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Feminine part of self; merger of feminine qualities within the self.

If making love with known individual, may be merger within self of qualities associated with particular individual. Attitudes toward own sexuality. See Sexual Intercourse.

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See Homosexual.

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1. Feminine power, getting in touch with one’s feminine side.

2. Possible fear of or confusion over sexual identity.

3. A need or desire for changes—likely minor, sometimes regarding sexuality.

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If you dream that you are a lesbian (but you are not in your waking life), or hanging out in a group of lesbians, it is symbolic of self-love and self-acceptance. You are becoming comfortable with your sexuality and femininity.

If in your dream you hate the idea of lesbianism, then it represents your fears and rejection of parts of your own femininity and sexuality.

If you are a lesbian in real life, then the dream is simply a reflection of your own self.

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(Sopphism; Tribadism. See Hone; Meat; Sexual intercourse)

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Lesbian | Dream Interpretation

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This is symbolic of the integration of character aspects of the feminine principle. Any sexual act in a dream connects symbolically to the process of integration and the joining together of different aspects of the personality. In the case of lesbian sex, elements of the feminine principle such as nurturing, caretaking, and creativity are being highlighted. This symbol is included as a separate term, as it is not uncommon for heterosexual women to have dreams of lesbian sex when life events focus on this energy.

Dreaming of sex with another woman is often reported by women during pregnancy.

If the dreamer identifies as a lesbian, then such dreams should be explored through the concepts outlined in the terms Sex and Intercourse. Watching lesbian sex is a waking-life fantasy for many heterosexual men. However, this image has more to do with integration of inner aspects of the feminine principle for a man when such a dream appears.

It is a natural process of evolution for every man as he matures through life to become more in touch with his feminine nature.

A truly integrated man has access to his own creativity, receptivity, nurturing qualities, and sensitivity.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


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