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Handling matters legitimately, formally or informally

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Litigation | Dream Interpretation

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An intermediate, depressed state, i.E.

A gray horse, a divorce litigation... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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To dream of going to the toilet yourself is a sign of litigation over money or property; if you dreamed of someone else going, you are likely to be surprised by a request for a loan.

Otherwise, see under Bowel Movement, Feces, Urine, etc.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


As a symbol of the womb, if a woman dreams of a basket in which there is a baby, this points to a possible pregnancy.

If it is seen by a man, it is a sign that he should carry out projects he had in mind. A basket with flowers indicates joys for the couple; with bread, economic problems; and with spoiled fruit, long-term litigation.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Shaving the beard in dreams may mean that you find yourself in a situation that requires direct and forceful action. You should therefore be more expeditious with your decisions. On the contrary, dreaming of a long and copious beard symbolizes wisdom and creativity.

If you get carried away by creative intuition you will attain your goals. The longer the beard, the greater your chances of success. The beard also symbolizes the primitive and wild man present in subject’s interior: the most indomitable sexual side. According to Freud, men who dream of shaving their beard are afraid of losing their confidence in sexual matters. On the other hand when a woman dreams that she grows a beard, it shows her desire for a more masculine role: for example at the workplace. In the case that an elder with a gray and long beard is portrayed, it is a sign that your unconscious wants to convey its advice for greater knowledge and understanding of things.

A long and strong beard denotes honor and eloquence; but a too long one indicates lawsuits and losses. A short one predicts litigation and family disagreements. As for color: a brown beard denotes evils; red, false friends; blonde, success; black, pain; and gold or silver, wealth.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


They represent chance, which may involve a fatalistic feeling or powerlessness in life. However, if the presence of the dice, in your dream, is pleasant, the unconscious is recommending you to trust fate.

Playing dice in dreams is, generally, an omen of change of fortune and deceit. A win predicts debts, loss of property, and litigation. However, the number you get in the game (may be the combination of two dice) will be crucial to interpret the dream. So, number one denotes betrayal; two, wealth; three, pleasant surprises; four, complaints; five, adventure with a stranger; six, loss; seven, scandal; eight, deserved punishment; nine, marriage; ten, baptism; eleven, death of a relative; twelve announces a letter.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Salmon, able to swim against the current, is an emblem of strength, valor, and courage.

According to an esoteric lecture, seeing a salmon in a dream foretells a litigation; selling it indicates discussions and disagreements in the family.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


A ticket may represent the beginning of a whole series of psychological events; perhaps, you have allowed yourself to explore your unconscious. It also symbolizes that you have approval for a new project. You know the direction your life needs to go.

If you lose the ticket, you may feel insecure and confused regarding your destination, or you may not consider yourself sufficiently prepared. However, depending on the type of ticket in the dream, the oneiric sense will vary: if it is from a bank it announces incidentals and litigation for economic reasons that you will likely lose; if it is a lottery ticket, danger by leaving your affairs at random; a train ticket, patience when social climbing; and a theater ticket, willingness to escape everyday reality.

If the dreamer is traveling in economy class with a first class ticket, it indicates the dreamer’s perception of her social or work position as being well below the one she really deserves.

You will receive news that will clarify your situation.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Psychology attributes water to the unconscious desire to return to our mother’s lap.

Water symbolizes life, feelings, fertility, and abundance. Thus, this type of dream plays an important role, though the meanings attributed to it vary. Water quality, therefore, reveals your emotional state.

If water is clear, your feelings are pure and you enjoy a blissfully peaceful period. But if it is muddy, you will suffer personal or health complications.

If there is water in the form of large ground-breaking waves, you might feel out control.

If it is a river, the flowing pace will express the calm or anguish of your emotions. Likewise, to see dirty and stagnant water reveals insincerity in your feelings.

If the water comes from a lake or a stream, it is indicative of emotional passivity. Similarly, fine rain is usually a symbol of fertility, which predicts success in your projects. Heavy rains, however, announce unattended desires and disputes. (See BOAT, SHIPWRECK, and SHIP)

Water, depending on its condition, may portend very different situations. When fresh, it denotes fortune and health. Boiling: anger or illness. Mild: temporary discomfort. Muddy water indicates obstacles in business. Stagnant and putrid water: illness or death. Flowing water: good luck and good health. Saltwater portends tears. Looking at water ensures safety from a danger. Bathing is a sign of innocence. To pour it: litigation. Walking on water represents triumph. To see a spring: improvement of a distressing situation. The water of a bathtub means happy old age.

WATER - analysis of the dream

Lucia dreamed: “I was sunbathing on a paradisiacal island of fine sand and crystalline waters. The sun was warming my body up while I was listening to the waves gently lapping. I felt really good, confident, and happy. Suddenly, I saw a huge wave coming, and before I could react, it invaded the whole beach. The sky turned black and a strong storm completely changed the landscape. At that point, there was no island, no sand, no firm land, and I was floating in the water frightened. I suddenly remembered that I did not know how to swim.”

When Lucia had this dream she had just begun an affair with a man; she had long been in love with him. The calm sea and the idyllic landscape reflected her confidence and initial joy. However, the water fiercely flooding the beach was warning her against the risk of drowning due to excessive enthusiasm. Any dream in which the water is stagnant is a warning sign indicating that we should give more freedom to our emotions. In Lucia’s case, the sea flowing freely—first in gentle waves and then stormy—is an indication that she was letting her feelings blossom.

By analogy of uterus and birth, dreams in which water appears may relate to feeling like getting ready for a new life or the desire to change old habits. The island represents Lucia’s individualism, her independent and safe live that was threatened by the arrival of romance and the overflowing torrent of emotions that it implied. The effect of drowning announced a condition of emotional tension due to a new situation.

... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams

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