unconscious – often to represent other happier times or times when there has been more happening. Nailing an iron horseshoe to a door is said to repel evil spirits, ghosts and witches, iron being a folkloric specific against such things. It will generally have this significance in dreams; each belief system has developed its own particular myths and stories.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Material aspects: The horseshoe is also connected as a lucky symbol to weddings. Traditionally, dreaming of a horseshoe indicated there would shortly be a wedding in your family or peer group. Nowadays it is more likely to signify the commitment of a meaningful relationship.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

St. Dunstan is said to have put a shoe on the hoof of the devil, and in this way the horseshoe as a talisman with the power to keep the devil away was created.

A more modern consideration of the power of the horseshoe relates to grounding and harnessing the power of the horse through the symbol of the shoe that protects the horse’s ability to move. No matter how you relate to this symbol, if it appears in a dream, you are connecting with the idea of good fortune and the providence of luck.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

A horseshoe is a symbol of good luck, well-being, good prospects for personal growth.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd

Horseshoe | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Horseshoe


The powerful evolutionary drive involved in reproduc­tion, which lies behind individual male or femaleness.

Example: ‘I was leaning over the settee with my hands cupped under my chin looking out of the window.

The view was spectacular, in that it was as if the house was situated on top of a cliff overlooking a huge bay, shaped like a horseshoe, with the house in the middle. From the sea suddenly coming into the bay I could see three enormous whales making their way towards me. As I was staring in amazement they began to transform themselves and come up out of the water as three giant Viking-like figures. They were so huge that the water came up only to their knees and everything was moving so slowly, as they waded towards me. It was the most awe inspir­ing thing I had ever seen in my life’ (Sue B).

The bay, the beautiful sea, the (sperm?) whales/men show Sue touching the most primordial yet inspiring aspects of her own wom­anhood and urge to love. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


(see Animals, Farm)

In earlier times, horses equated to movement and transition much as modern vehicles (see Airplane, Bus, Car, Spaceship) do now.

Burdens that come from labors. Horses were often work animals on farms, and were highlv valued. In what condition does the horse appear? If run-down and abused, this represents feeling unappreciated no matter how much you do. On the other hand, if the horse is well fed and groomed, it symbolizes a kind “task master” who really values your efforts.

Ancient Greeks revered the horse as a sacred creature to Artemis, the goddess of the moon and forests. Consequently, this may also be an alternative earth or tree dream.

Spiritual sojourns. Mohammed rode a horse on his mystical journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then on to heaven.

A stallion: Male virility.

Galloping: Ecstasy, ambition, and the emotional self. Conversely, a tethered horse reveals one of these things being restrained.

Look to see who’s got the reins in this dream—the creature or its rider.

If the creature, it’s time to reclaim your control!

Finding a horseshoe: A nearly universal emblem of good luck.

White horse: In German and English traditions, this is a harbinger of death.

If the horse is happily cavorting, this may be a visual pun for horseplay. Take care that no one accidentally gets hurt by your current jovial outlook.

Psychic powers emerging. Folklorically, horses are said to sense or see spirits and have foreknowledge, similar to dogs.

Seahorses represent being transported into the waters of intuition or the subconscious with significant insight resulting.

Winged horses symbolize fame, eloquence, poetry, and the muse. Let your imagination fly on its wings.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


If it was flexible, and the foot inside it is comfortable, that is interpreted upon 7 sides: woman, young girl, [male] servant, strength, living, victory, a usefulness. And [if] what is worn on the foot is from buttons of banana, or (unknown word) , or (unknown) , or a horseshoe or what resembles those, then that is interpreted upon 7 sides: [male] servant, young girl & strength, a usefulness & wealth, travel.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik


Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik


To see a horseshoe, or the game horse shoes, in your dream signifies luck and success in your current endeavors and relationships.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


The meaning of a dream featuring a horse or horses varies greatly with the details and the action so all the elements should be looked up, but as a general guide:

A dream of seeing horses predicts a period of all-around ease.

If your dream involved fear of the animal, it signifies worry over the loss or misplacement of an important document or article of value.

To dream of riding (or sitting on) a horse indicates a coming rise in status, but if you were thrown (or fell off) you will have to cope with a rival who is out to thwart you.

