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Lorraine | Dream Interpretation

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A sense of how others, particularly our parents, felt about us while we were a child.

This feeling of not being wanted may have become habitual. It may not be true that we are not wanted, but our feelings are saying it is.
Example: My mother asked me to go and buy some butter for her.

A chain on my left leg prevented me from going very far. I look down the road and see my mum, dad and my four brothers in the back of a car. I wave and call and they drive right past me, going over the chain I am wearing on my leg’ (Lorraine).

Lorraine’s dream illustrates not only her feelings of being left out of family life, but also the chain on her leg shows her not fully independent.

We often feel abandoned while we are trying to become more independent.

Being abandoned in the sense of allowing sexual and emotional liberty: finding a new freedom, dropping usual social codes and unashamedly ex­pressing ourselves.

Also: it can be an example of one of the functions of dreams, which is to release held back sexuality and emotion.

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