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(Acknowledgment; Announcement; Distinction; Luminary; Recognition; Renowned; Title) Fame in a dream represents a wedding that will be publicly announced, or it could mean rising in rank.

If one earns a title of recognition, or if he becomes renowned, or if he is awarded a great prize for his work in a dream, it means that he will learn that his wife has given birth to a beautiful son. Such a son will follow his father’s footsteps, learn his trade or work at spreading his knowledge or tradition, or he may govern and lead his people after him.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Idea, understanding of great importance; teacher, luminary. Each planet has intelligence or vibration and is interconnected with all other heavenly bodies. Special vibratory rate in relationship to self and others; cosmic influence, energy, expanded awareness. Harmony of cosmic movement; purpose, design. We leave the body at night during the sleep state to study on different planets, incorporating the lessons each has to teach us; they are more advanced schools.

Sun - Light, truth, spiritual center, God force, Christ light; power, energy, masculinity. All life depends upon its light; pivotal force in our lives.

Moon - Unconscious, emotions, responsiveness, psychic awareness; femininity, intuition, creativity; reflector of light and truth.

Mercury - Mind, thought, communication, intuition, changeability; messenger of the gods.

Venus - Love, beauty, harmony, gentleness, emotion, femininity.

Earth - Growth, learning, grounding, time-space awareness; centeredness, compassion, creativity.

Mars - Activity, adventure, assertion, sexual energy; aggressiveness, hostility, passion.

Jupiter - Expansion, wealth, abundance of spiritual knowledge and expression, benevolence, luck.

Saturn - Discipline, learning, slowness of time and production; refinement.

Uranus - Awakening, transcendence, sudden fluctuations, changes, impact; extremes, unusual abilities.

Neptune - Unconscious, mysticism, inner self, psychic awareness.

Pluto - Consciousness unfoldment, transformation, spiritual expansion.... The Dream Books Symbols


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