A bucking horse is an augury of unexpected resistance to some current plan.

To be kicked by a horse is a warning against complacency.

A dream of horses fighting is a forerunner to disturbing news concerning a friend.

To dream of a horse being shod is an omen of unexpected money.

Trading horses is a warning of deceit by someone you trust.

Cleaning or grooming a horse foretells a lucky speculation.

Advantageous news is forecast in a dream of seeing a foal, especially auspicious if seen with the mare.

Galloping or racing horses predict swift success.

Seeing a horseshoe in your dream is an omen of general good luck; finding one predicts wealth and/ or success beyond your wildest expectations.

Color must also be considered in interpreting a horse dream and the meaning modified as follows: Black signifies delays.

White intensifies the positive.

Gray indicates preceding difficulties.

Sorrel or Piebald pertains to confusion.

Brown concerns mental pursuits, and Tan or Palomino relates to love affairs.

If your dream featured a game of horseshoes see Quoits.

See also Bridle and Saddle.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


A hunchback in a dream is a symbol of luck similar to that of a horseshoe.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The horse has always been a mythical animal. Centuries ago, especially in England and Germany, dreaming of a white horse was considered a harbinger of war. According to Jung, the horse expresses the magical side of man, unconscious intuition. Indeed, from this magical character comes the belief that horseshoes bring good luck. Because of their speed, horses can also embody the wind, the fire, and the light.

Dreaming of horses means you can tame your passions and, therefore, your will has control of your actions.

If the horse runs wild it means you have lost control and let yourself get carried away by your passions.

If you are afraid in the dream it also indicates that you fear your most natural instincts. The horses are also sex symbols and, according to Freud, they represent the terrible aspects of the father figure. In short, horses are the wild forces of the subject’s psyche, whose primary need is that you master them without repressing them.

In some myths and fairy tales, horses have the ability to speak like humans.

If this happens in the dream, it is the voice of your unconscious contacting you. In Greek myths, horses were linked to Hades, god of the underground and death. However, the most common oneiric prophecy says that horses announce news from a faraway place.

If in your dream someone is putting shoes on a horse, you will soon have the best of fortunes.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Good luck superstitions have been around for centuries and vary from culture to culture. Here are some of the most common and their appearance in your dream can, depending on the context and mood of the dream, be a positive sign: Fingers Crossed. Knock on wood. Sneezing three times before breakfast.

Meeting three sheep. Looking at the new moon over your right shoulder. A four-leaved clover. Spilling wine while proposing a toast. Putting a dress on inside out. Nine peas in a peapod. Hearing crickets singing. Picking up a pin. Dropping a glove. A horseshoe. Peacock feathers. Cutting your hair during a storm. Sleeping facing south. White heather. Picking up a pencil in the street. Breaking clear and uncolored glass. Walking in the rain. Sleeping on un-ironed sheets. Avoiding cracks in the sidewalk. An itch on the top of your head. Scissors hanging on a hook. A ladybird on you. Carrying an acorn on your person will ensure good luck and longevity! Picking up a piece of coal that has fallen in your path. Black cat. To have one’s garments caught up by a bush or briar when out walking promises monetary gain.

New enterprises will be fortunate if begun at the time of the new Moon. You meet the same person twice when out on business. Dolphins swimming near a ship. A naked woman on board a boat is said to calm the seas. Setting out to play golf on a rainy day. Rabbit’s foot. See a penny, pick it up.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If various objects, amulets or talismans that traditionally symbolize luck appear in your dream, such as horseshoes, pebbles and four-leaved clovers appear in your dream, this is a positive sign. Bear in mind, however, that the nature of luck is that it always changes, so you need to appreciate what you have or move quickly to capitalize on your current good fortune. The following list is by no means comprehensive but mentions some of the well-known symbols of good fortune.

If your lucky charm doesn’t appear here, your dreaming mind might still be sending you a positive message; it might also be urging you to strengthen your defenses or protect yourself in areas of your personality or your life where you may appear vulnerable.

