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Unproven, but accepted

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One amazing aspect of dreaming is that it can introduce you to ancient mythological figures of whom you thought you knew nothing. Jung put this well when he said that The great ones of the past have not died, as we think; they have merely changed their names.’ Our dreams may also relate to modern legends, such as those from the Star Wars or Superman films or from the Harry Potter books. Our distant ancestors lived with the dangers and uncertainties of an existence that drove them to seek comfort in beliefs that reached far beyond the bounds of reason. They lived in a world where the magical and mythological was accepted without question. Despite the efforts of established religion and science to impose their own belief systems, these ancient beliefs in gods, spirits and superheroes continue to haunt, fascinate and enchant us with the mysterious images that seep into our sleeping world.

The myths of the ancient Greeks and Romans survive because the human characteristics they represent are universal: love, lust, anger, fear, greed and so on. Such human characteristics are the basic stuff of the stories the ancients dreamed up, and, according to Jungians, these myths lie deep in our unconscious. The personalities of myth may only be recognized by those who study them but, by recognizing their characteristics and studying them, you can learn a lot about yourself. Any character that appears prominently in your dream will be worth measuring against the mythological figure it closely resembles.

The following are some of the most well-known myths and legends, but the list is by no means comprehensive.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Said to be the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper and which caught his blood at the Crucifixion, the Holy Grail is a symbol of spiritual perfection. Of all the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table, only Sir Galahad is pure enough to look into it. Sir Lancelot is unable to, because he is bound by earthly desire for Arthur’s queen Guinevere, the temptress. Alternatively, the Holy Grail in dreams may refer to the theory popularized by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code that the Grail is not a cup but a feminine principle or archetype embodied by Mary Magdalene, who allegedly married Christ. Typically, however, to dream of the Holy Grail represents something miraculous that allows you to move forward and reach your full potential. It can also relate to the cup of happiness and to see it in your dream suggests some form of positive change about to occur in your waking life, or to the satisfaction achieved by the overcoming of challenges and obstacles.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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