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It is a sign of deterioration in business affairs if you dream of suing or being sued.

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Dreams of a lawsuit symbolize that you are sorting through feelings of blame and shame. You are shadow boxing with yourself as you try to sort out feelings of guilt and innocence. See Integration Dreams.

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Lawsuit | Dream Interpretation

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To dream of engaging in a lawsuit, warns you of enemies who are poisoning public opinion against you.

If you know that the suit is dishonest on your part, you will seek to dispossess true owners for your own advancement.

If a young man is studying law, he will make rapid rise in any chosen profession.

For a woman to dream that she engages in a law suit, means she will be calumniated, and find enemies among friends. See Judge and Jury. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


An omen of serious business troubles ahead of you. Do not start upon any fresh or hastily-considered plan, for the stars do not foretell your success. Do not lend money, for you will not receive it again, nor should you spend too freely after such a dream.... Mystic Dream Book


Mystic Dream Book


1. Use caution in business matters and personal affairs.

2. One’s honesty or integrity is called into question.

3. Use cau­ tion in love affairs; keep a serious attitude. ... New American Dream Dictionary


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