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Vision: Looking at household items: you like having your own home. It might also refer to a wedding or being a guest at a wedding. Cleaning implements mean improvements in your economic situation. See Dishes.... Dreamers Dictionary


The Element Encyclopedia

Dreams that feature brooms are considered to be a sign of good fortune, suggesting that you are making a clean sweep in your waking life. The dream may be urging you to sweep out something from your past, so pay attention to what you are sweeping up.

If the broom is damaged, you may be suffering from low self-esteem or feelings of insecurity.

If the broom is being used outside, are you taking too much interest in the outside world and neglecting what is really important to you?

Dreams of scissors can be related to decisiveness and cutting out unwanted emotional aspects of the dreamer’s life.

If the scissors are unused, this can express a desire to begin a new relationship or make an existing one stronger.

Dream scissors may also suggest that you are dividing your attention among too many people.

If you are cutting with scissors, you are in the process of making an important decision. Another interpretation for scissors is that they are a symbol of sexuality, either male or female, depending on whether they are open or closed. A knot in a dream symbolizes the various ties in your life and relationships with others.

If you carefully untie a knot in your dream, this suggests a readiness to deal with a problem, rather than ignoring it by impatiently cutting the knot in two. The knot also has sexual symbolism, representing a couple’s personal and sexual union.

Dream envelopes suggest messages to or from the dreamer.

If the envelope is open, this signifies daily problems that can be tackled but if the envelope is closed, it may be harder to solve the problems.

If the envelope is bulging, you may be feeling that your life is overburdened with worries and emotional expectations from those around you. A ladder in your dream may relate to work in your home, such as painting, but if you cannot make a practical connection, try and think of the purpose of the dream ladder. How is it being used? Like elevators and stairs, ladders in dreams relate to your progress or lack of it. See also HOME.... The Element Encyclopedia

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