Ankh: An ancient Egyptian symbol resembling a cross with a loop at the top. It symbolizes the power of life and cosmic knowledge, and is the oldest and most popular amulet or religious symbol used by the Egyptians. When worn, carried or featured in any other way in your dream, the ankh symbolizes good health, as well as promoting fertility and the powers of intuition. Arrowhead: In waking life, those who believe in lucky charms carry an arrowhead for protection against enemies, bad luck, hexes, jealousy, evil spirits and all other negative forces. They may place an arrowhead over their front door or under the doormat to prevent burglars from breaking into their homes, and keep one in their car to help guard against accidents and theft.

If an arrowhead appears in your dream, this is a powerful symbol of the need for protection and security in your life. Crescent moon: A sacred symbol of the Goddess, and also a symbol of magic, fertility and the secret powers of nature. Believers often wear a piece of pink quartz shaped like a crescent moon as a love charm to attract a lover or soulmate. Four-leaved clover: In waking life, it is thought that fortune will smile on you if you carry a four-leaved clover, or if you wear a pin, ring or pendant shaped like one. The four-leaved clover is believed to be the most powerful of all lucky charms and was used by the ancient Druids as a charm against evil and to attain clairvoyant powers. Garlic: This aromatic bulb is one of the oldest and most famous forms of natural protection against evil forces, and is used throughout the world in a variety of ways to keep away vampires, sorcerers, demonic spirits and all other forms of evil. It is also used by many witches and shamans as a healing amulet. Horn: The gold horn is a popular necklacecharm worn by Italians as an amulet against the evil eye. When worn by a man, the horn—an ancient and obvious phallic symbol—inc reases sex appeal and promotes male virility. Horseshoe: This is a well-known good luck symbol in many parts of the world. According to superstition, nail an iron horseshoe over your door with the convex side pointing up for protection against sorcery, bad luck and the evil eye. For good luck, believers nail it over their door with the convex side pointing down.

If a horseshoe appears in your dream, this is a positive sign suggesting good health and positive energy in your life. Rabbit’s foot: perhaps the most used good-luck charm in modern times, this is usually carried on a keychain or worn on a necklace to ward off accidents and evil, and to increase good luck, happiness and fertility. Skeleton key: Wear an old skeleton key on a chain around your neck as an amulet to open the doors of opportunity and success, guard against the evil eye, and repel sorcery and all evil spirits. Skull and crossbones: A symbol of death once used by pirates and, more recently, as a warning label on poisons, the skull and crossbones can be used as a powerful amulet to protect the wearer against evil forces. It possesses the power to reverse any hex or curse and return the evil to the person who cast it upon you. This symbol is also popular among gamblers, as it is believed to keep their good luck from turning bad. Unicorn: The unicorn is an ancient symbol of chastity and protection, and its fabled horn was said to be used in medieval times as an amulet to detect poisons in the food or drink of kings, queens and popes.

To promote fertility or increase sexual magnetism, believers wear any type of jewelry shaped like a unicorn. The symbol of this magnificent mystical creature also pierces the plans of enemies and keeps the wearer safe from all evil forces. Wishbone: Believers wear gold wishbone-shaped jewelry—or even an actual turkey or chicken wishbone on a necklace—as an amulet to attract good luck, and t o make wishes and dreams come true.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Along with cats and dogs, the horse is one of the most common animal themes in dreams, particularly amongst women. Like dogs, horses are domesticated animals, and so they represent urges and drives in yourself that you have learned to harness or direct. The big difference is that the horse can carry us. Tame, working or domesticated horses in dreams therefore suggest energy and the sort of enthusiasm or feelings of well-being that can help to ‘carry’ you through the day. According to Freud, horses are also symbols of the sexual drive, and the physical energy and life processes that ‘carry’ us around.

The astrological sign of Sagittarius is depicted by a half man-half horse hybrid, so a dream of horses or horses that are half human may be referring to someone born under that sign. In myths and fairy tales, horses often speak and talking horses in dreams may represent the voice of your unconscious—a message from your inner self. In Greek myth, horses were associated with Hades and the underworld but ancient dreamlore suggests that to dream of horses indicates that you will receive news from a distance. To dream of a horse being shod is thought to be extremely lucky because of the association with the horseshoe, a well-known symbol of luck. See also ANIMALS.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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