The meaning of Hurdle in dream | Dream interpretation

Limitation or belief to get over or around before continuing. Creative thought is the key.

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Meeting a hurdle in your dream and failing to leap over it prophesies loss Or disappointment.

The augury is excellent if you get over the hurdle.

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Dreams of a hurdle reflect your feelings and attitudes about challenges. You are facing a setback or difficulty that is a blessing in disguise because it will help you to build stronger and more powerful spiritual, mental, emotional muscles.

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Hurdle | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Hurdle


Injustice and wrong accusations; you must clear yourself of false suspicions. You will hear of an old acquaintance again.... Mystic Dream Book


Mystic Dream Book


To see hurdles in your dream symbolizes the barriers and obstacles that are in your way throughout your life.

If you jump over the hurdle successfully in the dream, then it indicates that you are goal-oriented and do not let anything get in your way of your success.

If you knock over the hurdle, then it represents difficulties. You will need to work hard in achieving your goals.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation

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