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Many experiments have been done using hypnosis in connection with dreams. In the early pan of this century Carl Schroetter hypnotised Miss E, a pharmacist, in an attempt to test Freud’s theory of symbol formation. He suggested Miss E would dream of having homosexual inter­course with a female friend, L.

The dream she subsequently reported was ‘1 sit in a small dirty cafe holding a tremendous French newspaper ...

A woman with a strong Yiddish ac­cent—L is Jewish—asks me twice, “Don’t you need any­thing?” I don’t answer . . . she comes a third time . . . I recognise her as my acquaintance. She holds a threadbare suitcase with a sticker on it that reads “For ladies only!” I leave the cafe with her . . . she hangs onto me which I find unpleasant but suffer it . . . Before her house she pulls out an enormous bunch of keys and gives one to me. “1 trust only you with it; it is the key to this case. You might like to use it. Just watch that my husband doesn’t get hold of it.” ‘ The dream contains several of the classical Freudian symbols of sex, such as the suitcase, the key and the phrase For ladies only’. Miss E had not, according to Schroetter, heard or read of Freud’s ideas.

Roffenstein, suspecting Miss E may have known something of Freudian ideas, chose ‘a 28-year-old, totally uneducated nursemaid of lower than average intelligence, who grew up and still lives in an uneducated milieu’. He suggested she dream of intercourse with her father. She reported: ‘I dreamt about my father, as if he had presented me with a great bag and with it he gave me a large key. It was a very large key. It looked like the key to a house. I had a sad feeling. I opened the bag. I snake jumped out against my mouth; I shrieked aloud.

More recent expenments are reponed by Woods and Greenhouse in New Wbrld of Dreams.

The suggestion was made to one subject that as a child she had wet the bed and her mother scolded her. That night she dreamt she fell into a pond in winter and her mother was angry.

An interesting aspect of these experiments is that another subject under hyp­nosis was told the dream and asked what it meant. Without hesitation she said. Oh, that girl must have wet the bed.’ This and other experiments suggest humans have an inherent, al­though perhaps unconscious, ability to understand the lan­guage of dreams.

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Hypnosis And Dreams | Dream Meaning

The keywords of this dream: Hypnosis


Manipulating, mental inducement... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Vision: If you are hypnotizing another person in a dream: be careful, you are trying to influence others in real life, to get somebody over to your side.

If you are hypnotized: be very careful here too; others are trying to influence you. Are you already being controlled by another person? Being hypnotized: right now you are not sure what to do or what not to do. You are unsure about the consequences of your actions.

Depth Psychology: A dream about hypnosis is a warning: you are about to give up on yourself and are too much influenced by others. Hypnotizing someone else: you want to have more influence over others and events. Have you already too much influence in real life? If so, this dream is a warning. At present you seem confused! Where is your will power? What happened while you were “in a trance”? Other dream symbols are very important here!... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Dreams of hypnosis signify that you are feeling suggestible to someone else’s influence and perhaps you are afraid of losing control.

If you dream of being in hypnosis and you are receiving empowering suggestions, then you are deepening your ability to access your greatest potential.

If you are not feeling empowered by the suggestions you receive, then this dream is giving you the message to set energetic boundaries. See Boundary.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Often suggests being under the influence of limiting beliefs about the self. You are hypnotized into believing you are a limited being. Buying someone else’s beliefs instead of your own. Also, relaxation, meditation, expanded awareness.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols

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