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As an image of the simplicity of homemade food, legumes show the dreamer a serene and uncomplicated life. This will only be clouded in some moments by minor problems. However, legumes have a negative meaning if they are sown, since this announces tension and arguments in the heart of the family.

Lemon This dream urges you to continue forward despite difficulties, since you can still learn from unpleasant and bitter events if you know how to juice them.

The sour taste of its juice and the roughness of its peel make this a symbol of betrayal, deception, and bitterness. To drink a refreshing lemonade is an omen of success and unexpected earnings.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

(See Garden herbs; Lentil; Sprouts)

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Legume | Dream Interpretation

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To dream of legumes denotes petty fights and minor setbacks.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


To see legumes, peas or beans in your dream symbolizes small annoyances and minor problems. Recall what the legume was associated with in the dream. Pea soup pertains to a cloudy perspective or unclear view, whilst to see lentils in your dream signifies that your surroundings are emotionally straining.... The Element Encyclopedia


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