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To see someone else have hysterics indicates that you should resist outside pressure to act contrary to your own judgment; to dream of having hysterics yourself suggests that you could profit from the advice of trustworthy friends.

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Depth Psychology: Hysterical actions in a dream are a sign of severe anxiety and intense feelings—you are unable to think and act rationally and logically.

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A warning to avert unmanageable emotional situations

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Hysteria | Dream Interpretation

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Relaxing enjoyment; if the bottom falls out of coffee pot, the opposite effect has taken place, i.E. Hysteria... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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Dreams of spectator sports reflect the mass hysteria often found in life.

If you have a decision to make, be sure that it is your own decision and not just reflecting the general feelings of those around you, even if it means having to go against those general feelings.

Playing sports can have different meanings for the type of sport involved:... Gypsy Dream Dictionary


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Psychological / emotional perspective: For an epidemic / plague to take hold people would need to be capable of being contaminated. From an emotional perspective in dreams an epidemic might suggest some kind of group hysteria.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


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