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(Herb; Regret) In a dream, leek represents a deaf person. Eating it raw in a dream means earning unlawful money, though feeling good about it. Eating it cooked in a dream means refraining from pursuing such avenues. Taking a bunch of leek in a dream means saying something one will regret.

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Leek | Dream Interpretation

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In dreams, kale represents a personal need of some kind; only you will know what that need is. Pay attention to the color and condition of the kale, as they will help you with the interpretation. To dream of leeks represents a positive force, or the need for a positive force against an aspect of negativity in some area of your life. Often mentioned in Chinese literature and legend, many species of mushroom have hallucinogenic properties. They can take you away from mundane existence so if they appear in a dream, could they suggest your need for time out or for more excitement and drama in your life? They may be also be a symbol of longevity or even of immortality. In dreams, onions typically suggest sorrow or something to cry about, no doubt because of the vegetable’s tendency to make the eyes water. According to ancient dream-lore, to see a quantity of onions represents the amount of envy and spite the dreamer will meet in their life. In dreams, onions can also suggest different layers of your personality, representing both the inner and the outer self, as well as the many layers in between.... The Element Encyclopedia


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To dream of leeks signifies a discovery of secret and domestic jars.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book


Perseverance will be necessary if you wish to succeed in your undertakings. ... Mystic Dream Book


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